Watchman: Former Director of National Intelligence Admits Fauci Lied About Gain of Function Research: Watchman Knows Government Lied to the People


Only two years ago numerous alternative media sources including Zero Hedge were accused of spreading "conspiracy theories" and false information relating to the origins of the Covid-19 virus. Specifically, anyone who dared to suggest that the Level 4 virology lab in Wuhan, China (right across town from covid ground zero) might be the source of the outbreak, faced outright censorship on social media. The question many people should have been asking is: "Why?" - Why was the censorship so aggressive over clearly reasonable investigations into Wuhan lab operations?

Not only that, but why were the denials and spin from officials like Anthony Fauci so swift?  Why not simply examine the evidence instead of dismissing it out of hand?

The real reason for the campaign to silence discussion on the Wuhan lab becomes evident as the connections between Fauci, the NIH and the lab are revealed. Elements of the US government including Fauci were in fact bankrolling gain of function research on coronaviruses at Wuhan, and shielding it from government oversight. It is undeniable. If one accepts that the most likely source for the covid pandemic was the Wuhan laboratory then one must also accept that Fauci and his associates helped to create the pandemic.

Fauci lied about these connections incessantly under oath. Here is Anthony Fauci defending his initial lie to Congress using further lies during questioning by Sen. Rand Paul:

Evidence of the research includes documents from the Department of Defense (obtained by Project Veritas) which confirm that  EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in 2018 about gain of function research on bat borne coronaviruses under a proposal called Project Defuse. DARPA rejected the proposal on the grounds that it did not outline the risks of such experimentation and violated a moratorium on gain on function research.  EcoHealth then went to Fauci and the NIH for funding, and Fauci was quick to support it using the labs in Wuhan.

Documents from the NIH itself also show that the group engaged in gain of function research at Wuhan focusing on developing coronaviruses that could be transferred from animals to humans.  Fauci was aware of this research by at least 2021 (and was likely involved from the very beginning) and yet continued to lie about NIH involvement.

Meanwhile, the National Pulse - which has done multiple deep-dive investigations on the topic, uncovered in May of 2001 that the WIV scrubbed all mention of its partnership with the NIH from their website.

Scrutiny over Fauci's disinformation campaign may be too little too late, and we have to wonder if the man will ever face consequences for his actions.  However, the exposure of Fauci and the NIH is so overwhelming that the former Director of National Intelligence now admits that Fauci misled Congress and the American public.

Hopefully, this revelation will help to discourage people from blindly following the claims of government bureaucrats during the next manufactured global crisis.

HNewsWire: We Are Engaged in a Major Battle Against Evil, NWO Push From Our Elected, Romney Is Worthless and a Danger to the American People… Both Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak are definitely PSYCHOPATHS who most likely supported, engaged, and funded research through a CCP lab in Communist China, our nation’s greatest enemy. The resulting bioweapon was almost certainly dropped on purpose, killing millions. It’s a reasonable suspicion that these two psychos are up to no good, and it needs to be investigated. This financing must be halted immediately. This money, I believe, is a large SCEAM to COVER UP the FACT that Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak helped fund, build, and unleash a BIOWEAPON on our country and the world. So far, that makes the most sense. They would do anything to avoid accountability.

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