WEF Open Forum in Davos Called off Following Death Threats — They Apparently Got the Message People Are Fed up With

Their Evil Ungodly Agenda, Crawl Back Under the Rock You Came Out From Under You Subhuman Pieces of Trash

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The first psalm warns us not to keep company with evil people. We are told not to listen to their counsel, stand in their way or sit in their seats. The word 'blessed' is translated 'happy' in some newer renderings. Blessing implies the goodness of God will be with such a person. Look for these beatitudes throughout Scripture. If the Word gives us instruction as to what to do to find God pouring out His goodness on us, we should give careful attention to that instruction. You will be blessed if you avoid bad company. Man has a natural tendency to gravitate toward mocking and complaint. Don't!

Consider: "If I meditate on God's Word and don't walk in the counsel of the wicked, whatever I do will prosper."

If anyone is responsible for global covid deaths, it is Fauci,the US government — the Chinese government and anyone else involved in that gain of function research which is primarily used to WEAPONIZE viruses under the guise of creating “therapeutics.” Gain of function research was originally banned under the Biological Weapons Convention which went into effect in 1975, unless it was being used for therapeutics. Now ALL gain of function research that is revealed publicly is labeled as therapeutics even if it is actually designed to produce biological weapons. This is sometimes referred to as “dual use research.”

Who Rose to the Top of America’s Foul-Smelling Stew of Corruption, a Hard Rain’s a-gonna fall…

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced that its overt ‘Open Forum‘, set to take place in Davos in January next year, has been aborted due to death threats.

The club of elite globalists under the coaching of Satan Soldier Klaus Schwab has caused such a wave of fury from populaces worldwide that surveillance measures for the other WEF events have also been built up, reports Swiss news outlet Südostschweiz.

As anger against the WEF has grown since the plandemic, various representatives and attendees have received increasing levels of blame, with some even receiving death threats.

Yann Zopf, head of media at WEF, said about the threats:

“We receive dozens of threats from dawn-to-dark on social media and by email. But it also happens that employees and attendees of the forum are threatened personally.

Even the application form for jobs at the WEF on its homepage is misused for disgrace of all kinds.”

Zopf added that security at this year’s Open Forum could not be assured.

“We have advised the authorities and are working closely with them.

The decision to cancel the event was very onerous for us. Everyone should be able to take part in the events and discussions. That is the idea of the Open Conference.”

The Open Convention was started in 2003 as a response to criticism of the WEF regarding its secretive and elite nature and was supposed to be a place where members of the community could come and ask inquiries.

However, due to security concerns, the public event has now been aborted.

The event was expected to take place from January 17th to 21st in Davos under the motto “Working Together, Improving Trust”.

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