Update: America — Australia: Media Blackout and Internet Shutdown — These Countries Have An Internet Kill-Switch (And They Admit It)


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It has been revealed that in 2004, the Satan Soldiers With-in George W. Bush administration performed a comprehensive examination of presidential emergency powers in order to modernize a secret plan for the continuation of government during a nuclear war, which had previously been classified.

“Presidential emergency action documents,” or “PEADs,” which were obtained by FOIA request from the Brennan Center after the Bush Presidential Library turned over 500 pages of the 6,000-page documents, have been released. The Brennan Center says that the documents “shed troubling new light on the powers that modern pres­id­ents claim to possess in moments of crisis.”.

Cold War-era PEADs were designed to protect against Soviet nuclear strikes. Preliminary versions purportedly had a liberal view of presidential authority. It has been reported that several PEADs allowed President Nixon to suspend habeas corpus, to hold “dangerous individuals” inside the country, to restrict the media and to prohibit foreign travel.

As one Bush administration official noted, “especially in light of on-going threats,” updating the PEADs was a “urgent and compel[ing] secur­ity exercise.”

Papers demonstrate that at least into 2008, “some of the most troubling components of early-Cold War emergency action documents were preserved.” Despite this, the Brennan Center was unable to acquire more current PEADs.

The Brennan Center’s results are as follows:
Keeping communications under control

Section 706 of the Commu­ni­ca­tions Act’s emer­gency authority was at least one of the documents under consideration. It was during World War II that Congress granted the president power over “any facility or station for wire commu­nication” upon the proclamation “that there exists a state or danger of war with the United States.”

The limited usage of telephony and telegrams in the United States at the time restricted the scope of this frighteningly expansive terminology. In today’s world, a president who wants to push the boundaries of his or her authority may interpret “wire commu­nic­a­tions” to include the internet, and therefore claim a “kill switch” over huge swathes of electronic communication.

Officials in the Bush administration have frequently emphasized the statute’s adaptability, saying it was both “extremely wide” and extended “broader than common carriers under FCC [Federal Commis­sion] juris[diction],” as one official in the National Security Council noted.

For a long time, it was unclear if or not any emergency action documents intended to implement this level of authority. But at least one such document was studied by Bush officials during their assessment of the Commu­nic­a­tions Act PEAD, which seems to have been in place before the administration. In addition, according to the library’s records, the administration also included three other documents on the same theme.

Authority for detention

At least one presidential emergency action document mentions the suspension of habeas corpus, according to the documents. “[S]till being updated by OLC [Office of Legal Counsel], in light of recent Supreme Court opin­ion,” an internal memorandum from June 2008 said in reference to a Justice Department document. It is clear from the Court’s recent findings that this must allude to the landmark Boumediene v. Bush decision, which recognized Guantanamo Bay pris­oners’ constitutional right to challenge their detention in court. PEADs claiming to suspend habeas corpus from the Cold War era were included in the Bush administration’s assessment of the law, according to this evidence.

For now, it is impossible to predict the outcome of the administration’s post-Boumediene review. However, it seems that no emergency action documents have been withdrawn or revoked. PEADs were really increased from 54 to 56 in this case.

Making it illegal for anyone to travel

Early pres­id­ent­ial emer­gency action documents had included a provision for restrict­ing the use of US passports. According to documents compiled by the Bush administration, a statute passed in 1978 permits the government to restrict international travel if there is an imminent threat to public health and safety or the physical safety of U.S. travelers due to “war,” “armed hostilities,” or “imminent danger.”

Travel to Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, and North Korea has been prohibited under this statute, but a more broad abrogation of the freedom to travel would be a dramatic departure with contemporary history.

Invoking the capabilities of other emer­gencies

PEADs have been linked to the national emergency established after 9/11, which is still in place today and continues to support the US military presence across the world.

Declaring a national emergency opens additional authorities included in more than 120 pieces of legislation. Proclamation 7463 made a slew of additional authorities available to President Bush, and he used some of them. Nearly four years after the attacks, it’s safe to assume that any mention of the proclamation during the administration’s examination suggests the existence of documents intended to implement additional statutorily mandated emergency powers that range from anodyne to alarming.

Silences are typically the most illuminating part of any archival expedition. An specialist on PEADs, William Arkin, looked through the new materials released by the library and found that they mostly dealt with civil agencies, with few, if any, addressing military involvement in times of crisis. If this “dark side” had been articulated at a higher level of classification, he believes it would have been more widely explored. As a result, it’s possible that even the most audacious claims to pres­i­den­tial authority were left out of this batch of documents.

There is little evidence that the Bush administration spoke with Congress throughout the review process, much less collaborated. Presidents have kept PEADs a secret from the American people as well as politicians, as we’ve highlighted in the past. Coequal branches of government are effectively prevented from overseeing emer­gency procedures because of this lack of disclosure.

It is possible that PEADs, like their historical predecessors, may sacrifice American citizens’ constitutional rights and rule of law in the name of emer­gency planning. This shady authority should be held to account by Congress by passing Sen. Ed Markey’s REIGN Act, which has been included into both the Protecting Our Democracy Act and the National Security Reforms and Accountability Act.

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A document called “COVID-19 Enterprise Fraud Construct Timeline: Major Dates, Events, Entities & Legislation” begins in May 2002 when Bush appointed Dr. Elias Zerhouni, born in Algeria, as director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Zerhouni laid much of the groundwork for what would eventually become the plandemic we currently face.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks, which occurred just months prior to Zerhouni’s appointment by Bush, was part of the scheme. It created the necessary fear that would be used as a catalyst to transform the United States into a mass surveillance state, as well as expand government intrusion into people’s personal lives.

The “war on terror” was birthed out of this process (as well as the Patriot Act), as was a whole new medical infrastructure to supposedly help contain the threat of bio-weapons.

In truth, however, the government’s expanded role made it so that career criminals and bio-weapons terrorists like Tony Fauci had an easier path to unleashing a later plandemic.

It started with SARS in the early 2000s as the government really started pushing the idea of biological weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). This later morphed into influenza before being handed off to Barack Hussein Obama, who took the reins from Bush and expanded the medical police state apparatus even more.

Bush And Obama Both Laid Groundwork For The Development And Release Of COVID

In 2009, Obama completely rewrote America’s biosecurity rules, followed by his imposition of “Obamacare” (Affordable Care Act or ACA), which laid even more of a foundation for the type of medical infrastructure that would later be needed to unleash the Chinese Virus plandemic.

More years went by with Obama cozying up to China, which we now know to be the place where Fauci funneled American taxpayer cash to have SARS-CoV-2 built in a laboratory in Wuhan.

Obama is the one who made it possible for Fauci to send all that cash in the first place, establishing certain exceptions to the domestic prohibition on gain of function research.

These exceptions include allowing American taxpayer monies to be sent over to China to conduct research there that would be illegal to conduct here on U.S. soil.

In early 2016, Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance came into the picture. Daszak issued a statement of admission that Fauci and the Obama regime had partnered with China to develop SARS-Cov-2 as a bio-WMD.

About a month later, Obama changed the law to include new pandemic preparedness provisions. He and his regime knew full well what was coming, in other words.

Numerous executive orders and shady meetings later, as well as the circus known as the Donald Trump presidency, and the fix was in. The Chinese Virus would soon emerge right on schedule at the end of Trump’s term, and here we are dealing with it ever since.

Political Moonshine has put together a full timeline, complete with infographics, that provide a thorough breakdown of how this all transpired. You will find all of the relevant information at this link.

“This timeline is extracted from a larger one, contains most of the relevant major dates, events, entities and legislation for the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct, and contains links to the sourced and cited work in evidence,” the group says.

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What do you suppose would happen if the President of the United States deemed it necessary, for “national security,” to flip the Internet Kill Switch? In these digital times, there should be great concern over something like this. However, normalcy bias seems to have a firm hold on a majority of the citizens of the US, and many are clinging to the “it can’t happen here” theory. 

The United States has yet to employ this particular tool. However, according to data gathered to examine the financial impact of internet shutdowns, since 2019, there have been 237 major internet shutdowns in 45 countries. [source]

What is an internet kill switch?

An internet kill switch is a device/software/configuration that allows one to shut down all internet access within a region or country indefinitely. If activated, the kill switch would prevent everyone from checking social media, shopping online, using online messenger services, sending emails, or anything else involving an internet connection.

In many cases, this may also include any form of phone contact (it varies). 

Which countries have already used the internet kill switch?

Hackers have the ability to down the entire internet system, as we have seen with op article and op article. However, governments around the globe have also resorted to shutdowns, claiming it to be necessary for public safety. For example, India (a democratic nation) was the global leader in shutdowns in 2019, with over 150 in 3 years. [source]

See if you spot the recurring theme among the following shutdowns:


On July 11, Cuban citizens rallied in the streets to protest food and medicine shortages and electricity outages. Within two days, the Cuban government began restricting internet access. 


Back in 2009, riots broke out in Xinjiang. The communists responded by shutting down the internet to the region for an entire year. [source]


Amid protests, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak cut off nearly all internet access and shut down all cell phone services. The shutdown lasted for five days. [source]


November 16, 2019, Iran authorities flipped the switch, plunging citizens into digital darkness for nearly 11 days. According to an Amnesty International press release, the deliberate shutdown was an attempt to hide the horrendous killings across the country.


In 2019, President Mnangagwa announced a fuel price increase. Protests against the increase caused Mnangagwa to shut down the internet. Critics called the shutdown “an attempt to hide growing reports of a violent crackdown on protests.” [source]

South Sudan

Protests? We can fix that with an internet shutdown. [source]


Election day, 2021, warranted shutting down many social media platforms and some messaging apps. Although the Zambian government denied the reports Secretary, Amos Malupenga mentioned there would be no hesitation to take appropriate measures. [source]


Colombia’s government used this innovative means of stopping protests here in May 2021 – an internet shut down. [source]

The Republic of the Congo

Another election day shutdown in 2021. This time in The Republic of the Congo. [source]


Political unrest led to an internet shutdown here. [source] 


I think mentioning the word ‘elections’ regarding Russia is enough to make anybody laugh. Have a pesky election-tracking app you need shut down? A partial internet shutdown can do the trick. [source]


Coup underway? Better shut off the internet. [source]


Ethiopia’s government shut down the internet 12 times before blacking out the country for nearly 16 days in 2020. Reports said this was an attempt to muzzle activists demanding justice for the killing of a beloved musician. [source]

Does the United States have an internet kill switch?

Technically, yes.

Under an entirely unconstitutional 1930s law on the books: 47 USC 606: War Powers of President; Chapter 5, Subchapter VI, the President has the authority to wield that mighty weapon.

The 1930s law reads: 

(c) Suspension or amendment of rules and regulations applicable to certain emission stations or devices

Upon proclamation by the President that there exists war or a threat of war, or a state of public peril or disaster or other national emergency, or in order to preserve the neutrality of the United States, the President, if he deems it necessary in the interest of national security or defense, may suspend or amend, for such time as he may see fit, the rules and regulations applicable to any or all stations or devices capable of emitting electromagnetic radiations within the jurisdiction of the United States as prescribed by the Commission, and may cause the closing of any station for radio communication, or any device capable of emitting electromagnetic radiations between 10 kilocycles and 100,000 megacycles, which is suitable for use as a navigational aid beyond five miles, and the removal therefrom of its apparatus and equipment, or he may authorize the use or control of any such station or device and/or its apparatus and equipment, by any department of the Government under such regulations as he may prescribe upon just compensation to the owners.

Perhaps you think this only applies to radios. It couldn’t possibly apply to your laptop or phone, right?

Don’t forget your devices use radio waves to receive their internet access. In addition, your devices can access Google Maps, which would qualify your computer as a navigational aid. 

What’s stopping the US Government from labeling EVERYTHING a national emergency?

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson

If you consider that America now believes racism is a “public health emergency,” government authorities could very likely deem a public health crisis as “public peril, disaster or other national emergency.” Oh no! The government must shut down the internet! [source]

Emergencies’ have always been the pretext on which the safeguards of individual liberty have been eroded — and once they are suspended it is not difficult for anyone who has assumed such emergency powers to see to it that the emergency persists.” – FA Hayek [source]

This bill also gives armed men the notion they can take your equipment. And should you say no? Well, you can read the penalties section HERE. And also, before deciding you’re going down in a blaze of glory, check out Selco’s prediction of how that will work out for you.

Unplug the Internet Kill Switch Act of 2020

Last year in 2020, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard introduced the Unplug the Internet Kill Switch Act of 2020 to Congress. H.R.8336 would have directly attacked 47 USC 606, making it not pertain to internet usage. While Congress did not refuse the bill, they left it to sit with no further actions. [source] 

In 2016, we experienced something similar when the Supreme Court denied hearing a petition to release information on the ‘secret’ DHS internet kill switch protocol. [source] Because we need an internet kill switch, of course. THAT is an issue of national security.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt

Yes, internet kill switches exist – prepare accordingly

This website published an article about the possibility of a comms blackout and how to prepare for it back in January. Check it out for some useful and viable communications options. Also, don’t forget the importance of ham radio, although you should know that it’s not completely immune to governmental interference.

Source: ZeroHedge HNewsWire HNewsWire


Source: teapartyorg ….

The Australian Senate has passed a controversial law giving new and powerful surveillance powers to law enforcement agencies, including 60 amendments proposed by the House of Representatives.

After The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identity and Disrupt) Bill 2020 is signed into law, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and Australian Federal Police (AFP) will have three new controversial powers to handle online crime.

We obtained a copy of the bill for you here.

The two law enforcement agencies will have “data disruption power,” whose purpose is to prevent “continuation of criminal activity by participants, and be the safest and most expedient option where those participants are in unknown locations or acting under anonymous or false identities.”

Critics, including Victoria’s Senator Lidia Thorpe, pointed out that such power could be used to target a broad range of people – from political activists to young people downloading content from the internet.

“No one is safe under these new laws,” Sen. Thorpe said when the bill was first proposed last year. “It will affect grassroots communities across the country, it will affect children. It will affect anybody who downloads a movie illegally over the internet – they could go to jail for five years.”

The second power the law gives the agencies is called the network activity warrant, which allows them to monitor the internet activity of a suspect’s network or device. The law also gives the AFP and ACIC the authority to control an online account to collect more information for an investigation.

Some of the recommendations by the House of Representatives did make some changes that shield journalism. But, many activists and critics still feel the bill’s language does not protect vulnerable internet users.

“The scope of the new powers is disproportionate compared to the threats of serious and organized cybercrime to which they are directed,” Sen. Thorpe said on Wednesday.

“There is a lack of evidence justifying the need for warrants of this nature, beyond those already available… no other country in the Five Eyes alliance has conferred powers on its law enforcement agency that this bill will.”

Source: teapartyorg HNewsWire

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The first psalm warns us not to keep company with evil people. We are told not to listen to their counsel, stand in their way or sit in their seats. The word ‘blessed’ is translated ‘happy’ in some newer renderings. Blessing implies the goodness of God will be with such a person. Look for these beatitudes throughout Scripture. If the Word gives us instruction as to what to do to find God pouring out His goodness on us, we should give careful attention to that instruction. You will be blessed if you avoid bad company. Man has a natural tendency to gravitate toward mocking and complaint. Don’t!



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