Watchman: Thousands of Excess Deaths, According to Useless FDA Officials if More People Do Not Get the Kill Shot, AKA Vaccinated, in a New Editorial, Officials Make Unsubstantiated Assertions. It’s All Bullshit.


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So, bless their wicked little hearts. I guess the mass annihilation project isn’t advancing fast enough for these demons.

Two senior U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) experts are pushing Americans to acquire vaccines, especially COVID-19 injections, warning that failure to do so will result in thousands of more deaths this winter.

Dr. Peter Marks and Dr. Robert Califf noted in an editorial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that vaccination rates may be approaching a “dangerous tipping point” due to an increasing number of persons refusing to receive influenza, COVID-19, and other vaccines.

“The situation has now deteriorated to the point that population immunity against some vaccine-preventable infectious diseases is at risk, and thousands of excess deaths are likely to occur this season due to illnesses amenable to prevention or reduction in severity of illness with vaccines,” they said in a statement. All BS.
COVID-19 Vaccines May Worsen Cancer According to a recent peer-reviewed study, COVID-19 vaccinations can cause genetic mutations in cancer patients, which could contribute to the disease progressing further.

The study of various investigations, published on December 17, 2023 in the Cureus medical journal, looked at the association between COVID-19 vaccinations and cancer. COVID-19 vaccinations, the authors concluded, may generate an environment that predisposes cancer patients, including survivors, to “cancer progression, recurrence, and/or metastasis.”

Two things influenced the decision. The first is the “multi-hit hypothesis” of cancer, which proposes that cancer is the result of multiple genetic alterations. The second is the “growing evidence and safety reports” in the Vaccine Adverse Effects Report System (VAERS), which reveal that some cancer patients who received COVID-19 vaccinations had worsening of their condition. Cureus: SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination and the Multi-Hit Oncogenesis Hypothesis

Dr. Marks, who was identified as the editorial’s contact, did not respond to a question asking data to back up the warning.

Thousands of unnecessary deaths, according to inept FDA officials If more people do not receive the Kill Shot, also known as vaccination, Officials make baseless claims in a recent editorial. It’s all nonsense.



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