Watchman:We Are Fighting Our Own Gov. To Save America the Appeals Court Has Restored the Suspension of the Texas Immigration Law. Tribulation: Playing Out People


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Lawlessness as a rejection of God
The Bible reveals the consequences of lawlessness as a rejection of God in a variety of ways. In 2 Thessalonians 2:11, Paul describes the coming “man of lawlessness” as the result of unbelievers rejecting God and the gospel. This man will attempt to take on the role of God and deceive unbelievers.
The Bible also teaches that the antichrist will not appear until the Holy Spirit is removed from the church. The Holy Spirit indwells every believer individually and in the church as a whole. Paul also addresses the concept of evil in society, predicting that deceptive opposition to God would increase.
The Bible teaches that sin is the rejection of God’s sovereignty, and that this rejection is a major punishment. The end of the age will be marked by a spirit of lawlessness, which is characterized by a refusal to acknowledge God as Creator and the ultimate lawgiver. In the beginning, God gave humans only one law: the Law of God, which He revealed to His people at Mount Sinai. Eventually, 613 laws were written down in the Torah, but the ten commandments remain the core summary of God’s law.
The man of lawlessness is a powerful adversary of God. He opposes every so-called god and exalts himself above every object of worship. Paul uses the Greek word hyperairo to describe Satan, which means “conceit.” This word is only used by Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:7. Its significance is that the man of lawlessness is Satan, a pagan god.


Late Tuesday, a federal appeals court reaffirmed a stay that prevented Texas from implementing a legislation that authorizes local police to detain individuals suspected of being illegal immigrants.

The five-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed an earlier decision by a different panel that had authorized an administrative stay of the law’s execution, voting 2-1 to do so.

An injunction that had prevented Texas from executing the statute had been momentarily suspended by a federal district court judge in Austin, according to the previous 5th Circuit decision. A court from Austin reasoned that other states might follow suit and pass their own immigration laws if this one was passed.

Yet another court with judges who lean towards a particular ideology. This is a clear manifestation of the dark forces that have infiltrated our supposed system of justice.

There seems to be a concerning issue in the United States where the outcome of a case is influenced by the district that handles it, rather than being determined by the merits or constitutionality of the matter.Put simply, the outcome of your case can vary depending on whether you choose to file in a district with judges who have been influenced or are inclined to support your cause, as opposed to filing in a district where judges adhere strictly to the law.

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It appears that there are significant issues with the Justice system in our country, whether due to incompetence, inefficiency, or a combination of both.
One person claims to have authority, while the other insists on their own version of authority.
Which option is accurate?

Is it legal or illegal for an immigrant to be in the country without proper documentation?Now, there is a discrepancy in the regulations regarding firearm possession between migrants and citizens.If the Supreme Court holds the highest authority…What causes these disparities?It’s a matter of differing viewpoints and interpretations, isn’t it? What is our current location?

Impending chaos on the horizon, Texas, disregard the plea.Assert your independence and maintain your sovereignty.The US southern border is Texas’ border.

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