IN the Twittersphere, It’s OK to Be Perverted; a Guy Believes He’s a Woman,Babylon Bee Suspended by Twitter Over Parody Article About the Confused Rachel Levine

HNewsWire-Twitter has suspended The Babylon Bee after a satirical story on transgender assistant secretary of health Rachel Levine.

Seth Dillon, the website's CEO, sent a series of tweets regarding the ban, which was imposed for breaking Twitter's rules "against hostile behavior."

According to Twitter policy, the offending message must be erased in order to begin a 12-hour countdown clock that will allow the account to be reinstated.

Dillon, on the other hand, has said that he will not erase the tweet.

"We're not going to delete anything." The truth is not a kind of hate speech. "If stating the truth means losing our Twitter account, then be it," he added.

The piece was written in reaction to USA Today's designation of Levine as the official Woman of the Year, despite the fact that he was born a male.

The Babylon Bee's Man of the Year is Rachel Levine, according to the article's title.

"Rachel's real name is Richard Levine, but he changed it to Rachel a few years back for some inexplicable reason." What does it matter? Who says a man of this caliber can't be called 'Rachel?' This ruler is unconcerned about what others think of him! He often wears a dress, which some people find strange — but he doesn't care. Come on, let's go! Men in India don't wear formal clothes, do they? We've learned that Levine truly identifies as a woman since the prize was announced. We have decided to offer him the honor anyhow since his self-identification has no influence on the reality. "Congratulations, Rachel Levine!" said the story.

Dillon asked people not to self-censor, claiming that Twitter would not mass ban millions of individuals.

"Here are a few ideas: 1. You should never censor yourself. Even if Twitter tries to persuade you differently, insist that 2 and 2 equals 4. "Ban tens of millions of us," he wrote.

The issue coincided with the triumph of transgender U Penn swimmer Lia Thomas, another biological guy who dominated a championship qualifying race.


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