Watchman: They Want Us To Eat Bugs—Its Obama/Biden Admin Again,Net-Zero Climate-Control Policies This Time, What’s Next? It’s Hell on Earth, It’s Going to Get Real and No-Where to Hide


Watchman: Obama-Biden Administration, Net-Zero Climate-Control Policies Want Us to Eat Bugs

A new analysis warns that the Biden administration's net-zero climate plans could raise food production costs, risking shortages and high supermarket prices.

The conservative Buckeye Institute warned that the Biden administration's net-zero climate-control measures jeopardize U.S. food supply in a new analysis.

The Feb. 7 research revealed that the Biden administration's ESG-driven climate policies and demands cost American farmers and consumers a lot.

Trevor W. Lewis and M. Ankith Reddy, economic research analysts at the Buckeye Institute, wrote that the model corn farm must comply with the government's new carbon emission rules to better understand the true costs that American farms and households will likely pay for the Biden administration's net-zero policies and objectives.

“The farm's operational costs, as expected, all rose significantly,” they said. The researchers calculated that the Biden administration's net-zero emissions policy will raise U.S. farmers' operational expenses by 34%.

The model predicted that the government's carbon pricing plans will raise agricultural operating costs and hurt consumers' wallets.Global governments' climate change ideas “might surprise you,” Mr. Balmakov adds in the film.

Bugs may be your future dinner, says the UN."

Funny The Biden proposals will kill the economy, forests, plants, and finally all carbon-based life on Earth.Carbon and oxygen enter and leave plants. People take in oxygen and exhale carbon.Our relationship with nature is mutual. I learned that from my 5th grade science instructor.

If Biden is so concerned about the environment, why promote all these wars he started? The carbon footprint of a MIG-29, T-90 tank, or 1000 rockets each week?

Final note: I haven't heard anything to modify my conviction that a civil war is impending and necessary to destroy this farce, this Marxist utopia these traitors want. Take out the trash. Same group that created the Soviet Union, Cuba, and CCP with more social revolution nonsense. Marxists and Joe “the moron” Biden, their war master.


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