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As we have learned during all this plandemic an Isolated virus is one that has gone through a process that separates it from everything else so that a scientist can first know that it exists, and then learn exactly what it is and what it does. But, they must first separate the virus from everything else around it. Hence the word isolated. As long as it is part of an amalgam or solution of stuff he can’t know that it really even exists. Let alone what it is and what it does. 

And just as the so called sars cov2 virus has never been isolated to prove it even exists, so neither has the so called sin nature “virus” that is supposed to have been in Adam ever been isolated to prove it’s existence. Fact is, those who teach it does exist can’t show any proof from the scriptures that it ever existed in Adam. But, like those who say they isolated the so called sars cov2 “virus”, they see a witch’s brew, an amalgamation of stuff, they then interpret to be a sin nature. And then say that this is proof that it existed in Adam. Who they say then passed it on to the rest of us genetically. 

But, without any actual scripture, the believer’s laboratory, that shows us this “isolated virus” of sin nature in Adam, why would anyone believe it exists? Let alone the things they say it does to us who are supposedly infected by it? 

Shouldn’t there be a portion of scripture that proves conclusively how it was brought into existence? Like the events that took place when Adam ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Like a scientist, any student of the word of God knows that would be exactly where to begin to look. 

Now unlike the so called sars cov2 “virus” that only has temporal implications, the sin nature virus that has never been shown to have been in Adam has eternal implications. Because if it is not the case that Adam ever had a sin nature, then almost all of what is taught today about man’s need for Jesus is based upon terribly flawed assumptions. And so serious are these terribly flawed assumptions that Paul says they lead to a belief in a gospel that is anathema for those who have been deceived by it. 

Making of these those who Paul said never came to a love for the truth. Those for whom the strong delusion is sent. So that they all might be damned because they never loved the truth. 

So just as those who have been deceived by the “sorceries” of big pharma and the “deep state” so that they would take a “vaccine” for it that is itself the real kill shot. So too have satan’s sorceries deceived those who have believed the message of the doctrine of original sin and sin nature. A belief that has now left them in a worse condition than they were at the start. 

For at the beginning they were just natural men in need of deliverance from death into immortality. But, now they are also in need of deliverance from that “form of godliness” that denies God’s power. One that has made them captives of the devil at his will. 

To see why isolating the sin nature virus in Adam is impossible we must go to the beginning when while he was in the garden Adam ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We must look at the events that transpired and what God said happened in Adam when he ate the fruit. Because it is here that the Bible isolates the cause of man’s need for a savior. And if the sin nature virus exists we will see it here. And if it is not seen here then we must conclude that a sin nature virus does not exist. 

In Gen.2:17 God told Adam that he must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And that if he did eat from it he would begin to die which would lead to him finally dying. Now we know this was in reference to physical death only. Because God said after He breathed into Adam’s nostrils that he became a living soul. And in 1Cor.15:46 Paul plainly says the living soul that God said Adam was when he was made was natural, and not spiritual. So it could not be referring to spiritual death because Adam was not a spiritual being when God made him. 

Skipping ahead in Gen.3 we see that Adam did eat the fruit. After which God sent him from the garden saying it was so that he could no longer eat from the tree of life so that he would not live forever. But, a most interesting portion of scripture that comes right before this shows us why he was sent from the garden to die. God said it was because, “the man has become as one of us to know good and evil”. 

Now this is interesting indeed. God said he was sent to die because he had become more like Him. Not less like Him, as those who promote the false doctrine of original sin and sin nature theory say. But, isn’t this where these people say the so called sin nature virus is said to be isolated proving it’s existence? Isn’t this where the first infection of this virus was supposed to have taken place? And isn’t this the event from where mankind is supposed to have gotten their infection? 

Yes, this is where so many start down the road to ruin by believing the lie that the sin nature virus has been isolated- proven to exist. But, those true scientists of the word of God, those who read and believe what it plainly says, can clearly see that it has not. Rather it is shown that there is no sin nature virus at all. And that man’s need for a savior began when Adam was made a natural man instead of a spiritual man. And not just after he ate the fruit. 

Now you see the importance of what “believing the science”, or in the case of the “sin nature virus” the word of God, actually means. It means we must believe the science as it is shown from what actually happened in the laboratory. Not just the scientist who says he has isolated it, when all he has really done is look at a soup of material and assumed something from it that isn’t true. 

But, because so many have believed the scientist rather than the science, the teller of the tale rather than information gotten directly from the source, they can no longer see there is a distinction between the two. So the tale the teller tells becomes the proof that the tale is true. Instead of the proof itself from it’s source. 

This is what Paul said in 2Tim.2:15 encouraging them to “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” And is why he commended the Bereans in Acts saying these were more noble than others because after hearing the message with with all readiness of mind they later searched the scriptures to see whether what was taught was true. 

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So how do you isolate a sin nature virus? Well, you do like the scientists at the CDC have done with sars cov2. And as the so called theologians have done with the sin nature virus. You just make it up from an amalgam of stuff and call it the isolated virus. 

And now that we have seen that the Bible never isolates a sin nature virus. And have the proof that it has never existed. And seeing that because it has never existed we now know it has nothing to do with why man needs a savior. And that the real science has shown us that man needs a savior because without Jesus we will never have the immortality that He came to provide for us. What will you do with this truth? 

Will you turn from the fables of original sin and sin nature to trust in the true and living God? Will you come to love the truth? Will you know Him that joined with you in death so that you could join with Him in life? If you will then pray with me now.

Dear Jesus, thank you for joining with me in death. So that now I can join with you in life. Thank you for showing me that the sin nature virus does not exist. And that there is no need to fear it. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Why Do We Pray In Jesus Name, Amen? - JR. Forasteros

If you prayed with me then welcome to God’s family. Now as you read the Bible believe what it plainly says and the leading of the Holy Spirit will show you all truth. 

See you there or in the air!


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