The Biden Administration and Its Foot Soldiers in the ATF, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security Are Turning People Against One Another. It’s an Old Communist Playbook, Hitler Played This Card Very Well, and the Rest Is Ugly History

Isaiah 3: The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbor against neighbor; the young will rise up against the old, and the base against the honorable.

Former Trump Adviser and Director of Trade Peter Navarro Is Livid After the Biden DOJ Arrested Him at a DC-Area Airport Prior to a Scheduled Flight to Nashville, Tennessee, for Telling the House January 6 Committee to Pound Sand Over a Subpoena...


Navarro revealed in a recent lawsuit challenging the J6 Committee that he had been ordered to appear before a DC grand jury and turn over all documents requested by the J6 Committee, "including but not limited to any communications with formal [sic] President Trump and/or his counsel or representative."

"Who are these individuals? "This is not America," Navarro remarked before his arraignment, adding, "I spent four years with excellent public employees." Nobody ever called my ethics into question."

Outside, the 72-year-old said he'd been dragged in and handcuffed.

"Instead of going to my house, which, by the way, is just next to the FBI. Rather of phoning and saying, "Hey, we need you down at court, we've got a warrant for you," I would have happily arrived. What exactly did they do? They stopped me from boarding on a plane and then placed me in handcuffs, brought me here, put me in leg shackles, and locked me up... that's punitive."

"What they did to me today was a violation of the constitution," he said.

Former White House aide Stephen Miller stood by Navarro.

Rep. Matt Gaetz agreed (R-FL).

Others pointed out that previous Obama Attorney General Eric Holder did the same thing and was found in contempt of Congress with no repercussions.

Rudy Giuliani described it as "honorable."

In his complaint, Navarro claims that his obligations to the Trump White House should be considered.

"Given the economic and national security ramifications of a potentially stolen election," the filing states, "I worked diligently in my official capacity as a government official within the White House and as a senior White House adviser to assist the president and other senior advisers in navigating what appeared to be the most sophisticated assault on American democracy ever perpetrated."

The Biden organization has decided to utilize the current year's Valentine's Day to urge individuals to seek retribution on previous darlings by revealing their unlawful firearm buys or deals to the central government.

"Valentine's Day can in any case be fun regardless of whether you separated," peruses a message posted on the authority Twitter page of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). "Do you have data about a previous (or current) accomplice associated with illicit firearm movement? Tell us, and we will ensure it's a Valentine's memorable's Day!"

The post likewise incorporates a picture showing a messed up heart and the contact data for the ATF. "Got an ex who trades firearms unlawfully? We couldn't want anything more than to meet and get them a Valentine's Day shock!" the picture text peruses.

The Justice Department, which is trying to take action against what it calls "apparition weapons" and guns produced using DIY packs, shared the post.

The ATF's Valentine's Day message was not generally welcomed via web-based media, with many communicating worries over "smacking," a badgering strategy of revealing a non-exist crisis circumstance to get an equipped regulation requirement reaction, for example, a SWAT group against an objective casualty.

"Pissed by at your ex? Why not get them smacked?" one client composed.

"You're in a real sense empowering individuals to turn in those they probably have resentment against, which will probably bring about misleading reports and expected passing," another remark peruses.

Some additionally highlighted the huge measure of military gear left behind when U.S. military powers were quickly removed last year from Afghanistan at the request for President Joe Biden. Pictures circled online showed Taliban contenders presenting with M4 carbines and M16 rifles and opening boxes of new guns, robots, and night-vision goggles-a little piece of the American stash seized as prizes by the Taliban, the fear based oppressor bunch that by and by controls the conflict torn country.

"The Biden organization just left an endless measure of weapons and capability in Afghanistan. I'd investigate that," one individual composed.

For other people, the post brings out their memory of the ATF's presently shamed Operation Fast and Furious. As a feature of the sting activity, the ATF under the Obama organization purposefully delivered weapons to suspected agents with the expectation that this would lead the office to undeniable level firearm and medication dealers in Mexico.

The ATF specialists, nonetheless, forgot about many those weapons, a large number of which wound up in hands of lawbreakers, including the Mexican scoundrel who utilized an AK-47 to shoot and kill Border Patrol official Brian Terry in 2010 during a gunfight in Arizona.


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Putin: We insists there are no grounds for holding talks as Russia is not “conducting any unusual military activity”


Meet Moses! He's a young man who grew up in the most challenging circumstances. Today, he has larger-than-life goals to achieve something extraordinary.


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