US Supermarkets Are Running Low on Produce Ahead of Easter; It’s All Part of DC’s Biden Plan. Obama’s Plandemic Hell on Earth, Tribulation Cometh


According to Bloomberg, more than a hundred million dollars' worth of Mexican produce is stranded at the US-Mexico border owing to a trucker blockage on the Mexican side over Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's new border search policy. Some US stores may be left without product ahead of the Easter weekend as a result of the interruption.

Abbott's contentious truck-inspection program sparked outrage among Mexican truckers, who shut down the Reynosa International Bridge, one of the busiest commerce crossings in the Rio Grande Valley and a major source of fresh vegetables. According to the Washington Examiner, the bridge was forced to reopen Thursday after drug cartel members set fire to numerous vehicles.

Nonetheless, the port of entry into the United States looks to be congested.

According to the Texas International Produce Association (TIPA), around $150 million in fruit and vegetable coming to the US has been delayed at the bridge, potentially delaying supplies of avocados, broccoli, peppers, strawberries, and tomatoes to US retailers.

"Ahead of the Easter weekend, customers may notice store shelves empty of specific commodities," TIPA CEO Dante L. Galeazzi said.

Abbott ordered last week that commercial vehicles from Mexico be subjected to a second round of drug-sniffing by state police. Truckers were enraged with the governor because transit time at the port of entry had been significantly delayed. As a result, they eventually barred access to the bridge on the Mexican side early this week, halting circulation on both sides.

The threat of impending food shortages is so serious that Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has warned that avocado prices might skyrocket to $5 per pound. There's also a chance that certain stores' food sections may be vacant.

To put this in perspective, the United States imports over half of its veggies and 40% of its fruit from Mexico. The United States relies significantly on Mexican commodities. At the border, the vulnerability of the United States' food supply systems might be stressed.



Once Again Our Elected Officials Have Lied to the American People They Absolutely Know the Food Chain is Broken, Yet They Continue to Put Lipstick on a Pig in Order to Keep the Masses Calm…

You do not have much time left before the items you can grab now are gone and gone for good. Here are some tips for shopping when there aren’t many supplies left on the shelves, and here’s a list of things that are usually imported from China that we haven’t been receiving in the same quantities (if at all) since the crisis began.

Many of the readers of this website will be prepared, no doubt, but others won’t. Not only do we advise you to prepare – but we also advise you to be ready for the unprepared.

The Plandemic Has Been Designed to Make Society Suffer. They Know If They Crush Society, They Will Be Able to Implement the New World Order. The Alternative Would Be FEMA Food Lines.

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