The First International Criminal Court (ICC) Trial Addressing War Crimes in Darfur Has Commenced. This Is Where Americans Will Be Sentenced for NWO-Related Crimes… In Order to Keep the Hands of High-Ranking Politicians Clean Throughout the Tribulation

HNewsWire-Ungodliness has always washed away the existing social order in a tidal wave of death and devastation, godless as those who are estranged from God. Ungodliness is the state of being tainted by sin. Ungodliness is defined as acting in a manner that is antithetical to God's nature, actively opposing God in disobedience, or having a contemptuous disrespect for God. The Bible often refers to "the flesh" in reference to things that come from our sinful natures. The deeds of the body and the cravings of the world are examples of ungodliness.

The Hague, Netherlands

An accused Janjaweed militia commander pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to dozens of allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court's first trial dealing with Sudan's Darfur crisis over two decades ago. During the peak of the unrest in 2003-2004, Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-Al-Rahman is accused of supervising thousands of pro-government Janjaweed warriors who were responsible for persecution, murder, rape, and torture. Hundreds of thousands were slain. "I am innocent of all of these allegations," said the septuagenarian Abd-Al-Rahman after the charges were read out at the commencement of his case.

After 13 years on the run, Abd-Al-Rahman, also known as Ali Kushayb, willingly surrendered to the Hague-based court in June 2020. He has disputed the allegations. The trial comes as humanitarian organisations report an increase in inter-communal violence in Darfur after the termination of UN and African Union deployments there.

According to UN estimates, 1.6 million people are still internally displaced in Darfur decades after the brunt of the violence.

The violence in Darfur began when primarily non-Arab rebels took up weapons against Sudan's government, which reacted with a counter-insurgency.

Khartoum used largely Arab militias known as the Janjaweed to smash the uprising, unleashing a wave of brutality that Washington and several NGOs described as genocide.

According to the UN, 300,000 people were murdered and more than 2 million were displaced. Abd-Al-Rahman is charged with 31 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity and faces life in jail if convicted.

During previous sessions, his counsel contended that the defendant was a victim of mistaken identity and that he was insufficiently educated to realize that the instructions he carried out may result in war crimes. Sudan's previous president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir, was toppled in 2019 and is now imprisoned in Khartoum on ICC allegations of organizing genocide and other crimes in Darfur.

The United States, like Israel, rejects the court's jurisdiction. At the time, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the penalties were intended to retaliate for probes against the US and its allies, a reference to Israel. The Biden administration (Satan Soldiers) has said that the sanctions would be reconsidered.

Keep an eye on the United Nations and the International Criminal Court's future moves on the global arena. They are both humanity's and God's adversaries.

According to per-trial judges, the International Criminal Court has authority to pursue Israel and Hamas for war crimes.


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