Watchman Says Pestilence Is Here: ‘Mysterious’ Brain Disorder Strikes Hundreds Cases Are Increasing

Watchman: A mysterious, potentially fatal brain disease is affecting an increasing number of people throughout the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

A small group of patients with neurological symptoms, including hallucinations, muscle atrophy, vision issues, memory loss, and abnormal movements, were first observed in 2015. This group eventually grew to 48 cases.

However, some medical professionals and locals claim that there may be more than 200 people in the area who have the condition. Additionally, an unusually high percentage of those cases involve young people, who ordinarily do not exhibit symptoms of dementia or other neurological issues.

In a letter dated January 30, 2023, to the chief medical officer of New Brunswick and the chief federal public health officer, neurologist Dr. Alier Marrero stated, "I am particularly concerned about the increase in numbers of young-onset and early-onset neurological syndromes."

One of the few doctors looking into this puzzling neurological condition is Dr. Alier Marrero.The Moncton Hospital Foundation's Friends group

"I have followed 147 cases over the past year, ranging in age from 17 to 80. According to the Toronto Star, of those, "57 are early-onset cases and 41 are young-onset cases," according to the letter from Marrero. Nine fatalities had been linked to the enigmatic illness as of 2021, according to the Daily Mail.

However, a government probe that was looking into environmental toxins as a possible cause abruptly ended in 2021.

According to the podcast Canadaland, the government organization Public Health New Brunswick stated in its February 2022 final report that there was in fact "no evidence of a cluster of neurological syndromes of unknown cause."

The authors of the report stated that there was "no evidence of a shared common illness or of a syndrome of unknown cause" and that the organization was "therefore concluding its investigation" into the matter. "People who were part of this cluster displayed symptoms that varied significantly from case to case, and there was no evidence of a syndrome of unknown cause," they added.

Although many believe the disorder may be related to pesticide use in the province's primarily rural areas, Marrero and patient advocates aren't giving up.
Herbicide glyphosate, which is used in weedkillers for homes, forestry, and agriculture, has drawn a lot of attention.

According to the Guardian, Marrero wrote that recent laboratory tests on patients revealed "clear signs of exposure" to glyphosate and other substances connected to herbicides.Marrero also mentioned that blue-green algae blooms in bodies of water may be related to the presence of glyphosate.

"I am especially concerned about the rise in young-onset and early-onset neurological syndromes," the author states.Phosphorus, a component of glyphosate, can promote the growth of blue-green algae blooms, a cyanobacteria that can make people sick and even kill pets.

The Toronto Star reported that some of the patients tested positive for multiple environmental toxins, including glyphosate, at levels up to 40 times higher than the typical limit. Advocates maintain that the actual number of cases is at least 200.

Some patient advocates question whether the political decision to close the case may have been influenced by pressure from the industry or other groups.

They do not, however, give up. Dedicated patients and their families in New Brunswick are pleading with the federal and provincial governments to launch a thorough investigation into the disorder. No longer able to stand without assistance for more than a few minutes, Gabrielle Cormier is unable to skate.

One of the advocates, Steve Ellis, told the Toronto Star that "we are formally demanding that federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos unmask Canadian scientists and direct the Public Health Agency of Canada to uphold the Canada Health Act and reinstate federal experts into the investigation."

One of the first 48 cases of the neurological condition was Roger Ellis, who is Ellis' father. Another patient advocate, Stacie Cormier, stated, "For almost a year, we were led to believe that a thorough and objective public health investigation was in progress." "We are here to inform you that did not occur,"

Cormier now travels in a wheelchair. When Gabrielle Cormier, Cormier's stepdaughter, developed health issues that included memory loss, vision issues, and the inability to stand for more than a few minutes, she was forced to leave college and give up her love of figure skating at the age of 20.


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