Watchman: Biden/Obama’s et al. Goal Is to Drive the Citizens to Rebellion. Then There Will Not Be an Election in November


Joe Biden told a group of mayors that they will play an important part in carrying out his Second Amendment policies, which include banning certain semiautomatic rifles, or "assault weapons."

On January 19, President Biden welcomed mayors from both parties to the White House for the United States Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting.

He informed the mayors that the American Rescue Plan had allocated $15 billion for infrastructure and public safety.

According to the president, local governments spent a significant percentage of the money on crime prevention projects, violent intervention programs, and hiring and outfitting police personnel.

"You've done a fantastic job with those resources. "You're capable of doing it," remarked  Biden. "Those who get things done are mayors."

He stated that he continues to campaign for the reintroduction of the "Assault Weapons Ban" from the 1990s at the request of his staff.

"Determined to Send a Clear Message," Biden declares on September 22, 2023, at the Gun Violence Prevention Office.

Harris's new gun control initiative proposes prohibiting high-capacity magazines and assault weapons in states by December 14, 2023.

He claimed to have helped the now-deceased Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) draft the prohibition, which was in place from September 1994 until September 2004.

An F-16 won’t help Biden corrupt government take our guns or freedoms, China Joe. The real patriots in the military took an oath, you know, the one you violate daily. They’re more likely than not to support the citizens over a corrupt red fascist government.

It sounds like an order from higher up.

He is actually bragging that he can use force to control the American people. Two things made me think about what he said about how Americans would need F-16s instead of AR-15s to fight the government. 1. Does he want a civil war to happen?

He finally told the truth about AR-15s. He lies all the time and says they are military-grade assault guns, but they are not.

"Guess what happened when we passed the Second Amendment? "A cannon wasn't allowed for you." is a complete lie.

Biden is a total jerk now that he thinks he helped write the Bill of Rights.

In 1791, he would have been whipped and burned for saying such stupid things.

China Joe, an F-16 won't help the evil government take our guns and liberty. In the military, the real heroes took an oath, the same one you break every day. They are more likely than not to side with the people over a fascist, corrupt government.

The real question is whether the jerks would kill American citizens  and I believe he would like a murderous totalitarian Marxist scumbag in China's Tianemman Square or even like a Valentine's Day killing. Because Biden is writing presidential orders so fast that there might be a party before he dies.

We can see that he is not fit to be in the White House if he is threatening people with the Air Force and I believe the air force will move on the people. Where does he think these fights are going to happen? It will happen in the places that these mayors run, and F-16s aren't really very accurate weapons.

You know, you can't just kill someone and leave the place alone. A gun is much more likely to be used for that, and I think the government just bought a bunch of new sniper weapons. That's more likely to be what they use in the civil war that will happen if this idiot,, stays in office for another 4 years.

In every way, Biden is a thug. No one really knows why his zombie voters partner with him and can't see that. But there's a good case that he wasn't even elected, unless it was through fraud. That's just stupid to talk about. Most Americans are very worried that he is wasting our money, our resources, our troops, and our freedoms.

Do remember Afghans beat the US government while wearing flip-flops and pajamas and carrying AK47s, which are basically AR-15s.

Watchman: Biden, Obama, and others seek to provoke the people to rebel. In such a circumstance, there will be no November election.


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