Biden Admin Continues To Fumble The Fentanyl Crisis.


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As the drug supply chain adapts to find new outlets, Beijing’s reaction to US requests in the course of a long campaign to stop the flow of fentanyl from Chinese labs to American cities and towns, where overdose deaths from opioids and other narcotics now surpass 100,000 per year, has proven inadequate.

To combat the illegal fentanyl trade, new approaches are needed that emphasize self-regulation and best practices in the global pharmaceutical business while continuing to press for China’s assistance.

According to a panel of experts on China and the illegal drug trade who spoke at a virtual event hosted by the Brookings Institution on March 28, this is the case. Vanda Felbab-Brown, author of a recent report on China’s role in the fentanyl trade; Rupert Stone, an Istanbul-based journalist; and Ryan Hass, a Brookings senior fellow and former Obama administration foreign service officer with a concentration on China and Taiwan, were among the panelists.

“Not only in the United States, but across North America, China remains the primary supplier of precursor chemicals for the manufacturing of fentanyl. This includes Canada, which is currently grappling with an opioid crisis on par with the United States, as well as the proliferation of fentanyl in various parts of Mexico, according to Felbab-Brown.

Felbab-Brown showed how ambitious diplomatic efforts to address the fentanyl crisis failed to get the desired results. She said that before 2019, Chinese suppliers sent fentanyl directly to the United States. The Chinese authorities decided in 2019 to implement a system of controls over fentanyl manufacture and distribution, allowing only planned shipments of the drug, as a result of years of diplomatic efforts in which Hass had a part.

Unfortunately, this did little to stop fentanyl from flooding American cities and villages. Felbab-Brown reported a CDC statistic stating that overdose deaths in the United States reached a new high in the year ending in April 2021, with more than 100,000 deaths. Part of the reason for this disappointing outcome is the wide range of synthetic opioids available, as well as the versatility of chemists in the industry.

“Control is tough because chemists find it extremely easy to just tweak a certain molecular structure while keeping the primary impact of synthetic opioids, and so circumvent law enforcement activities and restrictions,” Felbab-Brown explained.

Furthermore, the implementation of scheduling prompted Chinese suppliers to shift gears to produce fentanyl precursor and pre-precursor compounds. Rather than shipping finished fentanyl to the US, sources ship precursors and pre-precursors to Mexico, where cartels continue the process of producing the final drug and mixing it with methamphetamines, heroin, prescription medicines, and other substances, according to Felbab-Brown. The finished drinks are then despatched on their final leg of the voyage, ending up on the streets of cities and towns across the United States.

Felbab-Brown portrayed a Chinese dictatorship that looked to be prepared to collaborate with American law enforcement to combat the fentanyl trade at first, and the high hopes that this sparked. During the Trump administration, however, promises that wider drug cooperation would usher in a new era of more amicable bilateral relations were shattered by hard reality.

“The relationship increasingly worsened, and intensive adjustments remain for the Biden administration” and its successors, according to Felbab-Brown, who said that unless the relationship improves, Beijing will continue to withhold opioid cooperation.

“We have to be honest about the fact that supply-side reforms alone will not be enough to address the enormous issues,” she concluded.

The issue here isn’t so much the Chinese regime’s unwillingness to obstruct and impair drug suppliers’ operations. Beijing, on the other hand, has shown a readiness to act “robustly” against criminal organizations that work against the Chinese Communist Party’s interests, according to Felbab-Brown.

She did, however, point out that some Chinese triads earn favor with the leadership by acting as enforcers in diaspora communities. Some criminal organizations maintain legitimate enterprises alongside illicit ones, making prosecution more difficult. Furthermore, fentanyl suppliers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from criminal gangs to mid-sized chemical companies that deliberately fulfill the needs of Mexican cartels, according to Felbab-Brown.

“As a result, China rarely takes action against significant fentanyl and methamphetamine suppliers,” she claimed.

The current technique to tackling the fentanyl trade has become even less effective as a result of additional variables. During the pandemic, China has been even less willing to collaborate with the US, according to Hass. Officials in China may have asked why they should go to such efforts to assist a rival in resolving its difficulties when it is utterly incapable of doing so on its own.

“The pandemic solidified a notion [in China] that the US was decadent, incapable of regulating problems on its borders, and represented a breakdown in societal cohesion.” “It merely added fuel to the fire of American decline and limited capabilities,” he said.

According to Hass, the Chinese state is attempting to spread its influence abroad rather than cooperating with international nations.

During the pandemic, Stone agreed that the fentanyl trade has been “booming.” Suppliers can readily slip fentanyl inside shipments and letters because it is so little and strong, and they are especially good at avoiding supply-chain delays caused by the pandemic. Online vendors are also adept at maximizing the benefits of a world where contactless purchases and deliveries are the norm.

“If the supply chain is disturbed, they can invent new formulations and medications.” “With lab-made medications, you can play around with the chemistry and employ novel compounds,” Stone explained.

The pandemic’s worry and “social destruction” have exacerbated some people’s reliance on opioids, he said.

Governments will need to take significant action against some of the strategies and instruments used by illegal dealers to prevent the opioid trade, the panelists argued.

Some Mexican vendors freely market their wares online, according to Felbab-Brown, and tend to include a lot of hype about their packaging of fentanyl and methamphetamine precursors. They also advertise in Spanish, claiming to know how to get their stuff past customs.

“These types of websites should simply not be running,” Felbab-Brown said, adding that the Mexican government should make every attempt to shut them down and, more importantly, arrest the people behind them.

Because of the state’s authority, some traffickers may heed warnings from the Chinese leadership about the dangers of participation in the illegal drug trade, she added. People in China, unlike in Mexico, are less prone to reject such warnings.

Felbab-Brown also suggested that China’s supplies be closely monitored.

“It could be interesting to think about ways to support self-regulation in the pharmaceutical business as a whole,” she said.

“This is something that folks in the international narcotics domain are thinking about.” Another reason to promote the adoption of excellent practices as far as possible, from training to supply.”

It cannot be stressed enough that our current administration has been intentionally worsening the circumstances on our southern border since Bidense first stepped foot into office. It goes without saying that the fentanyl epidemic is a by product of Biden’s intentional lack of initiative on our border. It is possibly one of the baseline responsibilities of being the president of the United States of America to protect our borders from foreign threats. And along comes sleepy joe, more worried about dictatorial COVID-19 legislature than the infiltration of our southern border. But we all know it’s a part of his game, compromising red states to gain votes. Biden doesn’t like it when you require ID to vote, he believes it’s racist. It all comes together, wrapped in a bow; Adding up to the worst display of public policy in American history. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has created two prototypes for a common platform that would allow international settlements to be made with digital currencies issued by numerous central banks.

The infrastructure, codenamed “Project Dunbar,” is meant to allow financial institutions to conduct cross-border transactions in many currencies. The solution has the ability to eliminate reliance on middlemen, lowering transaction costs and speed. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) worked on the project with the Bank Negara Malaysia, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Reserve Bank of South Africa, and the Singapore Monetary Authority.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was founded in 1930 and is owned by 63 central banks representing 95 percent of global GDP. Its goal is to serve as a bank to central banks. Through international cooperation, the BIS aims to assist central banks in their pursuit of monetary and financial stability.

Banks pay each other directly or through a single national payment network for making domestic payments. However, no single international platform for making payments exists for cross-border transactions. Banks, on the other hand, maintain foreign currency accounts with one another.

It may be necessary to go through numerous banks to make a single cross-border payment. Every step adds to the length and cost of international transactions.

A single platform that allows for multi-currency cross-border payments, such as the one being created at BIS, would make things easier because transacting parties would be able to pay each other directly without having to go through several banks.

In a March 22 BIS press release, Andrew McCormack, Head of the BIS Innovation Hub Centre in Singapore, said: “A shared platform is the most efficient model for payments integration, but it is also the most challenging to implement.”

“Project Dunbar proved that important concerns about trust and shared control can be addressed through governance processes enforced by solid technology means, establishing the groundwork for future global and regional platforms to emerge.”

Central banks all across the world are grappling with a fast shifting payment landscape. Facebook is working on a payment network that will employ its digital currency.

The increasing use and trading of cryptocurrencies poses a challenge to existing monetary institutions, necessitating the urgent need to make cross-border transfers via banks more simple and efficient.

While allowing entities to directly hold and transact in central bank digital currencies can reduce the need for intermediaries when making cross-border payments, it must be done in a way that ensures the payments’ “security and resilience,” according to Michele Bullock, Assistant Governor (Financial System), Reserve Bank of Australia.

“While there is certainly more work to be done in terms of considering the practicality and design of multi-CBDC platforms,” she continued, “the findings from Project Dunbar give an excellent platform for future work in this area.”

The project’s next phases include creating a platform rulebook, assessing the regulatory and legal frameworks of participating nations, and testing the payment platform on a large-scale industry scale, among other things.

The looming threats to democracy are now backing us into a corner. The Biden administration spent 6.8 Trillion dollars in 2021. Our currency cannot afford to be inflated in such a manner, but what if there is something over the horizon? The perfect solution, maybe something like artificial intelligence. Take a look at how China is governed, and think about the timely manner of the Pandemic. We can’t utilize this innovative technology in America because it dismantles our freedom. Technological innovation is satans chariot, if you can’t step back and see that, I pray that you find the wisdom to do so.

I’m not saying all technology is bad, i’m simply saying that once it goes far enough we wont be able to stop it. There are people facilitating the rapid growth of AI integration into all kinds of systems. Think about the fundamental idea of computing. In the context of biblical times, this is very advanced technology. One might dabble into programming and notice that there is a peculiar feeling about a clean slate without having anything visualized or no boundaries set. The power of raw creation in a technological space is put on full display when you see how it intertwined with the Chinese regime. This AI has all the data pertaining to Chinese citizens and it uses a complex algorithm to determine how useful of a citizen you are.

So are we supposed to alienate the broken people of society? Thats what we’ve already done in America, we’ve encouraged them to indulge carefree into sin and take pride in your individuality. No man has the strength to find the wisdom they truly seek without going through The Father. He will administer the knowledge you seek in an orderly fashion and perhaps with a couple of humorous twists. Undivided attention on the spirit is the attainment of self awareness. Separating all things unholy from your mind, body, and soul are a part of the process when putting trust in God. The beautiful difference it makes in ones life cannot be simply explained, it must be experienced. This is the essence of Christs salvation. Stay inquisitive in the word, and the world around you.



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