Watchman: In America 17 Million Households Starving You Can Thank Google and All of Satan Soldiers


President Biden called the latest jobs numbers as "Bidenomics in action." The elderly president, who sometimes appears to exhibit strong signs of 'cognitive fog,' said he "continues to fight to build an economy from the middle out and bottom up." But working-class Americans know better than to trust the statical magicians at the Bureau of Labor Statistics and, in a recent poll, do not trust the government's rosy economic news.

The distrust is warranted because not even the United States Department of Agriculture can pretend Bidenomics is working anymore. A new report from the agency shows household food insecurity in 2022 soared to levels not seen since Biden was vice president during the Obama administration.

USDA found that 87.2% of households were food secure last year. The remaining 12.8% (about 17 million households) were food insecure. This is the highest level of food insecurity in America since 2014.

"Food-insecure households (those with low and very low food security) had difficulty at some time during the year providing enough food for all their members because of a lack of resources," USDA said. About 5.1% of households (or about 6.8 million) had the most severe level of food security last year.

USDA said household food insecurity is due to "a lack of money and other resources limits their ability to acquire adequate food."

We suspect even though the USDA report is a survey from last year. The figures are likely higher in 2023 as persistent inflation crushes low to mid-tier households. Many folks have drained personal savings and racked up insurmountable credit card debt just to make ends meet, such as putting food on the table, paying for gasoline at the pump, and covering shelter costs, whether rent or mortgage expenses.

Numerous top Wall Street banks (Mike Wilson: The Consumer Is Falling Off A Cliff) have begun to warn about the consumer falling apart in the era of Bidenomics. The latest sign of trouble came last weekend, when we pointed out that subprime auto loan delinquencies erupted to the highest in decades.

Watchman: Imagine a Scenario Where You’ve Diligently Gathered Supplies, Foreseeing a Potential Crisis. However, It’s Important to Note That There Are Regulations in Place Regarding Food Stockpiling, and Authorities Will Intervene to Collect Such Provisions–Our Elected Working For The People

By StevieRay Hansen | May 31, 2024

HNewsWire The government forbids food stockpiling, and FEMA will seize your food stockpile if you have been storing food in anticipation of an unexpected crisis. You need to view this if you’ve been hoarding supplies in case of an emergency. The government just quietly approved a rule that gives FEMA the right to seize your food supply. Even worse, they stated that the government could distribute your stockpile to residents who haven’t made preparations. You’ll agree that there’s a lot wrong with that. When did America become a communist nation? And why should being prepared be punished? SRH: Have you ever pondered upon the curious notion of America transforming into a communist state? And who should bear the burden of retribution for their foresight? Fortunately, a courageous individual has revealed this disturbing scheme. Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation……...

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Watchman: The United Nations (U.N.), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the European Union (EU), and Other International Forces Are Determined to Transform Civilization. They Are Directly Responsible for the Escalating Food Crisis, Satan Soldiers Working Against the People

By StevieRay Hansen | April 6, 2024 |

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Watchman: America’s Biggest Meat Producer(Tyson Foods) Is Opening a Big Insect Processing Plant Here in the States, With Help From a Company With Ties to the World Economic Forum–What the Enemy Intended for Evil, God Would Use for Good

By StevieRay Hansen | April 1, 2024 |

SRH: The Best Leaders Always Show the Way. Please Take Charge and Lead by Example. You Ungodly Slobs Eat Bugs for the Next Five Years… HNewsWire: By Frank Bergman America’s largest meat producer has announced a new partnership with a World Economic Forum-linked company to open a major insect processing plant in the United States. Tyson Foods Inc., the largest meat producer in the U.S. for all kinds of meats, is buying a stake in Netherlands-based insect-protein company Protix BV. Protix BV describes itself “as leading the world in the technical aspects of insect production.” The company has also been hailed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and was awarded with globalist organization’s “Technology Pioneer” award. Protix CEO Kees Aarts is also listed as a member of the WEF. The two companies will collaborate to establish a manufacturing facility in…


Watchman: We Are Currently Witnessing the Beginning of a Global Food Crisis, Driven by the Knock-on Effects of a Plandemic and More Recently the Rise in Planned Fuel Prices and Satan Soldiers Created Conflict in Ukraine. Have You Seen the Picture Yet?

By StevieRay Hansen | September 29, 2023 |

Satan Soldiers Advises Eating Lentils Instead of Meat, Using Public Transit, and Avoiding Shopping in Abundance. As a Result, They Will Starve You to Death HNewsWire-While the world has been fixated on crude oil and gasoline in recent weeks, we have been alerting readers to a much more severe situation unfolding in diesel, a source of energy that is vitally crucial in keeping the “just in time” world functioning on schedule. As a reminder, here are some of the stories we’ve published on the subject in recent weeks, many of which were written before to the Ukraine war: Diesel Is the Inflationary Driver of the US Economy Canary – February 8th Diesel stocks in the United States are on the verge of collapsing – Feb 18 China Requests That State-Owned Refiners Halt Gasoline and Diesel Exports – Mar 10 Global…




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Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation

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