Trump Hand-Picked by God Attack From Every Angle Imaginable and His Enemies


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Have Been Put to Shame Every Time…

By Trapper —

Since Trump has been president it seems he’s done nothing but fight attacks directed at him from the Judas media, yet he still carries on business as usual I will take him as a man whose strength comes from his belt of truth and his shield of righteousness  (1).

In an article I discovered this morning (2) it shows again outside countries trying to take us down. Seems to be acts of war but no one can say it. It’s my opinion that since the Covid panic arrived just in time to shut down Easter and Church I saw it as an attack on Christians and family life. A way to weaken and create fear from within the home in the elderly and children alike up through all levels of living and daily life. People weakened with fear and were taught to stay away don’t even look at someone but look at the ground and the intended result was to forget our christian values (3). I broke down the numbers delivered by WHO and immediately saw there were no numbers to worry me nor anyone else for that matter. It was all part of the design of the declared pandemic but the world fell right in line, self imprisoned themselves and ceased to function.  So it became time to look at WHO and to me it was crystal clear that we were under attack from the UN. In reality this has been going on since before Trump and you readers may remember when those refugees  from the Congo showed up in Del Rio, Texas (4)?  How can those poor people get to the Rio Grande. Well me and a friend could not figure the cost in getting here from the Congo but maybe yall can but the answer I thought I found came from, UN’s migration and development (6) oddly enough I bumped into a guy that his best friend in Del Rio was a bus driver shuffling those Congo Refugees around, Bracketville, Carrizo Springs etc. After a period of time those people were then hauled to San Antonio to make room for the next batch. You readers realize they were not tested for ebola or any disease nor required to wear a mask and have mixed with all sorts of US citizens. Remember we were working on a figure for the expense in getting the refugees from the Congo to the Rio Grande I presume the economy route, keep working on those numbers, feed daily, not lacking for clothes as a matter of fact those on the news seemed to be sporting new stuff. Well it’s not really gonna matter what the expense was, it wasn’t us that funded the migration just the upkeep, but that chess move was funded and never discussed by the powers that be. Much to my surprise the UN ran out of money during this deal (6) and teamed up with China. Go figure right. (7) After that mafia deal they came up with the idea of milking the world all this good work (8).

  (9) (“Behold, cI am coming like a thief! dBlessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, ethat he may not go about naked and be seen exposed!”)

(10)  Behold the lord make the earth empty

I hope this will bring clarity to a foggy situation, we do have evil enemies  working against us and it began before Covid. I think its time we say a prayer that Trump has Gods strength, wisdom and shelter in the days to come.

Author: Trapper






5.  &






Author: Trapper

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. C. S. Lewis

The World Is In Big Trouble, for Those That Believe We Will Go Back to Some Sense of Normal Life Here on Earth, You Will Be Sadly Disappointed, Seven Years of Hell on Earth Which Began January 1, 2020

“Our courts oppose the righteous, and justice is nowhere to be found. Truth stumbles in the streets, and honesty has been outlawed” (Isa. 59:14, NLT)…We Turned Our Backs On GOD, Now We Have Been Left To Our Own Devices, Enjoy…

While Mainstream Media Continues to Push a False Narrative, Big Tech Has Keep the Truth From Coming out by Shadow Banning Conservatives, Christians, and Like-Minded People, Those Death Attributed to the Coronavirus Is a Result of Those Mentioned, They Truly Are Evil…

Source: HNewsWire ZeroHedge HNewsWire ZeroHedge

Do Not Post HNewsWire Articles on Parler, Gab, Face Book, Reddit, Gettr or Twatter Social Media Platform, We Are Not Comfortable With Their Anti-Christian — Anti-American Nazi Philosophy…Stevieray Hansen

StevieRay Hansen

[email protected]
Watchmen does not confuse truth with consensus The Watchmen does not confuse God’s word with the word of those in power…

In police-state fashion, Big Tech took the list of accused (including this site), declared all those named guilty and promptly shadow-banned, de-platformed or de-monetized us all without coming clean about how they engineered the crushing of dissent, Now more than ever big Tech has exposed there hand engaging in devious underhanded tactics to make the sinister look saintly, one of Satan’s greatest weapons happens to be deceit…

The accumulating death toll from Covid-19 can be seen minute-by-minute on cable news channels. But there’s another death toll few seem to care much about: the number of poverty-related deaths being set in motion by deliberately plunging millions of Americans into poverty and despair.

American health care, as we call it today, and for all its high-tech miracles, has evolved into one of the most atrocious rackets the world has ever seen. By racket, I mean an enterprise organized explicitly to make money dishonestly.

All the official reassurances won’t be worth a bucket of warm spit. The Global s are behind the Corona-virus, It Is a Man-Made Bio-weapon.


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