Watchman’s Update: As WEF Begins, Their BS Is Always in Our Face, Proving That WEF Is Evil. Dark Davos: Escort Services “Completely Booked” These Guys Are the Enemies of Humanity, and It Is Not Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

HNewsWire Update:

by Tyler Durden

Just when you thought you had heard it all...

This lady (we are presuming she/they is/are a lady) - who looks like she has not missed a meal in her life - explains - with no sense of irony or shame - that farming the land, fishing for food, and worse still 'making money' is now on par with mass murder or genocide.

Jojo Mehta - founder of 'Stop Ecocide Now' - explains in her upper-class English accent to her ultra-rich peers in Davos that:

"We have this cultural, very ingrained habit of not taking damage to nature as seriously as we take damage to people or property."

Her goal is to have "mass damage and destruction of nature" legally recognized as "a serious crime."

"With human rights, mass murder and genocide are serious crimes, but there is no equivalent in the environmental space."

"Unlike an international crime like genocide that involves a specific intent, with ecocide, what we see is that people are trying to do is make money, is farm, is fish... and what's missing is an awareness of the side effects and collateral damage that happens..."


You literally cannot make this shit up! The socials quickly responded...

"Do as I say, not as I do..."

Isaiah 5:20 ESV  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!


At this year's gathering, the future of Klaus Schwab—Mr. Davos for almost 50 years—has come up for discussion after World Economic Forum staff members strongly criticized their chair and the absence of a succession plan.

The 82-year-old Schwab, according to a number of current and former WEF employees who spoke with the Guardian, was a law unto himself and had surrounded himself with “nobodies” who weren’t competent at managing the organization he started in the early 1970s.

"Klaus has led the World Economic Forum for 52 years. Of the 195 states on the globe now, 122 did not even exist when he was born [in 1938]. The group stated, "He is totally unaccountable to anyone inside and outside the organization.

The elite of Davos will need to reflect on their place in a world that is collapsing.

We are a collection of WEF staff members from both the past and present. We wish to contribute to the conversation regarding the place of this organization in the world.

The group declared their desire to stay nameless. "We are afraid to speak up because Klaus has a lot of contacts and could cause us a lot of trouble even after we leave the WEF."

This week, there has been more conjecture on Schwab's future after an article on the website Politico said that the WEF's strategic partners—the companies that provide funding for the $390 million (£315 million) annual enterprise—were dissatisfied with the absence of a succession plan.

The group of WEF employees claimed that after posting their comments on LinkedIn, the WEF requested that the posts be taken down, a claim the organization disputes.

The posts, which the Guardian was able to obtain, stated: "The WEF doesn't have much of a future after Klaus, not only because there isn't a clear successor, but also because senior leadership will be at each other's throats the moment the old man steps down."

"The board of trustees decides any future institutional leadership appointments," a WEF representative stated. The forum is equipped with a robust institutional governance framework to guarantee its capacity to fulfill its goal without interruption.

Tony Blair, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, is among the prominent international personalities associated with the position. The group of former and present WEF staff members questioned the organization's capacity to run without Schwab in charge.

It's difficult to imagine how anyone of significance inside or outside the organization could take WEF's Klaus seriously with such a group of nobody's surrounding him at the top. In most organizations, the next generation of top leadership is barely visible at the higher levels of management.

"Klaus selects his leaders based on the same standards that Putin used when choosing state duma deputies: guile, loyalty, and sexual attractiveness. The caliber of individuals at the top of the organization is indicative of the people working for the remainder of it.

There didn't seem to be anyone in line to replace Schwab, according to the CEO of one UK company. The executive remarked, "I think he's going to die with his boots on."

Another seasoned Davos fan expressed amazement that Schwab had given birth to rumors about his future. "Given everything he has done, to be honest, I find it a little disrespectful, but he should have known this would happen and taken action to prevent it." The World Economic Forum is a non-profit Swiss foundation without stockholders.

WATCHMAN Klaus Schwab has no accountability to anyone, both inside and outside the company. Thus, he believes he is God. WEF is Evil, as We Know: Dark Davos: "Completely Booked" Escort Services, Always in Our Face with Their BS as WEF Begins.



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