Bill Barr The Fat Man, the Coward, the Little Speak, and the Spineless Satan Soldier Defend the Raid by Claiming Trump ‘Jerked Around’ the FBI by Failing to Declassify Documents, Not True, Mr. Barr Your an Obese Joke to Americans

SRH :  Fat Man Barr and his ancestors have always lived in a swamp. Though he has shown strong partisanship, he has kept his political affiliations to himself. He’s showing himself to be the BushWacker partisan hack that he has become, a lapdog for a criminal Bush family. These people won’t leave me alone. Barr = the a$$hat who counseled Bush Sr. to halt the Iran/Contra trial of Casper Weinberger and pervert Justice. I knew President Trump had made a terrible mistake the day he hired Barr as AG because he is a longtime member of the Bush/Clinton Crime Family. Barr is a crook, it’s a fact. We can’t believe a word of what that fat guy Barr says! To cover for his own incompetence, he’ll say anything. As AG, he was a complete and utter failure. In the end, he…


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