After the Arrest of a Drug Cartel Leader, a Border Town in the United States Has Been Transformed Into a War Zone, as the Biden Administration Pursues Legal Gun Owners Weapons, Tribulation

HNewsWire-Following the arrest of a prominent cartel lord, the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo has been converted into a battle zone. On Monday, the streets were strewn with burning automobiles, and significant gun fighting was reported, prompting the US embassy to go into lockdown and the US border crossing to be temporarily closed. The mayhem erupted late Sunday when Juan Gerardo Trevino, or “El Huevo,” the commander of one section of the Northeast Cartel, the Zetas Cartel’s successor gang, was apprehended. He is also a US citizen, according to a Mexican government source quoted by Reuters. Trevino is on the list of the most sought cartel members, according to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Trevino is wanted in the United States for narcotics trafficking and money laundering. Members of the cartel kidnapped and burnt cars, as well as…


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