Watchman: The Hypocrisy Of The Obama/Biden Regime,Their Evil and Dangerous!


Joe Biden seems to comprehend the Espionage Act of 1917's excesses. According to his limited knowledge, a consortium of 50 news organizations believed the Obama Administration utilized the statute in severe ways when Biden was Vice President. These groups, including well-established ones, wrote to then-Attorney General Eric Holder about their concerns. They called the Obama Administration's widespread surveillance of press outlets government overreach when whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange revealed it.

The Obama administration strongly reacted to WikiLeaks, with serious consequences for individuals implicated. Greek-American CIA operative John Kiriakou received a 30-month federal jail sentence, while US Army private Chelsea (formerly Bradley Manning) received 35 years.

Kiriakou said, "President Obama has been extremely aggressive in his utilization of the Espionage Act to prosecute individuals who engage in whistleblowing." However, a Espionage Act prosecution does not punish espionage, profiteering from secrets, or undermining society. It appears that the whistleblower is targeted in their personal, professional, and financial life. This warns anyone who speaks out against power: we will bring you down.

What future threats does Tucker Carlson face?

Tucker Carlson's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin is anticipated, but some supporters may be overlooking facts. Meeting Putin breaks apart the US media's obsession with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. However, I doubt it will change policy or public opinion on the Ukraine war and Russia relations. Both parties have strong opinions on US Ukraine policy. I don't think Carlson's interview will harm viewers. Carlson supporters already believe what Putin is anticipated to say, while his critics will interpret those points to promote their own position.

The interview's fallout may affect Carlson's future. Carlson's existence is a beacon of hope, penetrating the US's darkness and crushing its people's rights to free expression and media. Many admire Carlson's interview due to the political situation. It also shows how it may be used to further a repressive goal fueled by a sense of urgency to sustain the narrative Carlson bravely challenged.

X attorney Ian Corzine considered that. Corzine suggests in a video on his profile that the Biden administration may see Carlson's interview with Putin as a 1917 Espionage Act violation. In his video, Corzine mainly discusses how the act could be used, which seems important in a world with more legal conflicts. ZeroHedge buddy and independent journalist Glenn Greenwald passionately and suspiciously rejected this idea.

The 1917 Espionage Act has suppressed political dissent and free speech throughout its history. The 1919 Supreme Court judgment in Schenck v. United States illustrates this. The case may not be well recognized, but the principle underlined during its consideration should be. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes famously used the words "clear and present danger" while analyzing the case, a statement that would forever change constitutional case law and illustrate our nation's First Amendment violations.

A remarkable change of events saw Charles Schenck ask the Supreme Court for a reprieve. He contested his 1917 Espionage Act conviction. His crime? Distributed flyers encouraging men of age to reject WWI US army conscription. The First Amendment did not safeguard Schenck's opposition to the US entering the war over national security reasons. Political discourse today unfortunately often reflect this mentality.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the circular's substance would normally be protected free speech. The Court observed that Schenck's words may not be protected in other cases. The circumstances of any action shape its nature. It was also noted that Congress can prevent bad outcomes from word choice. Upholding Schenck's conviction and enhancing the 1917 Espionage Act strengthened the US's power to suppress political dissent.
Kiriakou harshly opposes Obama's policies, saying, "President Obama has been uncommon in prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act. Espionage Act prosecutions do not punish espionage, selling information for personal gain, or undermining our way of life. A systematic effort to destroy the whistleblower personally, professionally, and financially seems to be underway. This warns anyone who speaks out against power: we will bring you down.

Manning was reincarcerated for refusing to testify in closed-door proceedings after her sentence was commuted after 7 years by the political establishment. Attorneys relentlessly pursuing Julian Assange subpoenaed her for this. Unlike Manning, Assange is still in prison because of the 1917 Espionage Act, which allows Washington's political elite to persecute dissenters.

Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin may make him a target given the 1917 Espionage Act and the Biden administration's actions. Believing that is dumb. Given the probable repercussions, a more reasonable approach is expected. As Biden prepares for the 2024 presidential contest, prosecuting Carlson would cause unnecessary controversy. However, Carlson's interview with Putin highlights political censorship's continuous threat to free speech and the press in the US. The interview may defy these obstacles, but it does not win the war.

Warning: Totalitarianism can make people willfully give up freedom. It imposes nonsensical rules, strange philosophies, unethical duties, and burdens on people. False government support pledges give victims a false sense of security. A frightening development has stripped the person of his autonomy and thoughts. The progressive destruction of individuality created a weak, lifeless people that was a copy of the authoritarian rule. People must have the bravery to act, the tendency to think critically, the ability to pray, and the morality to condemn injustice. Without these traits, life may seem meaningless. Society loses life, inventiveness, belief, and happiness until it drowns.


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