The Northeast Will Face Nat Gas Shortages This Winter, but the Government Will Not Restrict Nat Gas Supplies to Europe in Order to Protect Ukraine, Government Against the People, Tribulation

HNewsWire: It is vital for the blue state idiots to get what they voted for, which is an idiot president, an idiot vice president, and increased oil prices. They will not only pay greater heating costs, but also higher fuel and groceries costs. Continue to vote blue and suffer. Governor Abbott will also continue to send you more illegal immigrants to spend your money on. You voted for Biden and Harris, so don't blame them.

A major New England grid operator has indicated that it is preparing for a potential strain on the electrical grid due to a surge in natural gas demand that threatens to deplete supply.

The power grid operator in the northeastern United States, ISO New England, indicated that a particularly cold winter could cause blackouts owing to a paucity of natural gas suited for power generation, authorities told The Wall Street Journal on Oct. 17.

"What's occurring across the world and the enormous volatility in the markets are the most challenging aspects of this winter," Vamsi Chadalavada, ISO New England's chief operating officer, told the paper in an interview.

LS Power Development Vice President Nathan Hanson stated that his company is stockpiling oil in backup tanks in case the natural gas supply runs out.

"The grid is in a much tighter position overall," he told the news source. "If we get a protracted cold spell in New England this winter, we'll be in a situation very similar to what California was in this summer."

Thad Hill, CEO of Calpine Corp., a plant operator in the Northeastern region, said fuel supplies for the winter will be expensive, but he does not expect any power outages or system strain.

"The goal should be to put in place a market mechanism that is truly durable for all except the most extreme cases," he told the Journal.

According to the Energy Information Association's short-term energy outlook, which was released last week, wholesale prices at trade hubs would be 20% to 60% higher on average during the winter of 2022-23.

"The highest wholesale electricity prices are likely to be in New England due to potential natural gas pipeline constraints, reduced fuel inventories for power generation, and uncertainty regarding liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments given the tight global supply conditions," according to the agency.

There are no export restrictions.
Unnamed White House sources told Reuters earlier this month that there will be no bans or restrictions on natural gas exports this winter. The officials said they want to assist reduce European energy shortages caused by the Russia-Ukraine war and subsequent sanctions on Russian electricity.

Officials in the Biden administration are ready for the possibility that inflation-weary Americans will pay higher home-heating expenses this winter. Natural gas inventories, the country's major heating fuel, are at historically low levels after U.S. corporations sold record volumes to Europe in recent months to compensate for a reduction in supplies and higher prices for European power plants.

"And, as a result of the efforts we and our partners have taken, gas storage in Europe is much higher than it was last year." "There is still work to be done," one official remarked.

According to a recent analysis by the National Energy Assistance Directors Association, the average cost of home heating in the United States is predicted to climb 17.2 percent from last winter to $1,202, placing millions of low-income households at risk of falling behind on their energy bills (NEAD).

Air Conditioning
Temperatures in the Midwest and on the East Coast are expected to plunge this week as a mass of Arctic air descends on locations east of the Rocky Mountains.

Alerts, watches, and warnings issued by the National Weather Service as of October 16, 2022. (
"Much below average temperatures with morning frost/freeze conditions are forecast for much of the eastern United States for the first half of the week behind a strong cold front," the National Weather Service said in an Oct. 17 report. "Over the next few days, the Northwest will stay warmer than average due to the ongoing presence of upper-level high pressure, resulting in some record temperatures and pockets of wildfire smoke with hazardous air quality."

It's difficult to feel sorry for the entire upper east coast if this happens. They have no issue electing Warren, Sanders, and the other climate zealots up there. They will reap what they have sown.

ISO New England representatives did not reply to calls for comment by press time.


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