Update: Fauci Admits “Plandemic Phase” Of COVID Is Over — Oops Little Big man Forgot To Tell King Biden

HNewsWire: "We are absolutely out of the pandemic phase in this nation right now," White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview with PBS Newshour.

"Specifically, we do not have 900,000 new infections every day, tens of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of fatalities." We are now at a low level."

"So, if you're wondering whether we're out of the epidemic phase in this nation, the answer is yes," he continued.

Is this the "Mission Accomplished" moment for Biden and Fauci?

But the rest of the globe isn't out of the woods yet...

"Pandemic" refers to a sickness that is prevalent across the globe and spreads swiftly among individuals, according to Fauci.

"So, looking at the worldwide picture, there's no question that this epidemic is still occurring."

Fauci also said earlier this month that COVID will never be "eradicated" and that "each person would have to make their own judgment of the degree of risk that they choose to incur."

According to Fauci, the best chance is to keep the coronavirus at low levels of transmission and to seek occasional immunizations.

Fauci's 'brave' call comes just days after The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that because so many people in the United States have contracted omicron and other strains of the coronavirus, nearly 60 percent of the population - and nearly 75 percent of children 11 and younger - now have antibodies to it in their blood.

There's only one little issue... no one informed The White House...

While Fauci and other technocrats may be loosening the chains temporarily, others have indicated that the push for new restrictions will return before winter, and given the 'outbreak' that appears to be ripping through Washington elites, nothing would surprise us less than attempts to reinstate restrictions - because they all worked so well last time and every time - for your own safety!

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