We Are Currently Witnessing the Beginning of a Global Food Crisis, Driven by the Knock-on Effects of a Plandemic and More Recently the Rise in Planned Fuel Prices and Satan Soldiers Created Conflict in Ukraine. Have You Seen the Picture Yet?

Satan Soldiers Advises Eating Lentils Instead of Meat, Using Public Transit, and Avoiding Shopping in Abundance. As a Result, They Will Starve You to Death

HNewsWire-While the world has been fixated on crude oil and gasoline in recent weeks, we have been alerting readers to a much more severe situation unfolding in diesel, a source of energy that is vitally crucial in keeping the "just in time" world functioning on schedule.

As a reminder, here are some of the stories we've published on the subject in recent weeks, many of which were written before to the Ukraine war:

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Global Diesel Shortage Increases the Risk of Higher Oil Prices Spike - March 12th

Fast forward to today, when the presidents of one of the world's top commodities trading firms and the largest independent oil trader spoke at the FT Commodities Global Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland on Tuesday.

According to the corporate leaders, up to 3 million barrels of oil and its products could be lost from Russia as a result of sanctions, which is consistent with previous estimates, and warned that global markets face a diesel squeeze, with Europe most at risk of a "systemic" shortage that could lead to fuel rationing.

"The main issue for everyone will be fuel supply." "Europe buys around half of its diesel from Russia and roughly half from the Middle East," said Russell Hardy, CEO of the Swiss oil trader Vitol. "There is a systematic diesel shortage."

According to the Financial Times, which covered their remarks, these imports suggest that Russian supplies account for around 15% of Europe's diesel consumption.

According to Hardy, the transition to higher diesel usage over gasoline in Europe has contributed to fuel shortages. He also said that in reaction to increasing prices, refineries may increase diesel production at the cost of other oil-derived goods to shore up supply, but he cautioned that rationing was a possibility.

"Diesel is not only a European issue; this is a worldwide problem," Torbjorn Tornqvist, co-founder and chair of Geneva-based Gunvor Group, noted. It really is."

Tornqvist also cautioned that European gas markets were no longer working correctly, owing to traders' need for cash to cover hedging positions from banks. "I believe it's broken." "It really is," he said. "I never imagined that someone would remark, 'Oh, gas has dropped to 100 per megawatt hour, it's extremely inexpensive.'"

Gas futures tied to TTF, Europe's wholesale gas price, have ranged from about €70 per megawatt hour before to Russia's invasion of Ukraine to above €230 two weeks ago, before falling below €100 this week. Prior to May 2021, European gas prices were less than €20 per megawatt hour.

As previously reported, Europe's major energy dealers have called on governments and central banks to give emergency liquidity assistance to keep gas and electricity markets operating, as significant price movements caused by the Ukraine conflict have pressured commodities markets. According to Hardy, in order to transport a cargo comparable to one megawatt hour of liquefied natural gas priced at €97, dealers must supply €80 in cash, putting a pressure on their financial needs.

Worse, indicating that Europe is in for an even colder winter, Tornqvist said that European utilities will struggle to fill gas storage for next winter due to the "paralyzed" status of the spot market for gas unless authorities stepped in to offer assurances to shield consumers from price volatility.

But, returning to diesel, Bloomberg's Javier Blas tweeted a few of the worst remarks from today's FT commodities summit:

"The diesel market is really tight," says Trafigura CEO Jeremy Weir. It's going to grow tighter, which will almost certainly lead to stock outs," referring to when gas stations run out of gasoline.

"Europe is so short on diesel," says Gunvor CEO.

"The issue that everyone is worried about will be fuel supply," says Vitol CEO.

Needless to add, without diesel, not only would European traffic come to a standstill, but most, if not all, US truck-based logistical support and supply chains will be rendered inoperable. The global economy will suffer as a result.

HNewsWire-WEF's newest Satan Soldiers report warns of an approaching food catastrophe, which will be triggered by the planned conflict in Ukraine.

Important points:

As a consequence of the epidemic, rising gasoline costs, and the war in Ukraine, more people will go hungry throughout the globe.

Russia and Ukraine are also significant manufacturers and suppliers of fertilizers and raw materials. Existing logistical problems with transporting grain and food are expected to intensify.
Disruptions will put additional strain on this year's crop, leading to increased food costs.
Even before the epidemic, the FAO projected that 690 million people, or 9% of the global population, were food insecure.

In summary, the Ukraine conflict is exacerbating the already-existing problems of inflation and food scarcity, so grab on to your hats and consider a "more sustainable diet," because things are about to become much, much worse.

We are already experiencing the start of a worldwide food crisis, which is being exacerbated by the consequences of a pandemic and, more lately, the increase in fuel costs and the situation in Ukraine. There were already obvious logistical challenges with transporting grain and food throughout the world, which would become far worse as a consequence of the conflict. However, a more subtle connection exists with the link to the nutrients required to generate excellent agricultural yields and quality throughout the globe.

In this scenario, it is only logical to advocate for swift government involvement in the market. However, following COVID, government resources are severely limited, leaving little opportunity for direct monetary assistance and contribution. Given recent threats to eliminate all Russian oil and gas from our imports, governments, farmers, and consumers will face some difficult options.

In the longer run, it emphasizes the need of transforming our food system to use more green energy. We should also promote more sustainable diets that include less grain-fed animal products, as well as regenerative agriculture techniques that increase soil health and crop nutrient use efficiency. - Your Faithful Satan Soldier At WEF





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