Something Doesn’t Smell Right With Chinese Surveillance Balloons, and the Truth Is That the State Department, CIA, and Others Are Lying to the American People in Collaboration With the Biden/Obama/Satan Soldiers Administration. What a Surprise, Huh?

Government vs. People—State vs. State—Governor vs. Governor—Mayor vs. Mayor—Government vs. Government—Neighbor vs. Neighbor— Tribulation… It makes no difference if the next threat is a military threat, an environmental health crisis, or something altogether different; you must protect your freedom and individual liberty no matter what.” All decisions are made with God at the top of the priority list. “It is not enough to just “throw up your hands in despair and panic and rush down the path to obedience to government dictates.” HNewsWire: OFFICIAL US DID NOT ASSESS LATEST OBJECT TO BE MILITARY THREAT TO ANYTHING ON THE GROUND -OFFICIAL SENIOR U.S. THE OFFICIAL SAYS THE OBJECT SHOT DOWN WAS AN OCTAGONAL STRUCTURE, BUT THERE WAS NO DISCERNIBLE PAYLOAD. The Pentagon is scheduled to hold a press briefing about the downed item at 5 p.m. ET. Update (1548ET): According to…


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