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Are You a Boy? A Girl? Neither, Both, or Somewhere In-Between?

Our schools have become ground zero for “gender inclusive” guerrilla warfare, and impressionable children will suffer the collateral damage. The National Education Association, supposedly the champion of all that is good for students, is a primary proponent of these efforts. Parents must understand and take action before it’s too late. Pat Daugherty, Ed.D.July 3, 2019 Editor’s Note:…

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It begins: Canada now ARRESTING Christian pastors and prosecuting them for teaching the Bible… the war on Christianity escalates

One of God’s warriors…… The typical insult from the non-religious crowd is to refer to believers as “ignorant,” “stupid,” “brainwashed,” or to otherwise suggest that those who have faith are less intelligent than those who do not. When a Christian stands up intelligently for his faith, the terms change to “bigot,” “extremist,” or “zealot.” When…

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Publicly Open Pedophile “Dirtbag”Running For Office In Virginia Reveals How Foster Care Is a Pipeline To Adopt Children As “Sex Toys”

Meet Nathan Larson, and openly proud pedophile, a dirt bag extraordinaire,a all-around piece of trash, SRH… An independent candidate running for office in Virginia has admitted to being a pedophile. Nathan Larson is a 37-year-old accountant running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s 10th district. As his extremely disturbing views on child rape, white supremacy,…

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‘Chick-fil-A’ bill reignites LGBT opposition in Texas

The LGBT continually injures themselves and shows that (in a practical sense) they despise or hate their own lives (Proverbs 29:24; 8:36; 15:32).  Jessica Morgan, 19, of Whitehouse, Texas, and Bobby Ortiz, 18, of Whitehouse, hold signs supporting gay marriage outside of Chick-fil-A in Tyler…. The Texas House gave final approval to the bill Tuesday, May 21,…

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A Long Journey Home Book Cover

A Long Journey Home

A book about a fourteen-year-old boy, the son of a Baptist pastor, thrown from his home at age 14. This boy, StevieRay, would later become a multimillionaire. Now he gives orphans a second chance at life.

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