Watchman’s Update: The Popularity of Bud Light in Bars and Restaurants Is “Almost Nonexistent.” Next up Is Fox News, Bud Light Fox: Fox Will Match Donations Made to the Satanic Temple, an Atheistic Leftist Organization That Distributes Satanic Literature to Children and Performs “Religious Abortion Rituals,” and the Trevor Project, an LGBTQE for Evil Organization

Next is Fox News, Bud Light Them!

HNewsWire Update:

Reacting to reports that Fox News is promoting far-left and even “satanic” charities through its employee donation portal, Beth Ailes, widow of Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, told Newsmax on Friday that what the country is seeing from the network is “industrialized devil worship.”

On Friday, The Blaze reported that Fox News’ company portal app, Fox Giving, matches employee donations of up to $1,000 to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other liberal charities.

Beth Ailes, whose late husband established Fox News Channel as a conservative broadcasting pioneer, appeared on Eric Bolling The Balance” and said she couldn’t believe it when she first learned about what Fox News was doing.

“I talked to my son, Zach, about this when I first heard and he said, ‘Mom, I could just hear Dad saying, “Come on, guys. What are we doing here? This is completely nuts, stupid. Let’s find the evildoer who thought this thing up and fire him.”‘ And I concur with Zachary’s assumption that [his father] would say that,” she said.

Calling the network’s actions “a betrayal of the Fox News core audience” that her husband “had sought to serve for so long,” Ailes said it was also “an example of how the Murdochs have decided that they will give us all these reasons why this is OK. They will seek to have a triumph of reason over instinct.

“All of us know that devil worship, [gender-transition] care, you name it, some of the themes of these organizations that are available to match the donations … they are evildoers,” she continued. “As Christians, we have an obligation to call them out.

“Christianity is under attack. And what we’re seeing from Fox is industrialized devil worship.”

Beth Ailes called it “pure hypocrisy on the part of the corporate suits” that Fox News would match employee donations to such radical left groups, yet they wouldn’t match dollar for dollar with the Franklin Graham Charity, which advertises on the network.

“I think that Roger and [late political commentator] Rush Limbaugh are very sad today,” she said. “This is a sad revelation that we’ve been made aware of. But actually, I think people who were loyal to Fox have plenty of other options now, and I think that the way [Fox] treated Roger, Tucker [Carlson] … they will suffer the consequences.

“Every action has a reaction, and we are seeing that their decisions in the boardroom are going to cause the decline and fall of Fox, which we are watching in real time.”

Newsmax has reached out to Fox News for comment regarding The Blaze’s report.

Source: toddstarnes


Insiders say that Fox News Channel gives money to radical left-wing groups and has "complete disregard and hatred" for its conservative audience.

The Murdoch family owns the company. Through the "Fox Giving" app, donations of up to $1,000 are matched by the company.

Blaze Media says that Fox is matching donations to the Satanic Temple, an atheist leftist group that gives satanic literature to children and holds "religious abortion rituals," the Trevor Project, an LGBT group, Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the U.S., and the Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical hate group that smears conservatives.

Even though Fox has written and shown negative stories about these groups, it is funding them through cable subscriptions.

"Fox says they care about Christians, but some of the things they push internally show that they don't." Glory holes, trans surgeries for kids, and proposed donations to Satan are a huge slap in the face to every Christian at the company, and we hate it," a current employee told the Blaze. "I find it offensive that this company acts like they support Christians, but they're actually willing to match a $1,000 donation to the Satanic Temple."

Even though Fox has given the Satanic Temple a platform, its match program does not give money to "private, non-operating, political, religious, or fraternal organizations."

A former Fox producer said that the network's executives, lawyers, and HR department treated conservative Christians unfavorably

"It shows that they have no respect or love for Fox's main viewers, who make up a big part of the country. The ex-Fox producer said, "They think Fox is speaking for them, but in reality, Fox is doing things that don't match the values of their audience."


Bud Light's popularity in bars and restaurants is "almost nonexistent." Next is Fox News Bud Light Them!


Watchman: At Some Point, You’re Going to Realize That Twitter Is Just Like Fox News, Which Has Turned On Its Conservative and Christian Audience. Mr. Musk Is a Globalist and Satan Worshiper, and He Has Misled You Into Thinking That Twitter Belongs to the Free Speech Audience. Not True…

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Watchman: Do You Still Believe Fox News is a Conservative Network? Their Satan Soldiers and Proud of it

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HNewsWire: Conservatives are questioning Fox News Channel personality Far Left Dana Perino after she moderated a panel at the Clinton Global Initiatives conference. In the disastrous Fox Business Network Republican primary debate, Perino co-moderated, she presented “amazing Hillary Clinton.” The two then exchanged a quick kiss on stage. The discussion was moderated by Perino and was titled “Journalism on the Front Lines: How Supporting a Strong, Free Press Strengthens Democratic Societies Worldwide.” Conservatives are outraged and question whether Perino’s political views may have affected how she conducted herself throughout the debate. The questions presented by Univision broadcaster Ilian Calderon had already infuriated a lot of Republicans. Many people found the discussion to be unwatchable as a result of the moderators’ questions regarding “gun violence,” amnesty, Obamacare, and other topics, according to Breitbart. Megyn Kelly, a former Fox personality, asked on…


Watchman: The Pro-transgender Policies of Fox News Channel: “Get Woke, Go Broke”; Just Ask Bud Trans BS Light Beer”; “Their Sick Broke Corp!–Fox Has Been Shi*ing On Christian/Consecutive for Years. Turn Out The Lights The Party Is Over

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HNewsWire: Fox News Channel has a pro-transgender bias that impacts its primetime and online news coverage, according to a new report. The Daily Signal’s senior reporter, Mary Margaret Olahan, spoke to former and current Fox employees about how the company has taken aggressive steps against traditional values it claims to defend on-air. After Tucker Carlson was ousted, “Fox News Tonight” producers were told by high-level executives not to bash transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, according to a source. A former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” producer said they had to fight to use male pronouns to refer to Mulvaney, a biological male who gained attention by dressing up in women’s clothing on TikTok. Fox uses woke phrases like “gender affirming care” in stories and refers to biological males like Mulvaney and Lia Thomas as females in its digital stories. Last year, Fox drew……...

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