New York Announces Private Sector Vaccine Mandate.


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Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during visit to mobile vaccine bus on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx.

Effective December 27, Mayor Bill de Blasio has set into motion a vaccine mandate that infringes on the rights of every private sector citizen in New York. The mandate applies to in-person employees who are in the workplace with other workers. Employees will no longer have the option to be tested weekly to avoid vaccination.

Affecting 184,000 businesses, the mandate is thought to curb the expected surge in cases over this coming winter in light of the omicron variant. This new move, which De Blasio announced Monday on MSNBC, means everyone who works in the city will now be subject to a vaccine mandate.

“The more universal they are, the more likely employees will say okay, it’s time. I’m going to do this. Because you can’t jump from one industry to another or one company to another. It’s something that needs to be universal to protect all of us,”

Bill De Blasio

The mayor went on to claim that the vaccine mandate is the best way to avoid a return to a shutdown of businesses and other public events that other countries ordered as covid cases continue to rise. Children, ages 5 – 11 in New York will now also be required to show proof of at least one shot before being allowed access to indoor dining, fitness or entertainment, the mayor announced.

“Our health commissioner has put a series of mandates in place. They have won in court, state court, federal court every single time. And it’s because they’re universal and consistent. And they’re about protecting the public right now from a clear and present danger,”

De Blasio

New York City already has a high rate of vaccination, with 77% of residents having received at least one dose, according to city data. New York has identified eight cases of the omicron variant as of the weekend, seven in the New York City area and one in Suffolk County on Long Island. CNBC reported that Covid cases are increasing in New York City, with more than 1,500 new cases confirmed daily on average, according to the city health department.

“We cannot let those restrictions come back, we cannot have shutdowns here in New York City, we got to keep moving forward,” de Blasio during the press conference. “Vaccination works and vaccine mandates work, that’s the bottom line.” The world is watching while compromised Americans dismantle our God given rights. It’s sickening that we’re not stopping the momentum that the vaccine mandates are carrying across our nation. It has been confirmed by multiple public figures and citizens alike that there are alternative measures to be taken to prevent contraction of Covid-19. Yet we’re lining people up like cattle in New York so they can participate in society. If i were in New York, i’d find my way out quickly.

The Omikron Coincidence.

Bill Gates’ 1999 video game was brought back into the spot light after the announcement of the Omicron variant spreading outside of South Africa. In December 2021, shortly after the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, a cutscene featuring David Bowie’s character encouraging a government uprising went viral on Twitter, leading to a resurgence in popularity thanks to the game’s North America title, themes, and storyline. Misinformation on Bill Gates‘ being involved in the game began to spread in an attempt to connect it with conspiracy theories that he was responsible for the virus. Which is definitely not out of the question.

The Omikron Game Plot.

The plot of Omikron is as follows, At the start of the game, the player is asked by an Omikronian police officer named Kay’l 669 to leave their dimension and enter Omikron within his body. After doing so, the player continues with the investigation of serial killings that Kay’l and his partner were originally working on. The player begins the investigation in the Anekbah sector, where they uncover information that suggests the serial killer they are looking for is not human, but actually a demon. Members of an apparent underground, anti-government movement contact the player and confirm their suspicions. The investigation deepens and uncovers further information; one of Omikron’s chief police commanders, Commandant Gandhar, is a demon pretending to be human and luring human souls into Omikron from other dimensions by way of The Nomad Soul. Kay’l 669 asking the player to help him turned out to be a trap: supposedly, if the in-game character dies, the real human playing the video game will lose their soul forever. Despite many assassination attempts on the protagonist’s life by other demons working behind the scenes, the player destroys Gandhar with supernatural weaponry.

After this brief victory, the anti-government movement is revealed to be named “The Awakened”, who invite the player to join them. They work in tandem with an ancient religious order led by Boz, a mystical being that exists in purely electronic form on the computer networks of Omikron. The Awakened refer to the protagonist as the “Nomad Soul”, since they have the ability to change bodies at will. The Nomad Soul learns afterwards that what is going on in Omikron is merely an extension of an old battle between mankind and demons spearheaded by the powerful Astaroth. Astaroth, who was banished to the depths of Omikron long ago, is slowly regenerating power while using demons to both collect souls and impersonate high members of the government. The Nomad Soul harnesses ancient, magical technology in order to destroy Astaroth. They return to their own dimension, and prevent their soul from being captured by demons.

While this may be a coincidence, it is important to always stay vigilant. This very well may have been a telegraphed move by Bill Gates, and it would be naive to dismiss such a bold narrative. These are bold people are they not? Did they not revolutionize the way we communicate and aggregate information? What would stop someone like that from continuing their power grab? Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless. (Ecclesiastes 5:10) Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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  1. ragman57 on December 6, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    By way of contrast, using the exact same search parameters in VAERS, but excluding the COVID-19 shots, we found 2,168 fetal deaths following all FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years.

    That’s an average of 72 fetal deaths per year following all FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years, compared to what is on pace to be 3064 fetal deaths in 1 year following COVID-19 shots.

    FDA-approved vaccines: 72 fetal deaths per year
    COVID-19 EUA shots: 3064 fetal deaths per year

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