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That We the People Will Probably Have to Do This Ourselves if We Want to See Anyone Held Accountable…

There is Hope

For those of you who have been following the Q drops, you will understand what I am about to discuss better than others. For those who have not, I will try to explain this in a manner that simplifies what you are reading. If you are not familiar with who Q is, I would recommend you go take a look at the website Q! and the previous drops.

I will be the first to tell you that it is definitely a psy-op, but it is also pro-patriot and its purpose to wake people up has definitely been met. You know you are over the target when you get attacked for just mentioning it. In fact, I am putting this blog on my own personal website as a layer of protection because any other way would have me likely ban-hammered.

Okay, onward and upward.

It has been said that Trump is a master chess player – “5D” in fact. I have not been able to find anything confirming that other than him hosting a Championship event at Trump Tower. It doesn’t mean he can’t play or study it and become very skilled at it by any means, it also doesn’t mean his Military Intel advisors aren’t the actual chess players either – in fact, it is very likely. One can just read the Art of the Deal and know that Trump is successful because of the manner in which he approaches things not to mention he is also a very intelligent man.


The Sicilian Defense is a complex chess strategy that has been around since the 16th century. Don’t let the word “defense” fool you, as the Sicilian is an aggressive, complex opening with many variations. Toss in “The Dragon”, variation of the Sicilian (which by the way was named for its supposed resemblance to the constellation Draco), and it becomes very lethal as it creates a commanding position on the board. All while allowing your opponent to ultimately move into their own demise, which defined means: (Law) the immediate transfer of sovereignty to a successor upon the death, abdication, etc, of a ruler (esp in the phrase demise of the crown). You see, it is playing offensively from a defensive position – wrap your head around that one!


Shall we play a game? Don’t think I am right on this? Just ask yourself why Joe Biden’s personal security detail is named “checkmate”. They know, and all this time they too are playing the game. But hey, honestly, checkmate security is NO MATCH for our military.

Back to the Q drops: You probably noticed there are MANY castle callouts, dragons, bishops, D5, etc. scattered throughout. That is not a coincidence. Throw in the reference to “think mirror” and 5D chess quickly becomes D5 (5D/D5). Confirming we are indeed watching Trump back his opponent into the final kill position. The issue then becomes the fact, that like cancer, this evil is rooted and has spread beyond our own borders. Yes, the castle callouts have a double meaning, but the strategy applies to chess.

The “Sicilian” is an obvious Italian reference so we will let that transition us to the Italy piece where we have the recent spree of things happening: US election fraud ties, arrests, 43 “bishops” meeting their maker from “coronavirus”, not to mention the blackouts at the Vatican and the sea of black vans leaving the facility from some sort of an apparent raid. Things definitely seem to be playing out in a way that would indicate “something” is happening. All while the media seems to be silent.


Indeed, the Vatican seems to be at the heart of all of this as Q calls out the Pope several times as the “Godfather III.” It should also be noted that the Corleon crime family is also Sicilian. So tieing the Pope as the Godfather and the head of the crime family should not be a shocker as to why this whole thing is referred to as “biblical.” I will tell you, there is another biblical reference that ties all of this together as well as providing an indicator on the final move. That piece I have also referred to as “the revelation” will come later as I am unable to disclose it due to OpSec.

Now we will step away from the Q aspect (it will be back at the end) and just talk about Trump and strategy.

Many of you have at one point like me, thrown in the towel and accepted that We The People will probably have to do this ourselves if we want to see anyone held accountable. I personally have been back and forth with that several times in the past month. However, I will tell you, if you step back away from the twitter feed and mainstream media and go look at the things Trump has put into play over the past two years (most of it in the past 3 months), you will see that this is FAR from being over.

First, take a look at the EO Trump put into place in 2018 for a cyber force that was tasked with monitoring election fraud. Yes, you heard me correctly. So in this past election, Trump, along with a dozen other folks sat inside a SCIF at the Cyber Command location and watched this whole thing unfold – all while the “system” captured and recorded it. So why hasn’t that been fully disclosed and used? Because this is the essence of the Sicilian Defense – all part of the plan.

Next, we have the stand-up of the Special Operations Command on November 18, 2020. Just to give you a quick history lesson, JFK is the guy who really got the Army Special Forces the support they needed to get up and running. President Kennedy believed that the United States needed a strong unconventional-warfare force to battle Communism. It is said he also did it in an effort to thwart the CIA and their shadow government work. If you have read my piece on the Five-Star Trust, you will see how it all fits together.

If you know anything about Chris Miller (Acting Defense Secretary), he was a former Green Beret and all-around bad-ass. Chris, of course in his speech to kick things off brings in the JFK quote – “The global demands for special operations forces, then and now has confirmed President Kennedy’s foresight. And now under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump, we are fully realizing President Kennedy’s prescient view of special operations forces,” he said.

Then, we have the exit of key personnel like Esper, Barr, Haspel, Wrey, to name a few, followed by a December 10, 2020 Executive Order on Succession within the Department of Defense putting Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist directly under Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller (so we have a double layer of loyalty). For those not familiar with Mr. Norquist, he was the first guy to ever audit the Defense Departments’ books – appointed by Trump himself.

That brings us to FEMA and the Stafford Act. Now it is a bit of a read, but I will tell you that it puts a level of control within FEMA that many people do not know about. It is also important to understand that Trump signed an EO authorizing the Stafford Act and the declaration of a major disaster in March 2020 (very important). That authorization is still active.

In a nutshell, the Act gives FEMA the responsibility for coordinating government-wide efforts. The Federal Response Plan includes contributions from 28 federal agencies and non-governmental organizations. This also gives latitude to the “unity chain of command” spoken of by Pence in his speech to the troops on Jan 16, 2021.

The word “unity” is not a common term as typically it is just referred to as Chain of Command. That subtle difference means that in the instance of an unforeseen event, troops should work together with other operators, law enforcement, fire and rescue, security in the immediate AO (area of operation) rather than follow their Chain of Command. Let’s not forget about the recent letter from the Joint Chiefs in which they threaten sedition to the troops if they choose not to follow the Chain of Command. Coincidence?

Lastly, take a look at the amount of military in play in Washington DC for the inauguration. There are multiple parameters set up, ID’s being checked to enter and exit the city, miles of razor wire and fencing, not to mention some 25,000 troops on the ground – “for an inauguration.” Doesn’t add up, does it?

Makes sense why Pelosi wants to make the event virtual and why Joe has canceled all of his rehearsals! Clearly, he doesn’t want people getting an advanced look at his security detail and I imagine he isn’t feeling warm and fuzzy about all of this. They certainly seem to be very nervous, but why should they be? They have this whole thing in the bag, right? Not so fast.

Now we go back to the Q site with drop 35. It is the ONLY drop by POTUS himself, signed as 4.10.20 or DJT.


Folks, what we are about to witness is the greatest military event since D-Day and Normandy Beach in WW2. NOTHING can stop what is coming. No doubt, blood will be shed. Please pray for our President, our Troops, confusion in the camp of the enemy, and for our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

What I would expect over the next several days based on the above drop – an EBS from POTUS and then likely an internet and media blackout with a short-term lockdown for our safety.

For God and Country.

One final thing, do not get caught up in the hype of this whole Chinese invasion at our borders. It is disinfo. Trump and our military would be acting completely different if this were taking place and our military air traffic does not support this information.

I will not be posting any over watch reports until after Jan 20 for OpSec reasons (3 days out) and likely following the blackout. Stay Frosty. Have a Plan.

God Bless.

Trump Must Declassify All of the Dirty Secrets and Crimes Now

It is now being reported that President Trump has begun declassifying documents regarding the Russia collusion hoax, and apparently also regarding the Biden family’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine. That is certainly a positive first step, but to really expose the illegitimacy and treason of the Deep State minions, he should go much father, immediately.

Remember, Trump has absolute power as President and Commander-in-Chief to declassify any and all documents he wants – ANY and ALL. That power is absolute because he is the Commander-in-Chief and (top general) and, as President, the top boss of the entire Executive branch. He needs no permission from any other person or entity. And nobody can stop him.

We pointed this out in our recent open letters to President Trump, and I have been beating the drum about this in interviews since the summer.

The Deep State uses the dirty secrets about who has been compromised as their way of controlling politicians, judges, career government bureaucrats, major media personalities, etc. They classify the files on all the dirt as “secret” and then they use that data to control the compromised criminal elite. Those dirty secrets are the “swamp water” that makes up the swamp in DC. It both protects the swamp creatures and controls them.

That should come as no surprise, and it’s nothing new.

This is the same thing that J. Edgar Hoover did during his lifetime tenure as the Director of the FBI. No President dared to even think about firing Hoover because Hoover had a file on EVERYONE. He knew all their dirty secrets, transgressions, indiscretions, and crimes. It’s how he maintained his power for life, (despite being a known cross-dresser in a far more straight-laced America) and he was there for life, in power until the day he died, just like a dictator.

And that was before high powered computers and a cell phone/social media culture that gives the current Deep State near total information awareness – they watch and listen and track ALL you do through your phones, emails, social-media, etc.

And then there are intentional political sting operations where politicians, businessmen, and other elites are filmed having sex with children or other heinous acts, and that video is then used to control them. That’s also well known and par for the course all over the world (the Chinese are past masters at it, but so is the CIA, Massod, etc – all the intelligence agencies and governments all over the world do it). That’s exactly what Richard Epstein was doing, when he had cameras installed in every room of his mansions (including the bath rooms), on his “Lolita Express” and on his “Lolita Island.” He was filming EVERYONE. Even more disturbing is when the mark KNOWS they are being filmed committing disgusting crimes, such a raping and torturing children, and they knowingly participate as the price of admission into the club. This is similar to a gang initiation where an inductee into the gang has to rape or kill to get in, with the inductee fully aware of the fact that he is being blackmailed. Hunter Biden comes to mind as an example of this. I have not seen the videos, but apparently they show him raping and torturing under-age Chinese girls, as he is openly, knowingly, being filmed.

Those who want great power and wealth are easily enticed to willingly let themselves be filmed committing such horrid crimes because they know that so long as thereafter they do as they are told, they will have power, wealth, and prestige for life, and THEY WILL BE PROTECTED by their blackmailers – so long as they are obedient.

Therefore, to truly take down the Deep State, Trump should:

1. Declassify all the secret information regarding the Kennedy Assassination, which will help ‘rip the bandaid off’ and show the American people the hard truth that the Deep State pulled a coup long ago – that the CIA and other entities and individuals within our own government killed Kennedy because he was standing up to them and taking steps to “drain the swamp” way back then. He took on multiple powerful Deep State factions (the military industrial complex, the intelligence agency complex, the Federal Reserve, the FBI, etc as well as the Mob). So the Deep State killed him, in a coup against a patriotic Democrat president, with both Democrats (Johnson) and Republicans (Bush Sr.) taking part. Since then this nation has been under the rule of unelected oligarchs, through one mechanism or another.

Actually, that has been the sad truth since at least the creation of the Federal Reserve, but for the sake of the average Joe and Jane, let’s start with the Kennedy assassination since it was an obvious bloody coup against a sitting President, and because it will help them understand that this is WAY beyond “Democrat v Republican” or even “left v right”.

Declassifying the Kennedy assassination will help cut through the divide and conquer political party partisanship and show the people that this is really about we the people v the oligarchs.

Then he should:

2. Expose pedophiles and traitors – and expose them in both of the two major political parties. He should not just expose wrong-doing by Democrats. And he should not just expose wrongdoing that has to do with their attacks on him. That comes across as too partisan or as Trump only caring about himself and seeking revenge.

The great mass of the American people and the rank and file within the U.S. military detest both pedophiles and anyone who would commit the crime of treason, such as aiding and abetting a foreign enemy (i.e. taking bribes or being blackmailed by the Communist Chinese or other foreign enemies and thereafter doing their bidding). So expose those two great sins among the elites. Pick both a Democrat and a Republican from the U.S. Senate who are known to be compromised by being either a pedophile or a traitor (or both). Expose them both by declassifying the files related to their crimes.

Then pick a dirty Democrat AND a dirty Republican in the U.S. House who are both known to be either pedophiles or bribed/blackmailed traitors.

Then do the same in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Again, go after a justice who was appointed to the SCOTUS by a Republican and a Justice who was appointed by a Republican. Expose both parties (just two wings on the same bird of prey).

Rinse, repeat.

Do it with the governors – both left and right – and then with the state legislatures, both left and right, and then some lower federal judges, and state judges, then do it with the major talking heads on TV. Do it for the Hollywood elites. Do it for all the business elites, banking elites, etc.

Get the ball rolling by exposing two corrupt Senators – such as McConnel on the GOP side, and Schumer on the Democrat side. That will lift the lid a bit to show some of the rot, catch the attention of the American people, and then keep right on going till ALL the corrupt, criminal, monstrous swamp creatures are exposed, once and for all, top to bottom, from sea to shining sea.

Show the people that the treason is like a cancer that has spread so far it required drastic emergency surgery.

Then invoke the Insurrection Act and lets get to work arresting and removing them all, and putting them all on trial for their crimes.

For the Republic, Stewart Rhodes Founder of Oath Keepers

The Time Has Come for President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and Put down the Lawless, Left-Wing Insurrection Against America….. The entire “Net Neutrality” push was a con job. They never believed in neutrality; only Un-godly tyranny.) “Birth Pains”

The lunatic, lawless Left is out of control. The corporate-run media has become a CIA propaganda front that ignores reality while fabricating fake stories to destroy America. The tech giants despise free speech for conservatives while demanding “equality” for transgenders. And left-wing governors and mayors are openly advocating Antifa-style lawlessness and violence in America, as long as that violence is directed at conservatives and Trump supporters.

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