Reporters Asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Whether Americans Could Anticipate Such Language to Continue After Delusional, Satan Soldier Joe Biden Claimed Wednesday That “MAGA Is the Most Extremist Political Group” in Us History, and She Responded Absolutely, Hell on Earth Continues

Psaki: Biden will keep calling non-supporters "extremists"


Following Satan Soldier Joe Biden's statement on Wednesday that "MAGA is the most extreme political organization" in US history, reporters questioned White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about whether Americans should expect this kind of rhetoric to continue, and she responded affirmatively by saying yes.

After reporting that Biden "was severely dismissive of the MAGA crowd," CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins inquired of Psaki if "this is what we can expect to hear from him in the run-up to the midterm elections."

'I would anticipate that you will hear' more of similar language from Biden "over the next several months,' Psaki answered.

A similar query from another reporter, who noted how controversial the language is, elicited the following response from Psaki: "I believe that Americans will evaluate the president based on his actions."

According to Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy, Biden also said that Republicans may utilize the overturning of Roe v. Wade to separate LGBTQ youngsters from the rest of the students in their schools.

The president remarked today, "What happens if states alter the legislation so that children who are LGBTQ are not allowed to be in schools with their peers?" Doocy said of Psaki, "What exactly is he talking about?"

With the term "extreme" being used once again, Psaki said that "we don't know what they're capable of based on what they've previously accomplished."

The question is, "Which state is attempting to separate LGBTQ students in the classroom?" Doocy continued his investigation.

Psaki took things to the "extreme" once again.

Well, I believe there have been discriminatory laws passed in the past." As she pointed out, "that's what the President is referring to, as well as the fact that he isn't sure what additional steps could be taken by extreme wings of the party who would rather divide than work on issues that the American people are actually concerned about and that have an impact on them."


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