How Communism is Seeded Across the World.


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The spectre of communism did not disappear with the disintegration of the communist party in eastern Europe. The collapse of the communist regimes in the soviet union and eastern Europe marked the end of a half century long cold war between the capitalist, and communist camps in the east and west. Many were optimistic, hoping that communism had become a relic of the past.

The sad truth, is that a stealthily transformed communist ideology has instead burrowed itself all around the world. We have the outright communist regimes like China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam. There are the former Soviet Union, and eastern European countries. Communist ideology and customs still provide a significant influence in international relations. Many African and south American countries practice socialism under the guise of democracy & republicanism.

Then we have the nations of Europe and North America, which have been seeded with elected officials who are in fact communists without the public even being aware. Little do communist sympathizers know, the ideology declares war on humanity, and the individual mind. Over the course of one-hundred years, communism established massive dictatorships in the Soviet Union, and China that caused over 100,000,000 unnatural deaths. Billions were enslaved and the world was nearly brought to nuclear war during this era.

More importantly, communist ideology calls for the deliberate destruction of the idea of family, and instigates social disorder. So what is communism? And what is it’s objective? Well the truth is, when Karl Marx had first written about communism, he had referred to it as a specter that looms, forged by hate, degeneracy, and all things natural to the flesh. So approaching that from a Christian perspective, one could say that communism is satans doing.

After the cold war, the poison of communism not only continued to harm the countries it gained traction in; It also began to spread across the world. This ideological infiltration of communism has led the ghost of communism to impact society on a global scale while remaining relatively undetected. Among the most influenced by communist ideology, some are even brought to believe that they share the same dark wishes as communism, yielding radicalism.

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With this, people are brought to lawlessness. Which is key to the agenda of satan, because he wants the people to turn from god. Communism promotes its own classification of good and evil, casting an illusion over the people of an affected nation. Paradoxical as it may seem, political power is important, yet unimportant to communist ideology. The reason for this is to provide access to political power allowing for the widespread corruption of humanity to spread faster. (Let an idiot take the wheel, he’ll get society to hell faster.)

Satan takes a grip on communist ridden societies that leads to deception, and erosion of morality. Reshaping the thought process, and values of individuals across the board. The core of this evil ideology is atheism, and materialism. Making the world its church, the people worship a system that provides tangible results. Those same people would tell a follower of Christ that they’re less intelligent than them for not drinking the Kool-aid.

Make no mistake, the enemy is working overtime to ensure the implementation of this political system across the globe in real time. Many Europeans are already experiencing the effects of not participating in the society that globalists have drawn up for them. Germany has already called for lockdown of the unvaccinated, requiring proof of vaccination to participate in public amenities.

Observable nature will be the point of study, not the word of God in a communist America. They’ll emphasize our insignificance in this world, but paint a grand picture of the significance of their ideology. Because at the end of the day, you’ll have to worship something. This puts man in power, but not just any man. A morally incoherent excuse for a leader will be put on display for the world to see. Perfectly appeasing to the secular mind, and completely and utterly repulsive to men and women of God. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

Nineteen months into the global pandemic, the U.S. is again facing challenges in “building back better,” as President Joe Biden once promised during his campaign trail.

Now that he’s leading the White House, Biden has ordered a COVID vaccine mandate that, as well-intentioned as they may try to make it seem, also negatively affects millions of Americans across the country today. In September, the Democratic leader released a slew of orders to have federal employees and contractors, as well as private businesses with at least a hundred employees to require the vaccine on its workers, a rule that appeared to be very communist to some critics.

“This is exactly what the communists did in the old olden days. That is how they rolled,” Dr. Jaroslav Flidr, a physicist and cyber security expert who was let go by George Washington University for refusing the COVID vaccine, told CBN News. Flidr is no stranger to communism, having grown up in Czechoslovakia and having been a student leader during Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution.

“So, when I saw (George Washington University COVID vaccine mandate), I was quite surprised, and I thought, ‘No way, absolutely no way I would actually comply with this,” Flidr said. “They couldn’t force me to take an aspirin pill doing it this way. You want the (sic) fire me, fire me.”

And so he was fired. Flidr recalled how based on experience, when citizens comply with government mandates such as the vaccine order, it only encourages the government to do it again. He explained how he appeared to receive a message saying that the government “owns” the people and “make [them] do whatever [it wants].” The physicist refused and declared that he did not “care what the cost is.”

Conservative organizations are also standing up against President Biden’s vaccine mandate, as Family Research Council president Tony Perkins condemned the rules as “a massive overreach by the federal government.” Clarifying that he was not against the COVID vaccine and that he had in fact encouraged others to get the jab, Perkins said that he was “anti-government mandate.”

The 1989-founded Liberty Counsel through its founder Mat Staver also decried President Biden’s vaccine mandate, calling it “reprehensible,” “un-American,” and “unconstitutional.” He said it was “despicable” to force healthcare workers all over the country to get the COVID vaccine just to keep their jobs.

Already, there have been major clashes between states and the people affected by President Biden’s vaccine mandate. Police departments in various cities have forced their officers to get the jab, with some facing termination over it. In Maine, healthcare workers were defeated by a decision handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court when it refused to protect opponents of vaccine mandates from losing their jobs, the Associated Press reported.

The report said that it was the first time the U.S. Supreme Court decided on a statewide vaccine mandate, as it previously rejected vaccine mandate challenges in New York and Indiana. While Justice Stephen Breyer rejected the emergency appeal, he did however allow for retry as the deadline to get vaccinated, which is on October 29, is fast approaching. The judge decided in the case that regular COVID testing was not enough to ensure that the coronavirus’ delta variant would not spread.

Dozens of healthcare workers at Central Maine Medical Lewiston, like many other hospitals that have mandated COVID vaccines in the U.S., have opted to quit, causing a shortage in staff in already overwhelmed medical facilities.

It looks like a communist administration because it is one; Why is society paralyzed? Find your courage in the word, Matthew 5:44 says: “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” Satan is building his own army just like God. In Matthew chapter 10, Jesus tells his apostles they have been given power over unclean spirits, and sends them out to spread the word. We hold power over unclean spirits and our prayer can move mountains. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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