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By Edward O’Hara

A condensed history of the greatest deception the church has ever faced.

It is not an issue. According to Paul it is the issue. This message is a kind of pictorial essay explaining what Paul described as the falling away in 2Thes.2. And how you can be delivered from it. It all began for the church with the teachings of Augustine of Hippo. To be sure there were others before him that came to similar conclusions. But, it was through him that these beliefs would be codified to the Roman Catholic religion and the rest of what many call the church today. 

Augustine was an educated man who came along at just the right time, around 400 AD, to add some new idolatries to the idolatrous practices and beliefs of the harlot religion of Rome. Idolatries of the Greek philosophy he was trained in during his childhood. And the teachings of the Gnostic Manecheans he learned as a young man. It was from these basic ideas that the foundation of Augustine’s understand of the Bible was formed. An understanding which he ultimately brought to the Roman Catholic religion. Satan used him to make this lie her dogma like this-

Later using Augustine’s teachings for a foundation Martin Luther would become an Augustinian monk. And when the “reformation” came along, even though he wrote his 95 Theses he nailed to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church regarding his disagreements with Roman Catholic practices, he stayed faithful to her foundational doctrines by remaining faithful to the teachings of his mentor Augustine. 

Today Luther’s teachings along with Augustine’s are a staple in most seminaries and what is called the modern day church. Propagated by their adherence to a system of learning the Bible that they call “systematic theology”. A system made for the express purpose of forcing one to the same unBiblical conclusions Augustine reached. So by using Augustine’s teachings satan also tricked Luther into propagating this lie this way-

John Calvin, another student of Augustine, also formed his beliefs based upon the Roman Catholic religion’s foundational doctrine of original sin. Beliefs that like Luther’s and Augustine’s are a staple in much of what is called modern day christianity as well. Known today as Calvinism. So now it was Calvin’s turn to be used of satan to deceive those who will not hear sound doctrine like this-

Now with Augustine, Luther, and Calvin as mentors, modern christianity has become a mix of all of these. Satan tricking some into denying free will all together as Augustine and Calvin did. And some more recently he tricked to stay on the fence by developing the unBiblical notion of a sort of combination of free will and sin nature in operation in their doctrine. Causing them to oppose themselves and become captives of the devil as Paul stated in 2Tim.2:25,26. 

What all these cults have in common is the unwavering belief that men are condemned to hell by inheritance of Adam’s original sin. And a sin nature that governs men’s choices so it is impossible for men not to sin. Making works the means for how one is condemned or saved. A belief that is soundly refuted in the Bible. 

This has happened just as Paul said it would because they have heaped to themselves teachers that soothe their itching ears. Through a belief in a salvation by works that appeals to the flesh, rather than Paul’s teaching that justification is by the faith of Christ and not by works. 

Now you know from where the doctrine of original sin came. And how it has been propagated down through the ages by men who have not sought nor believed the council of God. And have instead turned away from the sound doctrine of the apostles. And have heaped to themselves false teachers who will soothe their itching ears. The doctrine of original sin is an excuse for sin. It can not offer deliverance from it. But, instead joins men so completely to sin only physical death can free them.

Will you come out of her? Will you turn from her “dainty meats”? Will you reject her lies so that you will not be partaker in her sins and plagues? If you will trust that it is solely because Jesus joined with you in your death that by faith in Him and His resurrection you can join with Him now in His eternal life, and confess Jesus as Lord, you will be delivered from this temptation. 

Paul said in 1Cor.10:13 that no temptation has taken you that is not common to man. And that God will not allow you to be tempted above that which you are able to bear. But, with the temptation God gives the way of escape for all who will receive it. That way of escape is to believe what the Bible plainly says regarding the sacrifice of Jesus. 

If you will escape the slavery of sin then pray with me now. 

Dear Jesus, thank you for delivering me from this temptation. Thank you for showing me the truth so that I can have eternal life. By confessing you as Lord. And believing that you have raised from the dead. A resurrection that conquered death and mortality for all who will believe in you. Thank you for saving me and showing me the truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

If you prayed with me then welcome to the family of God. And now when you read the Bible believe what it plainly says. Don’t add to it any pre conceived notions. And you will come to know the truth to be set free. 

See you there or in the air!


By Edward O’Hara

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