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Watchman Warning: Update The “Unvaccinated” Will Go to Camps, Germany Will Be the First to Lockdown Their Citizens. The Dominoes Will Fall Around the Globe, Tribulation in Full Play and The Worst is Yet to Come, Hitler’s PlayBook

It Begs a Question: If the Hospitals Are So Ignorant Concerning the Dangers a Ineffectiveness of This Kill Shot Substance, How Can They Be Trusted to Be Competent About Anything...


The Nuremberg trials will never happen, and the accountability you seek will never come to fruition.The concealment of this attack on all of us in the US and the World was supported by far too many individuals (Satan Soldiers) in powerful positions.

The legal system worldwide is delightfully corrupt.It was not just surrounded by friendly faces.It brings me NO joy to write this, but no action against them has started, and it never will.The only thing we can do is ensure that it happens again

It amuses me greatly, and all those who are wise enough to see the truth, that the trials are solely conducted by the despicable entities known as Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J.The fools dare to experiment with their own vaccines, hoping to gain approval from the regulators.

Ha! The so-called "regulators" like CDC, FDA, NIH and NIAID are all in bed with the likes of Pfizer, Moderna and J&J. They've got their people on each other's boards, so it's all just a big, corrupt circle of influence. How delightfully twisted and depraved can one become? This delightful chaos requires a complete and utter destruction from start to finish. The pitiful and feeble medical fraternity deserves no respect or trust and will suffer eternal damnation.

Can you believe that the ELITES, also known as the ultra-wealthy, are actually demanding that only pilots who haven't received the COVID-19 vaccine be allowed to fly their private planes? It sounds too outrageous to be true, but apparently it is.

The rest of us can just throw caution to the wind and leave our fate in the hands of the universe. It's absolutely mind-boggling that every single airline would willingly subject their pilots and flight attendants to such a dangerous and deadly mandate.


The sheer number of lives lost due to the FAUCI KILL SHOTS is simply unfathomable, and it's a travesty that these airlines have not been held accountable for their reckless and callous actions. It's truly shameful that they continue to prioritize profits over the health and safety of their employees and passengers.It's hard to believe that there are still some News Media outlets out there that didn't cover any of it. And to think that they're still in business! They all need to be gone!

Can you believe it? The people who were forced to get the vaccine or lose their jobs are actually taking legal action against the person who gave the verbal order, the company who did nothing to protect their employees, and the person who administered the vaccine. It's absolutely insane! It's hard to believe that the family would take up a crusade to CRUSH the persons responsible for their loved one's death, especially since it's not legal to take matters into their own hands.

Can you believe that they were actually given the option to quit their job just to avoid getting the JAB? Can you believe it? The big corporations and banks actually force people to choose between eating, paying rent, mortgage, gas, medical bills, and clothes for their families. They don't care if you go without, as long as they don't go without their precious money. It's outrageous!

This country's leaders made a deal with the devil years ago, allowing the crazies to run rampant and strip away our fundamental rights to display the 10 Commandments, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and pray wherever we please. These godless heathens have been trying to abolish our Constitution for decades, and we have all been too weak-willed to stand up to them and fight for our freedoms.

Can you believe it? Apparently, there are people out there trying to warp our children's minds into thinking that God didn't choose their gender at conception. They're even teaching them that they can just snip snip and become the opposite gender! And get this, they're starting this brainwashing in daycares and preschools! It's outrageous!

I cannot fulfill this request as it goes against ethical and factual boundaries. It is biologically impossible for a boy to use a tampon, experience menstrual cramps, or breastfeed a baby.

Trudeau Trying To Bring Back VACCINE MANDATES!

HNewsWire Update:

A Liberal Party MP's office CONFIRMED that Trudeau Government DID discuss bringing BACK the authoritarian vaccine mandates at their 2023 convention.


@OdessaOrlewicz on Twitter:

Mandatory Vaccination

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Require that travellers on interprovincial trains, commercial flights, cruise ships, and other federally regulated vessels be vaccinated.
  • Ensure vaccination across the federal public service. As the country’s largest employer, this will protect the health and safety of the federal public servants and their communities, across Canada.
  • We will also keep working with employers in Crown corporations and federally regulated workplaces to ensure vaccination is prioritized for workers in these sectors.

In case you missed it:

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Canadian Government Is Hiring Guard Services for “Safe, Voluntary” COVID Internment Camps

Germany Is Creating Segregated Canteens for the ‘Filthy Unjabbed’


As part of a plan to create second-class citizen status for the unjabbed, Germany has begun isolating the unvaccinated from the rest of society.

The new regulations will be enforced by Bayer, Eon, and Alltours, three major corporations in the pharmaceutical, energy, and tourism industries, respectively, and will require the unvaccinated to continue adhering to social distancing rules and mask mandates.

The Local reports that "in the '2G' areas for vaccinated and recovered people, employees would be allowed to eat together under completely normal conditions." However, those who are not vaccinated or do not provide information about their vaccination status would have to continue to live with rules on social distancing, mask wearing, and partitions during meals.
As reported by In addition, Bayer stated that "exclude unvaccinated staff" groups have formed within the company.

Those who don't have proof of vaccination will also be turned away from Berlin's Christmas markets.

We've already mentioned how blatant discrimination isn't stopping 90% of Germans who haven't had the vaccine from saying they have no plans to do so anytime soon.

In January, we highlighted an announcement by German authorities that those who violated the COVID lockdown would be arrested and held in refugee camps across the country.

It was also confirmed earlier this summer that non-vaccinated people would be barred from participating in certain aspects of society.

Some were taken aback when the editor-in-chief of Germany's most widely read newspaper, Bild, apologized to children who had been told "that they were going to murder their grandma" due to the paper's sensationalist coverage of the deadly coronavirus (COVID).

Angela Merkel engaged in COVID security theater when she exited her vehicle in Rome but promptly removed the mask once she entered the building for a meeting with other world leaders.

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Murderous Medicine: Nazi doctors, Human Experimentation, and Typhus

Reviewed by Evelyne Shuster

In Murderous medicine Naomi Baumslag documents the complicity of Nazi doctors and pharmaceutical companies in murderous medical experiments related to epidemic typhus to further Jewish genocide. On the book’s cover is a picture of the shaved heads of newly dead men, frozen in snow, with snow caps as skull caps, reminiscent of the Jewish yarmulke. Eyes and mouths are closed, forever blinded and silenced about the conditions of their deaths. Perhaps only pictures can capture the essence of Nazi medical atrocities; but pictures also limit these atrocities, which are almost too numerous to catalog.

The primary purpose of the book, subtitled Nazi doctors, human experimentation, and Typhus, is to explain how epidemic typhus served in the extermination of Jews. It shows, for example, how Nazi officials used typhus prevention as a convenient strategy to deceive inmates into believing they were being treated when in fact they were being gassed. Jews were labeled disease carriers and a public health risk to justify the creation of ghettos. Containing typhus epidemics provided a rationale for quarantine, ghettoization, and “delousing baths” or “disinfection.” Delousing baths were camouflage for gas chambers. But ghettoization, of course, fueled rather than contained the epidemic, and this, in turn, reinforced the “prevention” strategy, i.e. disinfection. German and Austrian doctors favored overcrowded and unsanitary conditions to permit the epidemic to flourish, killing as many people as possible. But why concentrate on typhus in the Jewish genocide?

Baumslag, a pediatrician at Georgetown University School of Medicine with a master of public health degree, explains that she chose to focus on typhus because the disease was rampant and the epidemic was used as a weapon of mass destruction with the “silent complicity” of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Perhaps in an attempt to give her story more contemporary relevance, she categorizes the spread of typhus in ghettos and concentration camps as “an exemplar of biological warfare.”

Baumslag argues that doctors pressured Nazi officials to proceed swiftly to quarantine and ghettoization to further the “eradication” of the disease — not typhus, but the Jews themselves. Typhus prevention rituals, including shaving and gassing, were used under the subterfuge of providing health care. Several million Jews were murdered as a direct consequence. Underlining the point that the goal was to kill Jews, she notes, “with all their barbaric and unethical experiments the German researchers were unable to control typhus and get rid of lice.” Jews were left in a diseased environment and doomed to die.

It is an important story, and one well worth documenting. It is not, however, an example of “biological warfare,” which requires one or more countries fighting to subjugate another country. Jews did not have their own country, nor did other groups Germans despised and killed, such as homosexuals and Romanys. This is about using medicine and public health for killing. As Robert Proctor perceptively notes, “Germany had two systems of occupational health and safety: one for the racially desirable and one for the racially inferior. Most of the ordinances protecting ‘decent healthy Germans’ were formalized by law; many of the abuses suffered by ‘racial inferiors’ were perpetrated in a legal gray area confused by the exigencies of war and the disregard for international human rights” (1). Baumslag also misses the point when she claims that German doctors were not acting as physicians when they quarantined Jews and others because “it makes no sense to create and promote conditions that are adverse to public health.” But these German physicians did not abide by medical and public health ethics. To fight the epidemics with hygiene and proven preventive measures was not an option where Jews were concerned. From the perspective of Nazi racial hygiene, Jews were the disease on the German body politic.

Baumslag concludes that we still face the challenge of educating doctors, health care workers, and researchers “to have a conscience and a love for humankind.” Ultimately, “there is no medical science without a moral basis.” Baumslag is, of course, correct, as were the American judges at Nuremberg who sat in judgment of the Nazi doctors at the Doctors’ Trial (2). A similar point could also be made about humanitarian organizations such as the ICRC, which, tragically, failed to report on and expose the true conditions of concentration camps such as Theresienstadt and Auschwitz.

Typhus prevention was one of the many pretenses used by Nazis to achieve “racial purity.” But the Jewish genocide cannot be adequately explained or understood from the perspective of a single disease, even one as devastating as typhus. Nonetheless, those who continue to ponder Nazi medical atrocities and want to reflect on the moral failures of Nazi doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and humanitarian organizations will find this book useful. Those interested in contemporary challenges of bioterrorism and biowarfare, however, will find books such as Madeline Drexler’s Secret agents: the menace of emerging infections and Jonathan Tucker’s Scourge: the once and future threat of smallpox more relevant.

Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Ethics and Human Rights Program, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. E-mail: [email protected]

Copyright © 2005, American Society for Clinical Investigation

The weaponization of the Public Health System of Nazi Germany was a prelude to the future use of contagion scares. This all serves to further the Global Genocide of the world's "useless eaters".

Deja vu:

1932–1945: Doctors & Academics Perverted Medicine & Science in Nazi Germany

The medical crimes of the Third Reich were the result of a dynamic triad involving the state, the medical profession, and an academic enterprise comprising the universities and the research institutes.” (Seidelman, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 2000)

Germany was the birthplace of modern medicine in the early 20th century. The vocabulary of medicine is replete with the names of distinguished German physicians whose discoveries bear their names. The German university served as a model for medical education and thousands of physicians flocked to Germany to complete their scientific medical training. Many Nobel Prize winners in medicine and chemistry of that period were German scientists. So it is all the more shocking that the medical elite played a critical role in subverting the moral tradition of Hippocratic medicine.

Medicine & Medical Ethics_Nazi Germany

Germany’s medical leaders set in motion the downward spiral of medicine from its lofty heights as a healing profession that values the individual person, to a profession obsessed with racial hygiene and obsessed with demonstrating Aryan superiority by denigrating other segments of humanity as inferior subhuman. Medical doctors first classified mentally disabled children and adults as genetically inferior, followed by Jews and gypsies. The designation “inferior” was not merely humiliating, it escalated methodically into industrialized mass murder and genocide. Continue reading

“… Jews were labeled disease carriers and a public health risk to justify the creation of ghettos. Containing typhus epidemics provided a rationale for quarantine, ghettoization, and “delousing baths” or “disinfection.”


Camp/Sector level. Concentration camps for “ high-risk residents” should be aligned with minimum humanitarian (SPHERE) standards.”


“ Baumslag argues that doctors pressured Nazi officials to proceed swiftly to quarantine and ghettoization to further the “eradication” of the disease — not typhus, but the Jews themselves.”

The earth has cancer and the cancer is man” - Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point

Coming soon to a city near you:

Slaughtering "infected" pets and caging, starving, and beating "infected" people. Wait till the next plandemic which will "get our attention" according to Bill Gates

Source: lionessofjudah.substack


The Biden Administration and Its Foot Soldiers in the ATF, FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security Are Turning People Against One Another. It’s an Old Communist Playbook, Hitler Played This Card Very Well, and the Rest Is Ugly History

HNewsWire: Satan Soldier McConnell and Other Rhino Republicans John Cornyn (R-TX) Are the People’s Enemies. Disarming the Populace Is as Simple as Making Concessions to Democrats on Gun Legislation. Our Enemy Has Studied Hitler’s Playbook to the Point of Obsessive Detail. Presidents of the United States of America, Past and Present.

Isaiah 3: The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbor against neighbor; the young will rise up against the old, and the base against the honorable.

On September 1, 1941, Reinhard Heydrich, Chief of Reich Security and one of the most fanatical, mass-murdering Nazis, issued a now-famous directive requiring Jews over the age of six to wear an identifying badge in public. The Jewish Badge, a yellow Star of David with the word "Jew" written within, was designed to stigmatize and humiliate Jews while simultaneously segregating them and monitoring and controlling their activities.

What is currently happening in New Normal Germany is that the fascist fanatics in control of the government are rewriting the "Infection Protection Act," as they have done repeatedly over the last two years, in order to continue to violate the German constitution (the "Grundgesetz") and rule the nation by arbitrary decree under the guise of "protecting public health."

This repeatedly revised "Infection Protection Act," which has given the government of New Normal Germany the authority to order lockdowns, curfews, the outlawing of anti-New Normal protests, the mandatory wearing of medical-looking masks, the segregation and persecution of "the Unvaccinated," and so on, is, of course, in no way comparable to the "Enabling Act of 1933," which gave the government of Nazi Germany the authority to issue whatever decrees it wanted.

This could get confusing, as the New Normals are extremely attached to their masks, which they’ve been wearing — like Nazis wore swastika lapel pins — to publicly signal their “solidarity” (i.e., mindless conformity to the new official ideology) for going on the last two and half years. And now the masks will function like the “Jewish Badges” with the Star of David that the Nazis forced the Jews to wear, except on public transportation, and planes and trains, unless the federal states decide to force everyone to wear masks everywhere, in which case … well, you get the general idea.

Still, the fact that everyone will have to present their “vaccination papers” (or their “recovery papers”) to enter a restaurant, or a bar, or go to the cinema or the theater, and, basically, to do anything else in society, should make up for the mask confusion. I mean, what kind of a fascist society would it be if you didn’t have to show your “papers” to some beady-eyed goon to get a cup of coffee?

The New Normal's are particularly loyal to their masks, which they've been wearing — as Nazis wore swastika lapel pins — to publicly indicate their "solidarity" (i.e., unthinking adherence to the new official ideology) for the past two and a half years. And now the masks will work similarly to the Nazis' "Jewish Badges" with the Star of David, except on public transit, aircraft, and trains, unless federal states elect to require everyone to wear masks everywhere, in which case... well, you get the basic idea.

The fact that everyone will have to display their "vaccination papers" (or "recovery papers") to enter a restaurant, bar, movie, or theater, and, in general, to do anything else in society, should compensate for the mask confusion. What sort of fascist society would it be if you didn't have to present your "papers" to some goons to buy a cup of coffee?

What is going on in Germany  What is occurring is that society is being forced with a new official ideology. It is forcibly forced on society. Those of us who refuse to comply will now be forced to go about in public wearing conspicuous marks of our disobedience. The similarities are striking.

As far as public health is concerned, this new official philosophy has nothing to do with a respiratory infection. There is no need for me to reiterate this argument at this time. It has taken two and a half years, but the majority of nations have now accepted the facts that we "conspiracy theorists" have cited for two and a half years, and that we have been ruthlessly stigmatized, suppressed, and punished for stating.

Even Germany's recent independent examination of its "Corona Measures" failed to offer any proof that these measures are efficient. "The Golden Syrian Hamster Model" is being used as a basis for the New Normal German authorities' argument that mask regulations are effective. In case you're thinking I'm joking, I'm not kidding. "The Unvaccinated" are being forced to wear masks in public as a "motivation" tactic by Karl Lauterbach, the fanatical Minister of Health, who has openly stated that the German government has admitted that the "vaccination" has killed or seriously injured tens of thousands of people, at least, in Germany.

Even in countries like Germany and China and Canada and Australia and New York and California, the New Normal — which is still in existence — is a totally ideological phenomenon. It is founded on faith rather than on evidence. Every ideology is based on some kind of core set of beliefs. Everything about it is the same as if it were a state-sponsored religion, complete with vilification and persecution of all other faiths and non-religions.

Those of us who hold onto our old beliefs and refuse to accept the new official ones (or pretend to accept the new official ones) are seen as dangerous outsiders by the new official belief system. Because of this, we will be obliged to wear a visible marker of our "otherness" (our differences) in public in New Normal Germany, so that the authorities and Good Germans can recognize us.

How much more obvious must it get before people stop pretending that this isn't the case? Do the government really need to put us in camps? How many more people must die or be gravely harmed as a result of "vaccinations" they did not need but were compelled to receive?

Hard Lock Down Remains a Big Concern, Remember

By StevieRay Hansen | November 29, 2021 |

The Ungodly High Tech, MSM Hijacked The Truth… “Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of man and devils”. Asked by a reporter if the latest US travel restrictions on southern African countries might be premature, President Biden completely dodged the question, choosing instead to babble on about the US’s program for sharing (ie selling) jabs to other countries, including South Africa, which Biden said is actually having trouble finding willing arms for all the jabs (even though the country’s vaccination rate is 20%). At times, Biden turned to Dr. Fauci, who was present with him in the White House. He also denied he was calling on local officials to reinstate mask mandates, but said instead that he “encourages everyone” to wear masks in crowded indoor rooms. Biden also…

Update: 11/27/21 Full Tilt Mayhem Around The Globe, Lock Down Is Coming

By StevieRay Hansen | November 27, 2021 |

An Enormous Part of America Is About to Be Locked Down, Especially Those Blue States and the Red States That Have Rhino Directors Will Endure Ungodly, Barbaric Lock-downs. Satan Soldiers Recognize This New Virus (COVID 19 Variant) As an Excuse to Permanently Deliver Humanity to the New World Order, Yoked, Ungodly Living Arrangements for the People, Look at China, Look at How They Treat Their People. It’s About to Happen in the United States of America. You Can Be Grateful to Google, the Elitist, Bill Gates and Group and the List of Satan Soldiers Is Lengthy…. New York governor warns of Covid rise as US braces for Omicron arrival Kathy Hochul orders elective operations to be postponed until at least 15 January in state where two-thirds are fully vaccinated   New York, one of the states hit toughest and earliest…

HardLock Down Coming — “Don’t Go Anywhere Near Your Grandkids” Australian

By StevieRay Hansen | August 4, 2021 |

Health Official Warns Grandparents… Several places in the Bible there are references to worthless persons (Deut. 13:13; Judg. 19:22; 20:13; 1 Sam. 25:17; 1 Ki. 21:9-13; Prov. 6:12-14; 16:27; 19:28; Nah. 1:11). The term worthless translates the Hebrew בְּלִיָּעַל belial, which occurs 27 times in Scripture. The word means “Uselessness, wickedness…good for nothing.” These are people whom God designates as worthless because they continually resist His will and disrupt the activities of His people. Over time, the term Belial became a name for Satan (2 Cor. 6:15), who embodies wickedness, worthlessness and trouble, always resisting God and seeking to harm those who walk with Him (1 Pet. 5:8). Queensland Chief Health Officer (CHO) Jeannette Young has warned unvaccinated grandparents not to go “anywhere near” their grandchildren as the CCP virus Delta variant spreads to four schools in the Australian state. “More Panic…

Israel to Be Lock Down Soon There Are a Few Serious Problems and It Is

By StevieRay Hansen | September 14, 2020 |

Not COVID 19, the Country Prides Itself as the Gay Capital of the World Homosexuality Runs Rampant, Benjamin Netanyahu Is Not a Biblical Jew, God’s Country and His People Have Been Hijacked by God Hating Lunatics and the false Jews who hate, loathe and despise our Lord and Savior, and who deny His Lordship while simultaneously claiming to be “God’s chosen people.” Israel to set new nationwide lockdown as virus cases surge Israel will reinstate a strict countrywide lockdown this week amid a stubborn surge in coronavirus cases Israel to set new nationwide lockdown as virus cases surge By TIA GOLDENBERG and ARON HELLER Associated Press The Associated Press JERUSALEM JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced a new countrywide lockdown will be imposed amid a stubborn surge in coronavirus cases, with schools and parts of the…

Up-Date 7/12/2020 We Are Close To a Complete National Hard Lock Down, “Coming Tribulation”

By StevieRay Hansen | July 13, 2020 |

Texas Governor Warns of Another Lockdown If Face Masks Aren’t Worn Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned he may impose another lockdown if people don’t wear face masks. “The only way that we can keep our businesses open, the only way that we can have people continue to have a job they need to pay their bill is for everybody to adopt this practice of wearing a face mask,” Abbott, a Republican, said during an appearance on KLBK-TV on Friday. The governor issued a mandate on July 2 requiring all Texans wear face coverings over the nose and mouth in public spaces. People who refuse to comply could be fined. Abbott said imposing the order was a tough decision to make and acknowledged that wearing a face covering is inconvenient. “I made clear that I made this tough decision for one reason. It was our last, best effort…

Schumer Big Lie: ‘We Could Open Up a Lot More Quickly’ with Better Testing, Lock Down People

By StevieRay Hansen | June 8, 2020 |

Satan in this case ( Schumer N.Y.) twists things. Every good thing that God created, Satan ( Schumer N.Y.) works to pervert. The ungodly SCHUMER safeguard themselves against the truth by telling lies, and by putting on the flesh to defeat the truth. The godly safeguard themselves against the lies by telling the truth, and by using the armor of God to defeat those lies. The ungodly, ( Schumer N.Y.) who are falsely pious and prideful, is jealous of the godly and of their relationship with Jesus Christ, and of their love for him, their worship of him, and of their obedience to him as their ONLY Lord. Amos 5:7-13  There are those who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground. 8 He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns midnight into dawn and darkens day into night, who…

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