Watchman: This Is All a Witch Hunt, but There’s Still a Question to Be Answered. Why, President Trump, Did You Hire Michael Cohen, Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, and Appoint Christopher Wray as Director of the FBI? You Also Told Us General Milley Was an Honorable Man. You Were a Great President and Businessman, but Terrible at Choosing Allies


Former President Donald Trump said that his former attorney, Michael Cohen, isn’t a credible witness as another Trump-affiliated lawyer, Robert Costello, indicated that he testified before a New York grand jury to destroy Cohen’s credibility.

“It is being said that disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen was put out to dry today after his highly respected former attorney and legal adviser, Robert Costello, made a great impression not only on the D.A.’s Office, but the grand jury itself. He is known to be a great lawyer and highly honorable man,” Trump wrote on Truth Social early on Tuesday. “He stated to the media that he could no longer listen to the lies that Cohen was spreading. He told the TRUTH, with papers, documents, and backup. He left ZERO doubt. THE D.A. WILL DO THE RIGHT THING!”

The former president also described Cohen, a former attorney who allegedly organized hush-money payments, as a “damaged” witness. “The Southern District of New York (SDNY) wrote a scathing assessment of him, including, ‘Michael Cohen is a lawyer who, rather than setting an example of respect for the law, instead chose to break the law, repeatedly over many years & in a variety of ways… each of his crimes involved deception,” Trump wrote.

It came a day after Costello told reporters Monday that he sought to destroy the credibility of a key witness as he testified before a Manhattan grand jury probing the former president’s alleged hush money payments to adult performer Stormy Daniels.

Costello testified before the grand jury for several hours on Monday amid reports and speculation that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would be indicting Trump this week on federal charges of misclassifying those alleged hush money payments that were made in 2016. In interviews with several media outlets, Costello—a former legal adviser to erstwhile Trump attorney Michael Cohen—said he described Cohen as not credible.

“There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Michael Cohen has great difficulty telling the truth,” Costello, who represented former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, told reporters in Manhattan on Monday. “He is, after all a convicted perjurer, and our track record with Mr. Cohen convinced us that he was a serial liar.”

Described as a key witness in the Trump case, Cohen was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to five counts of willful tax evasion, lying to Congress, and campaign finance violations. Over the years and since being released from the federal prison in Otisville, New York, Cohen has often appeared in media interviews to criticize the former president.

Cohen has already appeared multiple times before the Manhattan grand jury. Costello’s testimony was expected to give the former president an indirect opportunity to make a case that he shouldn’t face criminal charges, though there were no clear signs his appearance had changed the course of the grand jury probe.

“As might be expected, Mr. Cohen’s lies were always uttered in a way that was beneficial to himself,” Costello explained Monday. “When it was in Mr. Cohen’s personal self-interest, he was capable of telling the truth, but those occasions were few and far between.”

Costello had provided Cohen, himself a lawyer, legal services several years ago. In a news conference after his grand jury appearance, he told reporters that he had come forward to provide exculpatory information about Trump and to make clear that he did not believe Cohen, who pleaded guilty to federal crimes and served time in prison, could be trusted.

“If they want to go after Donald Trump and they have solid evidence then so be it,” Costello said, according to The Associated Press. “But Michael Cohen is far from solid evidence.”

Cohen Responds

Responding to Costello’s claims on MSNBC Monday, Cohen stated that Costello was never his lawyer and “he lacks any sense of veracity.”

Cohen also released a statement to other news outlets and disputed his former associate’s testimony and public statements.

“IF Bob Costello’s comments were any more fantastical, he would be a bestselling fiction author,” he told Fox News. “I stated years ago that the payment was done at the direction of, in coordination with and for the benefit of Donald,” he added. “Truth is truth and the documents in the possession of the [New York County District Attorney’s Office] demonstrate this.”

His lawyer, Lanny Davis, told CNN that Cohen had made himself available as a rebuttal to Costello’s testimony on Monday at the district attorney’s office. However, he wasn’t needed, the lawyer said.

“Mr. Cohen was available for over two hours today, but we are pleased to report Mr. Cohen was not needed. Once again we repeat—the facts and documents speak for themselves. Facts do matter,” Davis said.

The Epoch Times has contacted Cohen’s lawyers for comment.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


The US Task Force COVID Pandemic Response Was Commanded by Vice President Mike Pence, Dr. Deborah Birx, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, and They Continually Lied to President Donald Trump! These Lies Resulted in the Deaths of Hundreds of Thousands of People! Period!

By StevieRay Hansen | May 20, 2023

HNewsWire: I don’t know how else to put it: these listed persons and their policies killed Americans (lockdowns, school closures, company closures, mask regulations, denial of early treatment). I’m not even talking about the phony gene injections. They must all be held accountable and thoroughly examined, from Fauci to Francis Collins, all the way to Ashish Jha and Walter Walensky. They did not pay attention to me (Dr. Paul Alexander), Dr. Scott Atlas, or Dr. Peter Navarro, StevieRay Hansen HNewsWire. We were on the inside railing, hitting the CDC, NIH, FDA, teachers’ unions, and the deep state. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, and Dr. Sunetra Gupta were on the outside. Alex Berenson was also present. Dr. Howard Tenenbaum and Dr. Ramin Oskoui were there, as were Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Peter McCullough early on. I’m not talking about……...

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Watchman’s Warning: Despite Trump’s Encouragement to Go Out and Protest, 85 Percent of People Polled on Donald Trump’s Own Truth Social Website Believe Opposing His Arrest Would Risk a January 6-Style Set-up

By StevieRay Hansen | March 21, 2023 |

HNewsWire Live Stream 24/7 News UpDates and World Events   HNewsWire: 85 per cent of respondents polled on Donald Trump’s own Truth Social website think protesting against his arrest would be risking a January 6-style set-up, despite Trump himself telling them to go out and demonstrate. On Saturday morning, Trump posted on Truth Social that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday, citing “illegal leaks” from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s investigation regarding payments allegedly made to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign. Although many legal observers say the potential indictment of Trump is a political show trial and that in any other scenario the payments would represent nothing worse than a misdemeanor, Democrats remain desperate to prevent Trump from running for president again. “THE FAR & AWAY LEADING REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE & FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF…

Watchman, Issue a Warn: Former President Donald Trump Has Issued a Statement Stating That He Expects to Be Indicted Next Week by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and Has Urged His Supporters to Protest and “Reclaim Our Country!”, Jan. 6. Should Serve as a Reminder

By StevieRay Hansen | March 19, 2023

HNewsWire Live Stream 24/7 News UpDates and World Events HNewsWire: “Here we go again-an appalling abuse of power by a radical DA who lets dangerous criminals escape while pursuing political vengeance on President Trump,” McCarthy said in a statement after Trump indicated he expects to be detained shortly for suspected payment misclassification. “I’m directing appropriate committees to conduct an immediate investigation into whether federal dollars are being utilized to undermine our democracy by intervening in elections with politically motivated charges,” McCarthy added. McCarthy’s remark was shared on social media by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), chairman of the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, as well as the GOP House Judiciary Committee account. “Don’t worry, leftist DAs in Democrat-controlled communities are working just as hard to indict actual criminals. I’m kidding. It’s all about politics, “The latter made……...

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Update: 3/2/23 Trump’s Deceptions Continue. What Happened to the Protesters Who Gathered at the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021? They Were Apprehended and are Currently Languishing in Prison. Who’s Going to Stop You Now from Helping the People That Help You, Mr. Trump?

By StevieRay Hansen | March 2, 2023 |

HNewsWire-I will fight until my dying breath before I surrender one letter of my Liberty.’ By Patricia Tolson   In a letter obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, a Jan. 6 prisoner asks, “are you ready to light brushfires of Liberty in the souls of men? Then don’t do nothing!” The letter, dated December 30, 2021, is revealed here in its entirety for the first time. Jeremy Brown (Obtained by The Epoch Times) “My name is Jeremy Brown,” the letter begins. “I am a 20-year retired U.S. Army Special Forces Combat Veteran. On January 5th and 6th, 2021 I was in our Nation’s capital as part of an all-volunteer protective detail tasked with providing security for organizers and speakers at a legally permitted political rally. On September 30th, 2021 I was arrested at home in Tampa, Florida by approximately 30 to…

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