Black Horse In Play: Biden Isn’t Ok — Demonic Agenda, Possible Alzheimer’s, And Head of the Most Powerful Democracy. The Stage Is Set.


HNewsWire: Joe Biden, who turned 79 on Saturday the 20th, has been the subject of increasing health worries. Because of the sharp fall in public trust in Biden's physical and mental competence since he assumed office, several pollsters think it will have a significant impact on his electoral prospects in 2016.

The Delaware Democrat has made a number of gaffes and shown signs of disorientation, making him seem weaker by the day. At the COP26 summit, Biden is reported to have fallen asleep in front of the Duchess of Cornwall, where he is also alleged to have burped in front of her. Meanwhile, he hasn't benefited from political disasters like the disorderly departure of US soldiers from Afghanistan.

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In the wake of Joe Biden's "confused" demeanor, a former White House doctor has called for a cognitive evaluation.

Jokes about Joe Biden referring to Kamala as "President Harris" after yet another slip-up

When it comes to the man in control of America's nuclear arsenal and the one who symbolizes it, it's sad and a bit terrifying that the commander-in-chief seems to be so confused and unsure. A recent survey found that Biden's popularity rating had fallen to 36%, the lowest it has ever been, with 53% firmly saying he is unable to serve as president. At a recent function, onlookers couldn't help but notice how he was presented to colleagues he'd known for ten or twenty years but seemed to have no idea who they were.

Joe Biden visits Jen Psaki and her family at the White House. (Image courtesy of Getty Images user Alex Wong)

In the Daily Mail, detractors of Vice President Joe Biden are now publicly claiming that he suffers from dementia, maybe Alzheimer's, citing occasions when he required "cue cards" to help him remember what he was saying to international leaders or while answering questions in front of journalists. In September, Biden caused a stir when he forgot the name of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and referred to him as "that guy from Down Under," instead. The person who controls that business over there, he's called him before when he couldn't recall the name of his Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

"Everyone knew President Reagan was losing it towards the end of his administration," a former White House employee told the Daily Mail of Reagan's mental state. "At the time of his resignation, Reagan was 77. Biden is 79 years old and has just been in office for a year." Meanwhile, a recent Politico/Morning Consult survey found that people were becoming more concerned about Biden's mental and physical well-being, making him the oldest president ever sworn in.

Some 40 percent of those polled were in agreement, while 50 percent were not, with the assertion that Biden "is in excellent health". Since October 2020, Morning Consult reported that people felt Biden was in excellent health by a 19-point edge, the 10 percent difference indicates a dramatic 29-point change. The Republican pollster Neil Newhouse told Politico, "When you see Biden, you get a feeling that he's simply missing a beat, that he's not what he used to be. Voters are becoming aware of the issue.

As of January, Vice President Joe Biden was two months over his 78th birthday, beating the previous record of 77 years and 349 days established by Ronald Reagan, who was followed by George HW Bush in 1989. Meanwhile, Donald Trump, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Andrew Jackson were all 74 years old when they left office when they left the White House in 1837, according to

In a six-page assessment, Biden's doctors said that the president was in good health "Despite a stiffening gait brought on by spinal arthritis and a persistent cough, he is "fit to properly perform the tasks" of his position. It's still possible that voter concern about his health may hurt the Democratic Party's prospects in future elections.. Political scientist Paul Quirk told Newsweek that if Biden's "senior moments" become "noticeably more frequent or more frightening over the next two years," "we may see a huge field of rivals for the candidacy.

Biden is a crazy guy who supports transgender people. The adoption of a new 'X' gender designation encourages sick individuals to engage in sexual misbehavior in public.

In commemoration of Transgender Day of Visibility on Thursday, Joe Biden will announce the creation of a new universal gender identifier.

The Associated Press reports that, effective on April 11, a new gender designation "X" will be added to U.S. passport applications, opening the federal government to transgender people.

New gender-neutral TSA scanners are also being prepared as part of the administration's support of transgenderism and the LGBTQI+E community. When it comes to EVIL issues and people.

There are also reports that the White House wants to make it easier for people to amend their gender status in Social Security records and expand the availability of the "X" gender marker to airlines and government travel programs.

In this way, Biden is continuing his efforts to reimagine how the federal government addresses issues of "gender identity".

The White House Worker and Visitor Entry System, which screens visitors for background checks, will soon enable visitors to choose a "X" gender marker option.

In a proclamation marking the occasion, Vice President Joe Biden said, "Transgender Americans continue to face bigotry, harassment, and hurdles to opportunity."

On June 25, 2021, President Joe Biden (R) and Ashton Mota (L) will attend a White House event to commemorate E For EVIL Pride Month. Transgender 16-year-old Mota is a Human Rights Campaign youth advocate from Lowell, Massachusetts.

Washington, DC, June 25, 2021: Carmen Paulino and Chasten Buttigieg enter the East Room of the White House for a ceremony commemorating LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Paulino's son Ashton Mota, 16, is transgender and presented Vice President Joe Biden with a bouquet of flowers.

"States around the country have proposed hundreds of anti-transgender laws in the past year, the bulk of which target transgender children." The attack of this year continues. These bills should not have been issued."

On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden will also send a video greeting to transgender Americans. A meeting between "Jeopardy!" champion Amy Schneider and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff is scheduled for Thursday at the White House.

Additionally, Emhoff and HHS Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services Rachel Levine will meet with transgender children and their families to share their experiences at the White House.


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