Watchman: Do You Understand How Evil Works? Everyone Knows the Climate Crisis Is a Hoax. And a Lie. Pushed by Elitists, WEF, and the UN, Along With Clowns in Our Government. This Is How Evil Works!

Please Help Donate,HNW GiveSendGo By SRH, The Net Zero Climate Agenda Imposes Laws and Costs on Farmers, Resulting in Higher Food Prices for Americans. Farmers throughout the Western world are cautioning that cost increases resulting from the net zero movement could push food prices even higher and throw many small farms out of business, given the ongoing high rate of inflation. Although progress has been made, the battle against inflation is still ongoing, as evidenced by the 3.1% increase in inflation in January compared to the same month last year. Since President Joe Biden assumed office in January 2021, prices have increased overall by about 18%. Official data indicates that in the last three years, the value of an American dollar has decreased by almost one-fifth, which is why many people are struggling in the economy. However, there are……...

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Watchman: The U.N.’s Satan Soldiers Seriously Threaten Both Our Country’s Farm Sector and National Security.They Want Us Dead!

GO TO HELL HNewsWire: by Tyler Durden A dozen Republican state agriculture commissioners have penned a letter to six U.S. megabanks, informing them that their push for ESG investing could wind up leading to price increases and may impact food availability. The letter was sent to executives at Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo and took exception with the group’s membership in the UN organized Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), according to Fox News. The NZBA is “committed to financing ambitious climate action” and is attempting to force the economy to net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. The letter notes that this could result in “severe consequences” for farmers. The letter reads: “Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture requires a complete overhaul of on-farm infrastructure — one of the goals of the NZBA.” “This would…

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Watchman: They Want Us To Eat Bugs—Its Obama/Biden Admin Again,Net-Zero Climate-Control Policies This Time, What’s Next? It’s Hell on Earth, It’s Going to Get Real and No-Where to Hide

By SRH, Watchman: Obama-Biden Administration, Net-Zero Climate-Control Policies Want Us to Eat Bugs A new analysis warns that the Biden administration’s net-zero climate plans could raise food production costs, risking shortages and high supermarket prices. The conservative Buckeye Institute warned that the Biden administration’s net-zero climate-control measures jeopardize U.S. food supply in a new analysis. The Feb. 7 research revealed that the Biden administration’s ESG-driven climate policies and demands cost American farmers and consumers a lot. Trevor W. Lewis and M. Ankith Reddy, economic research analysts at the Buckeye Institute, wrote that the model corn farm must comply with the government’s new carbon emission rules to better understand the true costs that American farms and households will likely pay for the Biden administration’s net-zero policies and objectives. “The farm’s operational costs, as expected, all rose significantly,” they said. The researchers…

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