Texas Oil Can ‘Lead the Way’—But Biden Won’t Allow the Plandemic to be Interrupted. They Must Destroy The Economy. The NWO is Coming!

HNewsWire-Satan Soldier, Delusional Joe Biden was urged to "get out of the way" by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian to let Texas oil to take the lead.

In light of the escalating conflict in Ukraine and the looming imposition of sanctions by the United States and its Western allies on Russian oil, Abbott tweeted on Feb. 24: "Texas can drill enough oil and natural gas to keep prices low here in the United States and Europe if Biden would get out of the way.

It was only a few days after Biden had prohibited the import of Russian oil, natural gas liquids, and coal that Christian agreed in a post on the commission website on March 18, as evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine began to emerge.

The Lone Star State, he added, "is ready to satisfy our energy demands as well as those of our European partners." The president should simply give Texas the go-ahead," he said.

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas,In response to President Joe Biden's stance on energy, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted, "Get out of the way. On June 8, 2021, Abbott may be seen seen at a news conference at the Texas Capitol in Austin.

The state of Texas is the world's third-largest oil production.The Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale, two of the world's biggest oil fields, are both located in Texas.

Christian is the head of the Texas agency in charge of overseeing the state's gas and oil output.While speaking at an energy conference earlier this month, Todd Staples, the CEO of Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA), raised the possibility that "Texas can lead."

The future of oil and natural gas was in doubt a year ago, Staples said. Is it possible for them to go on without them?"

Europe sold energy security for energy ideology a decade ago. A weaker state has terrible ramifications for them now. As Americans, we must do all we can to prevent it from happening here. It's possible that Texas will take the lead in this regard."

The Biden administration's emphasis on moving away from fossil fuels toward so-called "clean" renewable energy sources, a goal he made during his presidential campaign, is seen as a potential roadblock to getting the go ahead.

When wartime fuel prices spiked, Texas' ability to meet the nation's needs was hampered because of Biden's decision to scrap the Keystone XL Pipeline on his first day in office. The pipeline would have transported millions of barrels of Canadian crude oil to Texas refineries for use in the production of transportation fuel.

Oil company shareholders in Texas saw Biden's abrupt cancellation of the Trump-era project as a slap in the face to the state's long-standing reliance on oil production.

When the conflict in Ukraine broke out, companies had already decided not to invest in new drilling infrastructure because of investor worries.

According to a poll by the US Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas issued on March 23rd, investors in Texas oil are even today reluctant to boost output despite the higher prices Texas crude has been selling for.

That message has been sent from the White House, Capitol Hill and Wall Street," stated a poll respondent.

Brent Golding, a Federal Reserve economist in Dallas, focuses on geopolitics and the U.S. shale oil and gas industry to identify emerging patterns and trends.

TXOGA conference in Corpus Christi on March 24, where he intended to stimulate a rethinking of where future energy solutions originate from. Golding was the keynote speaker.

There is an increasing desire for more energy in all forms, even if our energy mix is changing, according to Golding.

When it comes to environmental problems, Staples said that "no one generates more ecologically benign fuels than American producers" during his speech at the conference.

However, he pointed out that carbon emissions in the United States fell by 8%, while in China they grew by 25% and in Russia they rose by a whopping 20%.

According to Staples: "It is time for us to unleash American energy leadership," and "start treating oil and natural gas in our nation as an asset, rather than an asset burden."


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