Watchman Sees NWO Takeover: According to a Recent U.N. Policy Brief, the Biden Administration Looks to Support the Proposal for the UN to Acquire Vast New Powers and Stronger “Global Governance” Tools to Deal With International Emergencies Like Pandemics and Economic Crises–AKA Tribulation


According to a recent U.N. policy brief, the United Nations is seeking enormous new powers and stronger "global governance" tools to deal with global emergencies like pandemics and economic crises, and the Biden administration seems to support the idea.

Policymakers and analysts in the United States have expressed grave concern and strong opposition to the proposal to establish a "Emergency Platform," which would involve a set of protocols activated during crises that could affect billions of people.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who oversees American foreign policy and participation in international organizations, is among those voicing concern.
We must ensure that any global framework or U.N.-run platform respects American national sovereignty and taxpayer funds.

Additionally, he expressed his concern that the proposed platform would enlarge the United States' jurisdiction and funding, as well as the definitions of "emergency" and "crisis," to encompass things like climate change.

It is evident from U.N. documents and statements made in March by influential global organization leaders that climate change is a top priority on the organization's list of emergencies.

The influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) within the U.N., the international organization's well-known corruption issues, and its track record of responding to previous emergencies were among the criticisms made by other critics to The Epoch Times.

According to former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations Kevin Moley, allowing the U.N. to handle this is the same as giving the CCP control over international crises.

UN Global Crisis Response Plan
U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres outlined his plan for strengthening the international community's ability to respond to complex shocks in a policy brief titled "Our Common Agenda," with the subtitle "Strengthening the International Response to Complex Shocks—An Emergency Platform."

Guterres stated that "strengthening global governance" is necessary for both the present and future generations in order to address the challenges we face.

The "Summit of the Future" will take place during the General Assembly's annual high-level meeting in September, and the policy brief builds on a previous "Common Agenda" document.

The global emergency protocols would be "triggered automatically" in the event of a global crisis, "regardless of the type or nature of the crisis involved," the U.N. chief said. This is assuming member states give their approval.

All kinds of institutions, including national governments, international organizations, and the private sector, would collaborate on the protocols. Everyone would eventually have to acknowledge the "primary role of intergovernmental organs [such as U.N. agencies] in decision-making," according to the document.

"The Emergency Platform, once convened, would be a tool for the United Nations system to implement decisions taken by relevant organs," the policy brief states.

State Department is helpful
The U.S. State Department's spokesman implied that the Biden administration supports the proposal.

"The administration has made clear its firm belief that U.S. national security is best served by engaging actively and comprehensively with the UN and other international organizations," the spokesman said in an e-mailed statement to The Epoch Times about the proposal.

"The U.S. works tirelessly to ensure that the U.N. meets those demands," the statement reads. "The U.N. is only as effective, transparent, and accountable as its membership demands."

The World Health Organization (WHO) proposal was unveiled as billionaire Bill Gates called for a global "fire department" to deal with global health emergencies. Gates was one of the most prominent voices during the COVID-19 crisis and a major financier of the WHO and vaccines.

Last month, Gates claimed in an article for The New York Times that a "Global Health Emergency Corps" could "spring into action at a moment's notice when danger emerges."

According to Gates' op-ed, "The Global Health Emergency Corps will represent massive progress toward a pandemic-free future." "The question is whether we have the foresight to make investments in that future now, before it's too late."

UN Emergency Protocol Guterres stated that the risks are increasing and becoming more complex. He will ask governments to approve his plan later this year.

The United Nations is the only institution with the reach and legitimacy to convene at the highest level and inspire global action, he said. "Enhanced international cooperation is the only way we can adequately respond to these shocks." The multilateral system needs to be strengthened in order for it to be prepared for the challenges of the future.

It wasn't made clear what would specifically qualify as an emergency that would start the U.N. emergency response.

A crisis without "global consequences" would "not necessarily" be categorized as one requiring U.N. intervention, the document claims. In other words, the U.N. might act in response to some crises even if they don't have widespread effects.

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New world order, which will rule over everyone and everything worldwide. It is currently a loose association of the world's most economically and militarily powerful nations. This trilateral alliance is comprised of an ever-expanding list of nations whose shared objective is the establishment of a new global system, which will ultimately supplant the old paradigm of separate nation-states and give rise to a unified global government. The only thing missing from this empire's march toward complete unity is a charismatic leader with the strength to unite the diverse alliance. Soon, even this missing link will be discovered in the meteoric rise of a dynamic individual whom the Bible refers to as the Man of Sin and whom Christians refer to as the Antichrist.

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It is no surprise that the world appears to be evolving into one large interconnected community in an age of electronic wonder, where news and events can be seen instantly all over the world. Technology that would have seemed magical to previous generations is being used to create a New World Order.

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