Food Has Been Weaponized; America Next: “We are Starving to Death!” Shanghai Residents Under Lockdown Shout at Visiting China’s Godless Vice Premier: Nothing Good Will Ever Come Out of China


HNewsWire-It's going to become very bad. As the situation in Shanghai deteriorates, citizens have started defying the CCP's authority in ways that are unusual in China. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the CCP's decision to take a "war-like" approach in order to implement its "zero COVID" policy has seldom met with significant opposition. That is, until today.

Videos of Shanghai residents singing on their balconies in protest of the municipal authorities' decision to enforce a "indefinite" lockdown went viral in the West yesterday (they were quickly censored on Weibo).

On Wednesday, authorities identified over 20,000 cases in Shanghai alone, nearly equal the total number for China the day before. According to the SCMP, it was the city's sixth daily record. The number of symptomatic cases increased to 322, up from 311 the day before, with the great majority of individuals showing no symptoms. Local authorities have registered around 70K instances since March 1.

We observed a few days ago that the situation in Shanghai had progressed beyond a public health catastrophe. Instead, it has become a political litmus test for the CCP as it battles to maintain the legitimacy of its "zero COVID" policy. In this sense, the fight for Shanghai has become "too huge to fail."

The New York Times confirmed this on Thursday.

As the coronavirus spreads across Shanghai in the city's largest epidemic since the pandemic started, officials have used their customary hard-nosed approach to attempt to stop transmission at any cost. What has been unusual is the public reaction, which has been unprecedented in China since the chaotic early days of the epidemic in Wuhan.

The Shanghai situation is turning out to be more than simply a public health issue. It is also a political litmus test for the Communist Party's zero tolerance policy, on which it has based its legitimacy.

For the most part of the last two years, the Chinese government has muzzled most domestic criticism of its zero-tolerance COVID approach via a combination of censorship, arrests, and effectiveness in keeping caseloads low. However, in Shanghai, where more than 70,000 cases have been reported since March 1, this is proving more challenging.

Shanghai is China's most populated city and its gleaming commercial core. It is home to a thriving middle class as well as numerous members of China's corporate, cultural, and intellectual elite. Shanghai has a significant proportion of foreign-educated Chinese inhabitants, and its residents have the greatest per capita discretionary income in the nation. Even in a society where dissent is punishable by death, many people have long found methods to demand government accountability and have a voice in their own lives.

"I'm simply too furious, too sad," said Kristine Wu, a 28-year-old IT firm employee who was visited by two police officers at her home after criticizing the city's Communist Party chairman on social media. She filmed her confrontational encounter with them, in which she questioned why they were bothering her when they might be assisting those in need. Despite the cops' cautions, she subsequently posted a picture of the interaction on social media. (It was afterwards censored.)

"I simply thought, whatever, I'll just go for it," Ms. Wu, who had not considered herself politically before to the lockdown, said. I used to live really well, and before anything bad occurred, everyone was extremely nice and followed the rules. All of it has now shattered. "

The CCP is in a terrible situation. Public health professionals are acutely aware that China is unprepared to deal with the coronavirus: as of late March, just slightly more than half of Chinese aged 80 and above were properly vaccinated. Furthermore, Chinese vaccinations have been demonstrated to be less efficient than western equivalents.

According to the Associated Press, the people of Shanghai are already suffering from debilitating food shortages as they are forced to depend on the government for crucial supplies.

Sun Chunlan, the Chinese regime's deputy premier, visited Shanghai earlier this week, where tens of millions are under COVID-19 lockdown, and was welcomed by citizens yelling from their apartment windows, "There is no food left!" and "We are starving to death!"

The Sun was escorted by a swarm of local politicians, cameramen, vans with blacked-out windows, and police cars. Despite this, the streets were deserted. The emissary could only be seen by the occupants from their own rooms. Some people were bold enough to yell from their windows or balconies. "Can you arrange for some veggies to be delivered over?" someone asked the authorities.

Sun's emissary, on the other hand, showed no response, as shown in a video shared by people in Jiading district, as if they had not heard anything.

Sun Chunlan, the former chairman of the United Front Work Department, was named vice premier in 2018. She is the only female and the oldest of the four vice premiers. She has been making high-profile trips to COVID-affected cities since the outbreak. It wasn't the first time she'd been yelled at.


'Shenzhen Must Win the Battle,'

Sun traveled to Shanghai amid widespread testing and severe lockdowns, with a strong message from Beijing: "unwavering stick to the zero-COVID policy and win the struggle against COVID as quickly as feasible!"

Sun has taken on the unofficial moniker of "COVID messenger" since the epidemic began in 2020, carrying Beijing's commands to cities throughout China.

Sun Chunlan, former head of the United Front Work Department and deputy premier of the Chinese state (AFP/Getty Images/Wang Zhao)

In late March, she traveled to the northeastern province of Jilin. Residents in Jilin City yelled from apartment blocks, "We have no vegetables!"

Sun visited Xi'an, a 12-million-person metropolis, in mid-December 2021, when it was under siege. The Sun encouraged the city authorities to "aim for zero incidents as soon as possible." Residents in the Xi'an Gaoxin neighborhood welcomed Sun with shouts of "I want to eat!"

Sun traveled to Wuhan in March 2020, when COVID broke out. "Phony, fake, it's all fake!" said the inhabitants. as she was in town

The residential area of Wuhan suffered as a result. The whole neighborhood was put under lockdown. Nobody was permitted in or out.

The Shanghai Blockade remains in effect.

Since April 1, Shanghai has been under lockdown. Sun Chunlan issued an order to the city administration on April 4th to "achieve zero COVID in society at large (excluding quarantine hospitals) as soon as practicable."

According to recent web posts, the local authorities issued a warning stating that the lockdown would last at least until May 1. According to the announcement, it will be determined on May 1 whether to open up or keep the lockdown in place.

Many Shanghai neighborhoods are in disarray. People are unable to visit the hospital. There is a severe food shortage. The elderly are dying in nursing homes without the presence of family members. Because their COVID-19 test results disagree, babies are removed from their parents.

Truckloads of food supplies are also seen stalled on the outskirts of the city, unable to reach people in need. On the sidewalk, there are also decaying veggies and other items.

In April 2022, trucks transporting food get stopped on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Furthermore, in the improvised quarantine sites, boxes and boxes of food may be seen heaped up in rubbish heaps.

Sources: Rumbles   HNewsWire   HNewsWire   HNewsWire

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