And the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world bega"-Rom.16:25

In these chapters ending Paul's letter to his believing Jewish brethren at Rome, Paul continues exhorting his Jewish brethren that they need to be gracious to their less mature Jewish brethren concerning meats and esteeming some days above others. As he has explained to them that some eat and keep the days as unto the Lord. So that they stand or fall by Him.

Then he begins to explain to them why he has been so long in coming to preach to them. Saying that it was because he was sent first by God to preach the message of the grace of God to the Gentiles(other nations).

And he makes sure they understand why it had to be this way by quoting from several Old Testament prophets. Using this as an apology for his not coming sooner.

Saying that he did not want to build upon the foundation of those apostles whose task it was to preach to them the way of salvation. And was hindered by God from preaching to them until now. But, was only now allowed by God to do so.

And after showing them the grace of God he preached already to the Gentiles, he now preaches the same message to them. Saying also as we read in ch16 that they need to accept their Gentile brethren as brothers in the Lord. Naming many of them that have been a great help to Him in his journeys.

Finally adding at the end of his letter that his gospel is a mystery that was kept secret since the world began until now. A message Paul was given that is meant for both Jew and Gentile that speaks of the grace of God that makes of all men the household of faith who will believe apart from works.

In summary, beginning in ch1 where Paul says he is writing to his fellow believing Jewish brethren as he has the rest of the nations, we see Paul reminding them about the idolatry of the past. And seeing this they would know why he begins ch2 saying that the Jew who condemns another for that kind of idolatry, while he himself has made the law his idol, is a hypocrite.

This is why in ch2 he told these Jews at Rome that even unbelieving Gentiles are able to show the work of the law written in their hearts, and not the law itself because being Gentiles they knew nothing about the law, when they do unto others as they would have done to them.

And as we continue looking at each successive chapter we see a pattern emerge that shows us Paul's heart for his Jewish brethren that were at Rome. Showing them in ch3 that it was not any problems they had with law keeping or works that kept them from God. But, it was their unbelief and rejection of Jesus as messiah that would keep them from having God's presence in them. Saying that this is why all who have sinned, that is to miss the mark that is Jesus, have done so by unbelief causing this lack of God's presence Paul referred to in vs.23.

This makes the Roman Road witnessing tool as it is used by those who believe and teach all men are sinners by nature from conception by inheritance an abominable lie. One that not only gives the person a wrong understanding of the purpose of the cross. But, also forces them into a salvation by works paradigm by making the purpose of the atonement as that defined in the worship of Moloch.

In explanation he shows them in ch4 that only the kind of faith Abraham had toward God can overcome this lack of God's presence in them. Rejecting the model of works + faith for righteousness so many Jews had fallen into in their idolatry of the law. As well as those who today teach the pagan gnostic inspired original sin and sin nature doctrine.

In ch5 showing also that as they go through life their experiences and many hardships all people encounter, if they will live by faith, they will come to the maturity that only God's love shed abroad in their hearts can accomplish.

Adding that because the sins done by those from Adam till Moses were not imputed to them because there was no law, and still death reigned, by this he assured them that death from Adam till Moses was not a punishment upon mankind. But, simply the result of man no longer being able to eat from the tree of life. Eating that once kept his mortality at bay.

Expounding on this grace that was before the time of Moses Paul tells us in Acts17 that because there was no law during that time God winked at sin because of their ignorance of what sin was. So in ch6 Paul asks the obvious question that they were all thinking, "shall we sin that grace might abound". Doing this to show them that the reason we do not is because being set free from sin through their deliverance from the law, why would they seek to be made a slave to it once again? Because now free from it by their deliverance from the law they are now free to worship God in spirit and truth as Jesus said men must. And not in ordinances like taste not, touch not, etc...

And to bring this to a head he tells them in ch7 that to be truly free from sin they must be dead to the law. Because only when they are dead to the law could they be joined with Christ. Showing them also what becomes of the Jew who tries to be joined both to the law and to Jesus at the same time. Saying he is one who does what he hates. Because his idolatry of the law makes him unable to do what he loves. Which is to trust solely in Jesus for righteousness. Calling him also a wretched man still in need of God's deliverance.

A deliverance that in ch8 Paul goes into great detail explaining how this happens. Showing them that while they were under the law they were in the flesh. And only those who are in the spirit and led by the Spirit as they who have been delivered from the law are children of God. Adding that now being in the spirit and children of God, there is nothing that can ever change that.

Then in ch9 showing that it was God's plan to make them under law until Jesus came. Not as punishment or unfairness. Even though it may have seemed unfair to them at the time. Because under the law they were held to a higher standard than the rest of the nations. With it's sole purpose was to keep a purely human bloodline for messiah to be born through.

Which is why we read that God hated Esau, a man who was of the flesh. While He loved Jacob, because he represented the man who was of the promise. Who desired the promised birthright rather than what he could attain by the flesh.

But, showing God's great mercy Paul proclaimed in ch10 that even Esau could still attain mercy by trusting in God. Saying that now if they will confess Jesus is Lord. And believe in their hearts that God has raised Him from the dead. This was all that is needed for them to be saved.

And in ch11 saying again that their salvation is by grace and not by works. And if by grace it can not be by works. Because when works are included grace is not grace. Adding that it was God's plan all along to use the Gentiles, the other nations that Israel had always viewed as being less than them, to make them jealous. In the hope that it would motivate them also to seek after and come to a saving faith in Jesus. Ultimately to bring all "Israel", that would include all men and not only the Jews, who will believe to saving faith.

Telling them also that until the fulness of the Gentiles has come in there would remain a blindness over the minds of those Israelites who would not join with their believing Jewish brethren and the Gentiles in faith toward Jesus. Where in the great tribulation God removes their blindness as Jesus is revealed to them.

Saying in ch12 that if they will renew their minds through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in them as they offer themselves as a living sacrifice to God by faith. They will know what is that good and acceptable will of God for them.

Telling them also in ch13 that they need to submit to the gov'ts that are established and ordained of God. Recognized as such by that government's use of the sword to punish evil and reward the good.

And in ch14 encouraging the more mature brothers to show grace toward their less mature brethren. Not condemning those who still thought that they needed to eat certain foods and observe certain days as they were taught when under the law. So living peaceably with one another. Knowing that they each stand or fall before God by faith apart from works.

Paul taught all these things to them because he knew there was a need. Because he had seen and heard of their confusion in these matters. God instructing Paul before in his own life about them as he too had need as a Jew who also was once under the law and in need of deliverance from it. A deliverance that John baptist remarked was why Jesus came when he said, "Behold the lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world".

In all of this Paul showed these believing Jews what their salvation was. And how it had been accomplished. In detail equipping each of them to be able to give an answer for the hope that was in them.

All these were instructions to the believing Jews at Rome. And are also instructive for us today about our salvation even though we were never under the law. And what it's deliverance accomplished in our hearts toward God and one another. Showing us exactly what it means to be saved. And how to live out that salvation in our relationship with our Creator.

Because there are still voices out there today who would try as we see some believing Jews did in Acts15 to put us who were never under the law under it. Teaching the false original sin and sin nature doctrine that comes from the gnosticism John said was of the spirit of antichrist. As those who Paul said "having a form of godliness deny the power thereof".

So that just as the other apostles had shown their Jewish brethren not only how to get saved. But, also what it means to be saved. Here Paul shared his heart's desire with them. That his believing Jewish brethren would know what it means to be made righteous by the faith of Christ. Apart from any works of the law. As he also taught in Gal.2:16.

So too is this instructive for us. Because when we express our faith just as Jesus did, which is to trust in Him as He trusted the Father, we too are righteous. Our righteousness does not come from some exchange from Jesus' good works account into ours. But, by believing in Jesus as He believed the Father when He lived as a man here on earth.

If you will trust in Jesus as He trusted the Father, He will give you a spirit that you never had before. Birthed in you by the Holy Spirit that Paul said makes you children of God. A spirit that is what makes it possible then to be led by His spirit, and not by the law/flesh/works. As all who are His children are led.

If you will do this then you will have eternal life now. And if you will do this then immortality will be yours at the resurrection. If you will do this then God will make you His child and heir to His kingdom. If you will do this... then I will see you there or in the air!

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