Watchman Warning: Get Ready For The Next One The Next Plandemic: Smallpox, Marburg, or Both? Fear Works on The Weak and Christ Haters

If you’ve been wondering what the next phase of this public health insanity is going to look like, your wait is over.

There Are Two Possible Variants for the “Next One” They Have Announced Publicly: Smallpox and Marburg

HNewsWire: Satan Soldiers at The World Health Organization announced a new outbreak of the "Marburg Virus" in West Africa earlier this week, as police fanned out across the streets of Paris, going table-to-table in cafes to check people's COVID papers, and as the Australian military deployed to the streets of Sydney to enforce extended lockdowns.


The World Health Organization announced a new outbreak of the "Marburg Virus" in West Africa earlier this week, as police fanned out across the streets of Paris, going table-to-table in cafes to check people's COVID papers, and as the Australian military deployed to the streets of Sydney to enforce extended lockdowns.
Marburg is yet another highly infectious virus that the WHO has classed as a "Risk Group 4" biological concern.

(In comparison, SARS-Cov-2 is a lower-risk biological agent classified as "Risk Group 3.")

Marburg is a virus that is related to Ebola. Furthermore, whereas Covid-1984 has a death rate of about 1.7%, data from the preceding 20 years of Marburg infections suggest an 85% fatality rate.

This week, one individual died from the Marburg virus in Guinea, and authorities estimate that 145 people were in contact with him and could have been exposed to the infection.

We're at it again...

Public health policy is beginning to resemble a never-ending Mobius Strip, in which we simply go around and around in an unending loop, repeating the same things over and over.

According to draconian lockdowns, mask demands, and police enforcement around the world as a result of the Delta variety, it appears to be April 2020 all over again.

Even countries with the most stringent public health measures, like as Australia, have been rendered helpless in the fight against Covid.

Surprising, surprising. A virus, it turns out, cannot be avoided. It cannot be eliminated through legislation. It won't go away with more money printing and economic stimulation.

For at least eight thousand years, humans have had to put up with influenza. It has never been eradicated by public health officials.

In fact, according to the World Health Organization, smallpox is the only virus that has ever been declared wiped from the human population. Yet, this is not entirely accurate because smallpox is still utilized as a biological weapon by terrorists and dictators.

Yet it hasn't stopped public health officials from engaging in a never-ending game of whack-a-mole with Covid.

They have taken unconstitutional, totalitarian powers in order to exert control over practically every area of our lives. Remain at home. Put on three masks. Avoid all human contact. No sex. Please take this injection. In elevators, keep your back to the wall. Avoid talking. Don't bother asking questions. Obey.

It's also clear that these public health tyrants lack objectivity.

There has been essentially no discussion of natural immunity for persons who have already received Covid. Similarly, little attention is paid to substantial research into Covid therapy choices.

There is a mountain of data, for example, from hundreds of randomized control trials and peer-reviewed research involving tens of thousands of patients suggesting that the medicine Ivermectin is connected with a significantly better prognosis for Covid-19 patients.

This isn't some far-fetched conspiracy notion. One study, for example, can be found on the National Institutes of Health website.

But that is never brought up in the conversation. In fact, the Big Tech corporations are willing to shut down any discussion about treatment.

Twitter, for example, prohibited the dissemination of a medical study released late last year in the prestigious European Journal of Medical & Health Sciences due to its favorable findings about Ivermectin.

Ironically, these public health authorities pretend to be concerned about people who may become ill and die.

So why wouldn't they convey impartial information regarding drugs and therapy options? After all, isn't it feasible that access to treatment information could have saved some lives?

But, discussing medication and treatment does not fit the narrative that these vaccine-obsessed public health authorities are promoting. You are not permitted to speak if you are not discussing receiving an injection. Period.

Delta is enraged, and they're already discussing the wicked new 'Lambda' variation. And now, with the Marburg Virus, the WHO may be preparing us for a new phase of public health terrorism.

Therefore, if you thought the pandemic was ended and everything were returning to normal, I commend your optimism. But reconsider.

Given the public health response to the Delta variety, as well as the potential for additional pathogenic threats, a new round of lockdowns, travel restrictions, school closures, mask mandates, and other measures is probable.

But think about it: if governments start imposing quarantines again, where would you want to be?

Most people were taken aback by Covid last year. But if it happens again, we will be more prepared this time. We know their game plan and how they'll react.

When contemplating your Plan B choices, it absolutely makes reasonable to include lockdowns, quarantines, and general public health lunacy.
This scenario could play out in a variety of ways.

With increasing fear against the populace, lockdowns, and coerced/forced vaccines(Kill Shots) meant to generate more disease and death, a new "deadly virus" will hasten the process of society breakdown.

The next Plandemic might be followed by huge wars and a global economic collapse. Everything that happens over the next few years will secure the development of a one-world government led by a one-world leader who will be accepted as a savior by the majority of people.

I didn't mention the scheduled arrival of "space aliens," but I'll write an article about the great alien delusion soon.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a clear mind. 1 Timothy 1:17

Because whomever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. - Revelation 10:13


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