Watchman: “2025 Is When The World Will Be Short Of Oil”: Occidental CEO Warns Oil Supply Crunch Begins Next Year

HNewsWire: By Charles Kennedy of The ratio of discovered resources versus demand has dropped in recent decades and is now at around 25%. Oxy CEO Hollub: “2025 and beyond is when the world is going to be short of oil.”. Oil industry executives have been warning that new resources, new investments, and new supply will be needed just to maintain the current supply levels as older fields mature. The world would find itself short of oil from 2025 onwards as exploration for longer-producing crude reserves is set to lag demand growth, Vicki Hollub, chief executive of Occidental Petroleum, said at the Davos forum on Tuesday. For most of the second half of the 20th century, oil companies were finding more crude than global consumption, around five times the demand volumes, Hollub said, as carried by Reuters.   The ratio of discovered……...

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Watchman: The United States’ Strategic Oil Supplies Will Run Out in Two Weeks. Biden, Obama, and Google and WEF Cohorts Should All Be Held Accountable for Deceiving the Public and Driving up Petrol Costs by Around $10.00 or More per Gallon in Just 6 to 8 Months

HNewsWire: Get ready for some really high prices. The United States continues to drain is strategic oil reserves, so low the nation is almost two weeks away from officially being empty. The likelihood of filling them is low, as the Biden administration of course is fully invested in green energy and transitioning away from fossil fuels. One month ago to date The WinePress warned that the U.S. was becoming dangerously, at a time when OPEC announced they will be extending production cut by the end of 2024, which will only force prices higher as the OPEC and BRICS aligned nations can have greater influence on the cost. The reserves of course were not filled, and now the country is extremely low, a little over two weeks worth left. Refilling them is no easy task as this will take years to…

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Satan Soldiers Plandemic: Diesel Is a World Wide Problem, Not Just a European One. Warning: America’s Service Stations Will Run Out of Fuel Very Soon, You Can Think Google, FakeBook For All the Misinformation

HNewsWire-We cited the CEOs of several of the world’s largest independent energy traders earlier this week, who appeared at the FT Commodities Global Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, and revealed a bleak outlook for the diesel market: “The main source of worry for everyone will be fuel availability. “Europe buys around half of its diesel from Russia and roughly half from the Middle East,” said Russell Hardy, CEO of the Swiss oil trader Vitol. “There is a systematic diesel shortage.” As a reminder, Russian supplies account for around 15% of Europe’s diesel use, according to the Financial Times, which published their views. According to Hardy, the transition to higher diesel usage over gasoline in Europe has contributed to fuel shortages. He also said that in reaction to increasing prices, refineries may increase diesel production at the cost of other oil-derived goods…

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