Climate god Pete Buttigieg Claims That Carbon Dioxide Is a “Sin” and God Would Oppose It, Demonic Delusions

Mr.Buttigieg falls between demon-possessed and a psychological disorder. Liberal Christianity often denies the miracles recorded in the Bible. If there are no miracles, there is no Christianity, as the Christian faith is built on the resurrection of Jesus Christ (see 1 Corinthians chapter 15). If the miracles in the Bible are not true, the human authors of Scriptures were liars — Pete Buttigieg is Pharisees  Jesus warned us about (oh, wait, did Jesus actually say anything about false prophets? Do you see the problem here? Well, these last days where men reject sound doctrine are upon us. Not only do many call themselves ‘Christian’ they reject sound doctrine but also many who dare to call themselves, ‘ Homosexual Christians and they essentially pick and choose which parts of the Bible are from God. ’ Pete Buttigieg is Delusional …. If…


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