Satan Soldiers Will Clamp Down on Negative Opinions Concerning Governments, Canada Employees Told Not to Express Opinions ‘Condemning’ Government

Representatives of Health Canada (HC) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) were as of late coordinated not to offer viewpoints "basic" of the national government through a division wide email sent from their common chief general of HR, with regards to continuous fights in Ottawa and other Canadian urban communities against COVID-19 limitations.

The email order included dis-allowance against articulation of any perspectives "contradictory" with government COVID-19 restrictions. It read:

This message is also to remind you that Health Canada (HC) and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) employees, like all public servants, are expected to maintain impartiality and objectivity of the public service.

Regardless of your opinion on these events, as a public servant, you are expected to refrain from expressing opinions on social media or engaging in outside activities that can be seen to impair your ability to perform your duties in an objective and impartial manner. The values described in the Values and Ethics Code, respect for democracy, duty of loyalty, security of information, respect for people, and maintaining the professionalism and reputation of the organization, go beyond our offices and extend to public settings and in public forums. Acceptance of these values and adhere to the expected behaviors is a condition of employment, and a cornerstone in maintaining the public’s trust in our work.

Examples of situations that could give rise to real, apparent, or potential conflict of interest include:

  • Being critical of HC, PHAC or the Government of Canada on social media or in your outside activities;
  • Social media postings or outside activities that are incompatible with HC or PHAC mandates, and/or with your official duties;
  • Social media postings or outside activities that could be seen to be politically partial;
  • Using HC or PHAC information that is not publicly available; and
  • Using HC or PHAC work hours or resources for your outside activities

While the protests are currently occurring in Ottawa, news outlets from around the world are covering the story. Employees are reminded that they should not be engaging in official interviews with the media without proper authorization from management. If you are approached by the media in your capacity as a HC or PHAC employee, please refer them to the National Media Relations Unit.


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