Censorship Is a Weapon in Satan’s Soldiers Arsenal, and the Masses Will Be Subjected to It: As a Precautionary Measure, Public Health Scotland Has Ceased Releasing COVID Data. We Will Be Censored

HNewsWire: Both Facebook and Twitter Shadow Ban HNewsWire. Google search engines have buried HNewsWire so deep in the search that it's impossible to find our articles. So remember Everything that is happening in the world now is because Satan's soldiers are hiding the truth. People have been misled by the search engines and social media platforms. Welcome to tribulation a.k.a. Hell on Earth.

PHS is angry because detractors are exploiting its data to attack Covid requirements and procedures. Anti-vaxxers, according to PHS, are using the statistics to weaken its case for continuing regulations. "The case rates, hospitalization rates, and mortality rates are really straightforward figures," one official is quoted as saying, adding that opponents are misinterpret the data "inappropriately and sometimes maliciously."

According to reports, PHS will no longer release the info with the general public. It appears that censoring criticism from social media platforms such as Twitter is sufficient. Citizens will now be safe not only from opposing viewpoints, but also from information that will only confuse them.

According to publications such as The Herald, the PHS would now suppress statistics when opponents pointed out that, for the first time, the case rate for Covid among vaccinated (and boosted) people had surpassed that of the unvaccinated. The PHS acknowledges that there are a variety of causes for this transition, but it does not endorse anti-vax ideas.

These officials bring up some intriguing factors to explain the disparity, such as the vaccinated population's greater testing rate and an overestimation of the unvaccinated population's number. That is, however, the purpose. I was able to read all sides' interpretations and draw my own conclusions. These aren't very complicated explanations for the various rates.

An informed electorate may hear all perspectives thanks to free speech. These rules have a huge influence on our daily life. Citizens, as well as professionals with differing perspectives on the data's significance, should have access to it.

Instead, these authorities' instinct is to restrict access to knowledge in order to protect the public from itself. It's similar to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's (D-Massachusetts) demand for Amazon and other corporations to utilize algorithms to guide users away from poor decisions. There was also a letter from California Democratic Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney to cable companies such as AT&T, questioning why they continue to allow consumers to watch Fox News. The issue is that citizens are drawing incorrect conclusions or relying on inaccurate information, and they must be shielded from their own biases or ignorance.

Even the World Health Organization has officially backed requests for censorship to prevent the "nonacademic."

Citizens should have access to data in order to make informed judgments on public health policy, which is susceptible to democratic reform. As part of a national discussion, the PHS and its opponents might then provide their own interpretations. "A popular Government without popular intelligence, or the means of obtaining it, is simply a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, maybe both," wrote James Madison. Ignorance will always be governed by knowledge."

Indeed, unless the government restricts individuals' access to information, "knowledge will dominate ignorance."

So, When You Hear These Folks Say Again and Again That “This Is a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,” No, It’s a Vaccinate Plandemic Gone Pestilence Because of Corrupt Mad Men



Putin: Media Being wrong is they're strategy!


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SRH: We do not need companies to protect us from harmful or “misleading” thoughts. The solution to bad speech is more speech, not approved speech.


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