Watchman:Trump’s in Trouble and Has Acknowledged His Inability to Post the Substantial $464M or 175M Dollar Bond. The Con Man Has Been Exposed and Has Hurt Those That Believed He Was the Savior,Just Ask the Pillow Guy, and a Long list of Self-induced Victims


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By SRH, On one stage, Trump carries a sodomite flag, asserting their rights, and the next, he clutches a Bible, telling them he is the chosen one. He is anything you want him to be. He is a narcissist.

Donald Trump has acknowledged his inability to secure the bond for his New York civil fraud trial, as his legal team filed a request on Monday to postpone the execution of the judgment. The ex-president was fined $354 million for engaging in real estate-related fraud in New York. With daily interest of $112,000, the total amount has now surpassed $467 million. Trump’s attorneys claim that in order to obtain the bond, they would have to provide collateral worth $557 million, which they argue is practically impossible.

The Chubb Corporation, an insurance group that supported Trump’s $91.6 million bond in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit, is likely hesitant to face the same level of scrutiny. Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg, who was appointed by Trump to a White House advisory committee, recently reassured the company’s clients that the decision was not politically motivated and that their assets were adequately protected. It is important to note that Trump still owes Carroll $5 million for sexual assault and defamation, as well as other outstanding debts to The New York Times, Orbis Business Intelligence, and for violating gag orders. These debts include $400,000, thousands of dollars, and $382,000 respectively. Trump had previously sued Orbis over a dossier compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, which claimed that Trump and his inner circle had been compromised by Russia’s security service.

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