Watchman: They Swapped Out Kevin McCarthy for Mike Johnson, and Nothing Has Really Changed Whatsoever,The Mud in the Swamp Is as Thick as It’s Ever Been


The swamp's mud is as thick as it's ever been. Campaigns against the Uniparty will have to start outside of its headquarters.

They replaced Kevin McCarthy with Mike Johnson, and nothing has actually changed. In Washington, D.C., it's business as usual, with one party attempting to drive off the cliff at 97 MPH and the other coasting in the same direction but driving the speed limit.

According to Politico:

"Speaker Mike Johnson said he's 'confident and optimistic' Congress will be able to pass additional funds to help Israel and Ukraine before the holidays, provided lawmakers are able to coalesce around border security policy changes sought by Republicans."

Johnson is mentioned in the post as saying "Another priority is Ukraine." We cannot, of course, allow Vladimir Putin to march through Europe. And we recognize the need of assisting there. What we've argued is that if greater help to Ukraine is to be provided, which most members of Congress agree is critical, we must also strive to change our own border policy."

In short, it appears that the Slava Slush Fund is still alive, which indicates that every other major government goal remains as well.

So Republicans have once again conceded the big struggle in exchange for a few dollars to "secure the border," which will almost certainly not be enough to truly secure the border.

In recent weeks, Speaker Johnson has embraced Donald Trump and published the Jan. 6 audio in an apparent attempt to bolster his standing among Republicans. But when it comes to being a true change agent, he's come up short. And his remarks on the holiday season legislative agenda make this quite evident.

We pledged to give the new Speaker a fair go at The Dossier and praised Rep. Matt Gaetz's bid to topple former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Down with the Uniparty: Deposing McCarthy was the proper thing to do. Jordan Schachtel's

But, in the face of reality, that optimism has vanished.

Things haven't gotten any worse in Washington, D.C. However, the Speaker change has made no difference in the Beltway, where corporate and quasi-governmental group lobbyists take precedence over the interests of the American people. The once-exciting "populist revolt" has faded.

We wondered last month whether Speaker Johnson would be a "liberty hero or an establishment zero."

Will Speaker Mike Johnson go down in history as a libertarian hero or an establishment zero? And the answer to that question is becoming clearer by the day.

The swamp's mud is as thick as it has ever been. It's evident than ever that efforts to fight the D.C. Uniparty must come from outside of its headquarters.


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