Watchman: Bill Gates Is Well-Known and Wealthy for Two Reasons: He Founded Microsoft, One of the Most Tyrannical (In Terms of Design, Security, and Historically Predatory Toward Free-As-In-Freedom Rival Technology) Firms of All Time,The Guy is Evil

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Microsoft, one of the most oppressive (in design, security, and historically predatory toward free-as-in-freedom rival technology) companies of all time, made Bill Gates rich and famous.

Memes are targeted by a Gates Foundation-affiliated vaccination promotion program. What's more sensible?

Things are not as chaotic as they seem. Microsoft, one of the most oppressive (in design, security, and historically predatory toward free-as-in-freedom rival technology) companies of all time, made Bill Gates rich and famous.

Another is Gates, a millionaire, recreating himself through his "uncanny valley" humanitarian activities, which stem from his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and focus on immunizations and agriculture.

Related: Africa will try a digital ID, Bill Gates immunization record, and payment system.

Gates funds the GAVI Vaccine Alliance. Now, they want to use memes—witty, satirical internet expressions—as "super-spreaders of health misinformation."

In the digital age, this genre might be considered any other artistic format, but it's designed to circumvent "fact checkers and content moderators" (censors).

Meme-related publications were banned or destroyed in past times in authoritarian governments.

What's the solution today? Meaning of the big picture?

Skeptics may say Bill Gates is pursuing a free and open internet through several methods.

GAVI's blog claims memes are part of a systematic operation to spread and market health falsehoods.

The "monetize slur" is not appropriate for "the Gates!"

After the "research" (which includes claims that memes mistakenly "depicted unvaccinated people as unfairly stigmatized"—tell that to tennis star Novak Djokovic, who nearly had his career ruined by actual unfair stigmatization), the results are:

"Memes help vaccine hesitancy influencers gain followers, raise health authorities' suspicions, and profit from dangerous medicine advertising. They can evade responsibility for negative communications effects.

A "call to action" attempts to criminalize memes.

For GAVI, "mesmes may not look threatening, but that's why they are such effective super spreaders of health disinformation."

What is GAVI, exactly?

"As a founding partner of GAVI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has brought international attention to the cause of immunization and has made several commitments to GAVI, totaling US$4.1 billion to date."


GAVI Vaccine Alliance, Trust Stamp, and Mastercard are exploring biometric digital identity in Africa. Bill Gates launched GAVI to give poor children innovative and “under-used” vaccines. Trust Stamp verifies IDs with AI.

The 2018 digital identity platform will be used in “remote” and “low-income” West Africa. GAVI and Mastercard created "Wellness Pass," a digital immunization record. The platform will offer this wellness pass.

GAVI vaccination data, Mastercard payment processing, and Trust Stamp AI-based identity authentication will be on the biometric digital identification platform. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave around $4 million to the initiative.

Wellness Pass at COVID-19 uses Trust Stamp authentication. Once available, the coronavirus vaccine will be linked to West African immunization tracking. A biometric digital identity platform was established to enhance vaccine sales.

Mastercard, another alliance member, is pursuing its “World Beyond Cash” vision from years ago.

AI-based authentication business Trust Stamp aims to sell its solutions.

Mastercard says Trust Stamp wants to work with “correctional systems” to certify parolees without ankle bracelets. Immunization enhancement may be a technology test before widespread adoption.


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