Bill Barr The Fat Man, the Coward, the Little Speak, and the Spineless Satan Soldier Defend the Raid by Claiming Trump ‘Jerked Around’ the FBI by Failing to Declassify Documents, Not True, Mr. Barr Your an Obese Joke to Americans

SRH :  Fat Man Barr and his ancestors have always lived in a swamp. Though he has shown strong partisanship, he has kept his political affiliations to himself. He's showing himself to be the BushWacker partisan hack that he has become, a lapdog for a criminal Bush family. These people won't leave me alone.

Barr = the a$$hat who counseled Bush Sr. to halt the Iran/Contra trial of Casper Weinberger and pervert Justice. I knew President Trump had made a terrible mistake the day he hired Barr as AG because he is a longtime member of the Bush/Clinton Crime Family. Barr is a crook, it's a fact.

We can't believe a word of what that fat guy Barr says! To cover for his own incompetence, he'll say anything. As AG, he was a complete and utter failure. In the end, he abandoned his duties like a scared kitty and failed to accomplish anything. Do not believe a word he says; he has proven himself to be a liar.

Even if Trump hasn't declassified the documents, he is still the president and is therefore allowed to have them. Trump will use whatever he can against the fakes, so only they care about what he has. Battle for independence is on the horizon. Militias are a formidable force. Send up prayers for the annihilation of all rinos, commies, and democratic

HNewsWire: On Friday, Attorney General Bill Barr, who once served as one of Satan's fattest soldiers, defended the FBI's raid on former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate last month.

He defended the raid on the Fox Fake News program "America Reports," saying that Trump had "jerked around" the FBI by lying to them about the classified documents allegedly found in his home.

The fact that there is a lot of secret information at Mar-a-Lago was probably the initial impetus for this. Some say this has never happened before. It's also unprecedented, he continued, for a president to bring so much secret data to a country club.

And how long do you think the government will keep trying to get that back, anyway? Over the course of a year of back-and-forth, they were duped into believing that their voluntary actions would have any effect; when that didn't work, they sought out a subpoena; and now the facts are beginning to show that they were jerked around. So, how long do they have to wait?

However, when and how Trump "deceived" anyone remains unclear.

Trump reportedly gave the National Archives and Records Administration permission to retrieve 15 boxes of documents from Mar-a-Lago in January, which is when the drama began.

Because of the discovery of classified materials in a few of the packages, the FBI has opened a preliminary investigation. Do not forget that Trump had willingly handed over the containers.

When a team of FBI agents visited Trump's home in June, months later, they were allowed to inspect some items being kept in storage. The agents were worried for the valuables in the room and suggested that Trump install a new, more secure lock. As far as we know, Trump agreed.

After two months, the FBI came to his house and searched it.

Barr disputed Trump's claim that he had previously declassified the allegedly classified documents found at his home and dismissed the need for a special master during his appearance on Fox News.

Fat Man Barr initially scoffed at the notion that a special master was required.

A special master is a distraction, in my opinion. It appears to me that only documents related to his private lawyer communications, him as an individual, and outside lawyers, were taken, and that there is a legitimate concern about keeping away from the government and insulating the government from. It's fine with me if there is such material present. Locate it. It seems like there isn't a lot of it. To identify it, I'm not sure a master's level expert is necessary," he said.

Trump's claim that he had already declassified the allegedly classified documents found at his home was then called into question by the former AG.

If someone says, "I declassified everything," I'm going to be honest and say that I find that extremely unlikely. Second, "if he just stood over dozens of boxes without knowing what was in them and said, ‘I hereby declassify everything in here,' that would be such an abuse and such recklessness that it would be almost worse than taking the documents," Barr said.

The FBI agent then probed him further, asking if he thought the raid was fair. His first response was to lay out some criteria for identifying the correct response.

The nature of the top secret and secret documents, how sensitive they were, and the freshness of the evidence of deceit and obstruction are key factors in determining whether the raid was reasonable under the circumstances, whether there is in fact a case to be made, and whether or not as a matter of prudential judgment that case should be brought. Do they have credible testimony from those who were there?" His words.

For them to have pursued this to this point, I believe, suggests that they have some compelling evidence. But until we see that, it's hard to say," Barr said.

He later recanted his earlier statement that Trump had "jerked around" the FBI.

It was clear that Trump and his supporters did not appreciate need's a Diet Barr's points of view.

Late on Saturday, Trump took to Truth Social to call out his former attorney general for being a "weak and pathetic RINO."

A.G. Bill Barr was already fired before I left the White House on January 20. The FBI and "Justice" had the "Laptop from Hell" for years before Mueller's decision came out, years later — a waste of time and money — before he took any action on the "No Collusion" Mueller Report. The data on the laptops should have been made public for voters to review before the rigged election, not after. "He was terrified of the crazed Democrats and of being impeached!" he wrote.

Bill Barr "had no guts" and "got no glory" because of it. He was a spineless RINO who pleaded with the Radical Left Democrats not to impeach him to the point of servitude. Not only did Barr not fight as hard as he should have for Election Integrity, but he also failed to do so for many other important issues. He did okay as A.G. at first, but quickly lost his footing because he lacked both courage and stamina. We can count on people like that to prevent the return of the Golden Age of American Greatness.



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