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By Edward O’Hara,

In what universe could Easter, supposedly the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, be celebrated almost a month apart from Passover? Why would anyone think it proper to separate the two events, this year by almost a month?

I must admit that I had not really considered this before. But, somehow this year it hit me that it just didn’t make any sense to have these events separated like this. As I had never before separated them in my own heart.

How can Jesus’ death and resurrection be separated by weeks? When the Bible plainly says they are separated by 3 days and nights? And are actually a memorial of the same events. But, for some reason the world does this even though the 2 are linked in the Bible as happening within this 3 day and night period of time.

And not only has the world separated them by almost a month this year. The world has separated them in such a way as to put the cart before the horse. By celebrating Jesus’ resurrection before the Biblical timing of His death represented in Passover.

“Good Friday” and “Easter” are not really Christian celebrations at all. Even though there are faithful people who do celebrate at this time in remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

They are creations of a group of people that wanted to separate the Jewish people from their messiah. Because of a deliberate distortion of the Biblical meaning concerning Israel about what is God’s chosen people.

There were many of them. But, of note was emperor Constantine who after legalizing “Christianity” declared open season on the Jews. The most significant ruling to change Jewish-Christian relations was Constantine’s desire to separate “Easter” from Passover on the fourteenth of Nissan, which never should have been done.

He wrote a vile letter to the council defaming the Jewish people and their practice of Passover. His tone was shamefully anti-Judaic, and I include only a small portion:

“We ought not, therefore, to have anything in common with the Jews. We desire, dearest brethren, to separate ourselves from the detestable company of the Jews. It is your duty not to tarnish your soul by communications with such wicked people.” The Jews.

And later Augustine, the patron saint of replacement theology, would influence all of Roman Catholicism. As well as his students John Calvin, and Martin Luther who was an Augustinian monk, in the reformation.

But, none of these, or any of their twenty-first century counterparts, can stop God’s prophetic purposes for Israel with their lies.

The Jewish remembrance of Passover is a celebration that commemorates the passing over by the death angel of the houses in Egypt upon which had been placed a lamb’s blood on the doorposts. And the death that this angel caused for those in the houses whose doorposts were not anointed in such a way.

And according to the gospel accounts Jesus’ death AND resurrection happened during this Passover week. A week wherein there would be the sacrificing of lambs that were representative of Jesus’ final once for all sacrifice. A sacrifice for which Jesus gave Himself to bring an end to the law so that Israel would no longer be shut up unto the faith. Sacrifices done by Jews at the very same time Jesus was being crucified.

In Mt.26:2 Jesus said, “Ye know that after two days is the feast of the passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.” So this is why Jesus’ death and resurrection are inextricably linked to the time of Passover.

So why now are they divided by almost a month? The answer is because the Jews were involved in the murderer of Jesus, the RCC has considered them too vile for Christians to have anything to do with since the days of Constantine. And because of this it is her belief that Jews have been cast aside by God and therefore have forfeited their Old Covennat position as His chosen people.

This created for them a need to separate her “Christian” Jesus from the Jewish Passover celebration. Making the celebration of Easter a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. And relegating Passover to just a relic of Jewish ritual as a reminder of her former glory days. When God fought for them by sending the death angel to bring death to the households that would not comply with His instructions to paint the doorposts with the blood of a lamb.

Saying God fights for the Jews no more as His chosen people. Because she says she has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people. Taking for themselves the blessings God bestowed upon national Israel. Because the Jews murdered their messiah by nailing Jesus to a cross.

So this is why the Jewish Passover and the RCC’s Easter are celebrated as separate events. And why all who truly trust in Jesus must not recognize them as separate.

Because as we see in Mt.26 Jesus Himself said they are inextricably linked by that 3 day period that happened almost 2,000 years ago. To make them necessarily linked in our hearts so that we see the shadow and its substance Paul spoke of all through his letter to the Hebrews. In the fulfillment of Passover through both Christ’s death, and His resurrection.

This is why I have waited till now to give this message about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Because it was at this time the Passover lamb was sacrificed. And not at the earlier date this year that was celebrated by the world as Easter.

Never mind the fact that the word Easter comes from the worship of the pagan goddess known as Ishtar. A celebration marked by rabbits and eggs in remembrance of her pagan festivals that included orgies and everything having to do with fertility.

This too is why as the authentic body of Christ we who have believed in His death and resurrection must never separate it from the the Biblical time of Passover. Because Jesus’ death and resurrection is the fulfillment of the Passover event the Jews went through during their time of slavery under the Egyptians.

A time representative of her slavery to sin that would for many years thereafter be exemplified by her being under the law. Law that was a constant reminder of sin. By the repeated sacrifices required under that law. That were meant to be offered for both forgiveness, and as a constant reminder of the condemnation and death because of those sins defined by the law, that the law brings to them that are subject to it.

So this is why the Jew needed Jesus to fulfill her Passover rmemberance. To deliver them from the law(Rom.7:6) of condemnation and death(2Cor.3:7). So that their conscience could be purged from those dead works to serve the living God(Heb.9:14) that they were required to constantly perform while under the law.

During this dispensation it is only by this deliverance that the Jew can be set free from sin to have eternal life. Not because the law is against the promises of God. But, because the law was never given for that purpose as Gal.3:21 plainly says; “there was never a law given that could give life”.

Because the purpose of the law for Israel was to preserve them as a people through whose bloodline the Messiah could come. And not so they could attain eternal life by their keeping of the law. This is why in Gal.2:16 Paul said “… for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified”.

Not because they could not keep it. Because according to the Bible many Israelites kept the law blamelessly as is plainly shown in Luke1:5,6 and Job1 and Phil.3:6. The only reason the law can not justify the flesh is because this was never the purpose for which the law was given.

So in our celebrations of Passover and what the world calls Easter, let us remember that the 2 are inextricably linked. Not just in our hearts. But, also in time. Happening within the same 3 day period as Jesus’ death and resurrection.

So that we see both the shadow, and the substance which is Christ, as the reason that now the death that Heb.2:14 tells us has held men in bondage through the fear of it, has been conquered by Jesus’ resurrection. So that it now passes over those who have believed in Jesus. All at the same time in history.

Not separate in our hearts. But, joined as one in time so that we will always consider them to be one and the same. That through death Jesus brought an end to Israel’s slavery to sin that was by the law(1Cor.15:56). And through His resurrection conquered death for all mankind by raising from the dead in victory over the devil who held the power of death. When we believe in Him and His resurrection.

Have you believed in Jesus, but in your mind have separated Passover from His resurrection? If so, then you need to make the adjustment to think Biblically about these things. You must know that as the death and resurrection of Christ are linked by a period of 3 days and nights. So too is the Passover to be included within this same period of time.

And if you will know this then by confessing the Lord Jesus, and believing in your heart that He has raised from the dead, you shall be saved. And the purpose of Passover and resurrection will fulfill in you its true purpose.

So that once being dead and in trespasses and sins. You are now set free from the power of sin to worship and serve the true and living God. Our Creator Jesus.

The one who loves us so much that He became a man so that He could join with us in our mortality. That through death He could bring an end to the law for Israel. And give power to a New Covenant through which all men might be saved. By His resurrection that conquered death to make the way for mankind to follow Him into eternal life and immortality.

If you will trust in Jesus you will have eternal life now. By a spirit God creates in you that joins you to Him for all eternity. And in the resurrection you will have immortality. Such is the way in this dispensation for all men to be saved.

If you will do this then you will have eternal life. If you will do this then you will have immortality at the resurrection. If you will do this then you will be a child of God and heir to His kingdom. If you will do this… then I will see you there or in the air!

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