Watchman’s Sees Biden And His Gang of Satan Soldiers, et al.: They Have Destroyed the American Economy, and Now They Go After Humanity,Tribulation in Play and The Death March Continues,We Enter Year Five Tribulation

Biden And His Gang of Satan Soldiers, et al.: They Have Destroyed the American Economy, and Now They Go After Humanity,Tribulation in Play. Our Economy Is on Life Support. Anyone Who Believes Anything Different Is Delusional.



Disseminating false information is a cornerstone for the Biden administration. White House extremists have attempted to persuade the public that the influx of millions of undocumented immigrants into the US along the southern border is "not unusual."

There are undeniable ebbs and flows to the migratory flow, which is evident at the border. Reporters were informed by White House Press Secretary (The Queen of Gaslighting), Karine Jean-Pierre, that there is a seasonal increase in border incidents, which is not surprising.

Nothing happened by chance. In 2023, US domestic banks witnessed a staggering $1.17 trillion in deposit outflows, which are also known as large time deposits. This was the worst yearly decline ever recorded, ranking third among all three years from 1985 to 1994, 2022, and 2023. Frightened individuals are fleeing.

Now more than ever, the public views the Biden administration as full of dishonest individuals who are not telling the truth. The president has the lowest approval rating of any modern president running for reelection, according to the most recent Gallup poll.

"Over 276,000 migrant encounters at the southern border in December, the highest single month ever recorded, breaking the prior record set in September at 269,735 and there is still 3 days of December left," broke the news that Fox News reporter Bill Melugin uncovered from a US Customs and Border Protection source. The record is breaking.

"This new record number includes over 230,000 Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal immigrants in December, also the highest single month of apprehensions ever recorded for Border Patrol."

The first quarter of fiscal year 2024 has set a record with almost 760,000 migrant interactions since October 1st. "That's more people than live in Seattle in only three months.

According to HNW, "All records are being blown out of the water under the Biden administration as the crisis gets worse, not better."


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